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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Trump, Duke, and Mendacious Media Moguls!

Trump, Duke, and Mendacious Media Moguls!

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Don Boys, Ph.D.


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Recently the media went after Donald Trump because he did not respond quickly enough to the news that he had been endorsed by David Duke, former member of the KKK. Duke did not endorse Trump but he did say he would vote for him, hoping that he would do as he promised about immigration. What’s wrong with that? I voted for Senator Cruz as the most qualified, honest, and dependable candidate. I will support Trump if I must.

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I’m sure not going to vote for either of the two Democrats, both one of which would make Marx, Lenin, and Stalin jump up and cheer. I’ll live with Trump if I must and if he only keeps a few of his main promises, it will produce a positive radical difference in America.

Note that the media can’t get anything right. Duke was a member of a “non-violent” Klan group more than 40 years ago when he was in his mid-twenties. He reached out to women and Catholics insisting he was pro-white not anti-black. (Remember that the Klan was birthed by southern Democrats.) He left the non-violent, non-sheet-wearing Klan because he could not stop the members of other Klan chapters from doing “stupid or violent things.” Hey, give him credit for having some principles. In Duke’s 1991 bid for Governor of Louisiana, he was endorsed by James Meredith, the first Black enrolled in University of Mississippi–with help of federal troops!

Marilyn Mayo of the Anti-Defamation League said Trump has done something Duke has been unable to do, which is “energize the white supremacist movement.” She added, “They don’t see Trump as a white nationalist, but he is mainstreaming some of the issues they hold dear, like keeping Mexicans and Muslims out of the country.”

Again, one can see that leftists are either incompetent or dishonest because Trump does not want to keep all Mexicans and Muslims out of the country. He has asked for a wall to be built and regulations in place (and enforced) so we know who is coming into America. He has asked that Muslims be kept out of the U.S. until they can be vetted and we know what is going on and know what the numbers are.

Duke left the Klan and served in the Louisiana House of Representatives. It must be noted that the media always mentions his early Klan connection but seldom mentions he is a published author, lecturer, holds a Ph.D. in history, and is a former member of the Louisiana House. Wonder why? As of February 25, 2016, Duke was not listed as a registered voter in Louisiana so he had to register quickly to vote in the March 5 primary.

Trump’s claim that he was not aware of Duke’s white nationalist position is as suspicious as a Muslim’s promise not to beat his wife. However, one can be a white nationalist and still repudiate the Klan, especially the old Klan that thrived on violence. But then, most liberals, progressives, radicals, socialists, and communists are too dimwitted or prejudiced to understand the distinction. However, Duke is also known for his anti-Semitic rhetoric which I abhor.

Moreover, Trump should have replied to the accusation of Duke’s alleged endorsement: “Look, I did not seek Duke’s support; however, he is an American citizen that I will represent in the Oval Office so I am pleased to get the support of any American of whatever religion, political persuasion, race, occupation, even radical media personalities. My acceptance of their votes (which I could not invalidate if I wanted to) does not mean I endorse every nutcase who happens to agree with some of my positions. Case closed. Interview ended.”

Now, because of this defense of Trump and to a lesser extent of Duke, the radicals’ expectation is that I should fall on my knees, throw dirt into the air, tear my toga, and beg for mercy. It would be a lesser offense for me to be caught leading in prayer at a Klan rally. But don’t count on my repentance.

The media never reveal that former president Harry Truman was a member of the Klan or Senator Robert Byrd was a long time KKK official or that Supreme Court Justice, Hugo Black was a Klan member–all Democrats! Nor do they ever mention that Nelson Mandela was a lifetime Communist agitator imprisoned for espionage and sabotage which he admitted at this trial–never. Maybe some media mogul will explain that to me. I won’t hold my breath.

But it gets worse! Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan decided to dive into this barroom brawl and declared, “They [any Republican candidate] must reject any group or any cause that is built on bigotry.” Alright, but can someone explain a glaring inconsistency? Why do the politicians like Ryan and media people easily and quickly identify rightwing groups as extremists but always refuse to do the same for leftwing groups. The media and no politician ever refer to the NAACP, People for the American Way, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the LGBT as being bigots or extremists which of course they are as all informed, honest people know. My, my it is so difficult to be consistent, isn’t it?

When you are in a battle with odds greatly against you, as is Trump in this election, even a blind butcher with St. Vitus’ Dance, wielding a dull meat cleaver will be a reasonable temporary ally.

After all, Trump did not court Duke, he only permitted a momentary hug.

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(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 15 books and hundreds of columns and articles for Internet and print media publications; defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are and and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)

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