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FEATURED ARTICLES Why Transgender Policies Are a Bad Idea

Why Transgender Policies Are a Bad Idea

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Written by Bob Ellis

The video below details over the course of 23 minutes, the multiple examples where sexual predators have exploited misguided (at best) transgender policies that allow men to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms.


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You may consider a 23 minute video too long to take the time to watch, but you owe it to yourself to understand the truth of an issue, and you owe it to the society in which you live to be a responsible, informed citizen who helps shape public policy in our representative democracy.

These cases demonstrate how policies which humor sexually confused people can be used by evil people to violate the privacy and persons of women and young girls. These cases also demonstrate the deadly consequences of a morally derelict and criminally negligent society which refuses to grapple with the need for treatment of some people who are profoundly confused about their sex and their sexuality.  Society’s failure to uphold a standard of reality has often lead to the devastating sexual assault of women and young girls, and, yes, the brutal murder of many also.

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Yet instead of correcting these failures, our society is progressively growing worse, descending further into a culture which pretends that feelings trump facts, that delusion trumps reality.  It is being done under the auspices of being “compassionate” to a tiny number of people within our society who cannot accept the obvious reality of their masculinity or femininity.

Of course, there’s an easy solution to all this.

It’s the same one we’ve always had in the United States: one set of restrooms/locker rooms for males, one set of restrooms/locker rooms for females, and treatment for people who have difficulty coming to terms with their own sex. This acknowledges the biological and scientific reality that males and females are different in their intimate anatomy, protects the dignity and privacy of women and men, and protects people from exploitation, victimization and crimes against their private persons.

People who are so confused about their sex that they have difficulty accepting the reality made obvious to them between their legs need help to come to terms with reality.  They do NOT need to be coddled or humored by those who should know better, having their unhealthy delusion affirmed by others who can see that the assertion of the confused person does not match with reality.

If someone tried to pass off a banana to you as tomato, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you?  If a quadriplegic person represented themselves to you as a fireman, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you? If an accountant who clearly had no accounting training and certification presented themselves to you as an accountant, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you?  If someone presented a gum wrapper to you in payment for something they owed you, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you?

Then why would you go along with the claim of a man trying to present himself as a woman, or vice versa?

Good people, people who understand right from wrong, have for too long allowed themselves to be intimidated into silence and inaction by a vociferous, lying, malevolent Left.  Don’t be a coward like South Dakota’s “Republican” governor who capitulated to Leftist sexual anarchists and vetoed a more-than-reasonable transgender policy that protected our state’s students.

We need to stop being cowards and stand unwaveringly against the Left’s agenda of sexual anarchy. If not for the sake of what is right and moral, then certainly for the sake of the welfare of the females of our society.

SOURCE: American Clarion

HT: BarbWire.


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  1. I can’t even watch the whole video or I’ll become the craziest fighting mad woman in Georgia. This is absolutely ludicrous!!!! What the hell are these idiots thinking passing this kind of stupidy onto women and children and don’t forget little boys are also raped and murdered by these lunatics! Less than 3% of Americans are being pandered to at the risk of the other 97%. I better shut up or I’ll be throwing things.


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