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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Voting for the Duplicitous and Narcissistic Trump: the Downward American Spiral into...

Voting for the Duplicitous and Narcissistic Trump: the Downward American Spiral into Chaos

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I have long begun to wonder what is wrong with America, more to the point what is wrong with so many of her people. America (as a whole) not only voted in Obama as president of these great states, but also then proceeded to do so again.


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Now there seems to be a rush to delve into chaos once more while people line up in droves to vote for the great one – Donald Trump. Even Democrats are switching sides to vote for Trump and that is not a particularly comforting thought. It is a given that many readers support Trump, why I ask – what is so great about him? Do Trump supporters not see past the rhetoric and the appealing way (sometimes) that Donald speaks; to see the incompetence, the narcissism, the duplicity, and the inability to articulate how Trump is going to do what he says he will?

The Trump campaign is itself descending into chaos – all the while Trump refuses to accept any blame whatsoever for what is happening. The planned Donald Trump rally in Chicago had to be cancelled at the last minute do to violence and unrest erupting at the venue.

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Yahoo News: Trump has rejected out of hand any suggestion that his rhetorical excesses might have egged on the escalating violence.

“I don’t accept responsibility. I do not condone violence in any shape,” he told NBC on Sunday, repeating his assertion that agitators — mostly linked to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders — were responsible for the tensions spilling over.

So violence at Trump rallies is Bernie Sanders fault and has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s own comments and inflammatory speech? To whit: “I’d like to punch him in the face,” and “knock the crap out of him, would you?”                                                                                                                   
What kind of message do you suppose this sends to supporters of Trump? This writer thinks that kind of commentary relays the message that violence is ok to use in support of Trump, Trump’s shallow denials non-withstanding.

When the Bernie Sanders ploy falls flat, Trump whips out the next excuse in his arsenal – violence at Trump rallies is the fault of some protesters that are bad dudes.

U.S. News: Trump then seemed to place blame on the demonstrators. “We have some protesters who are bad dudes,” he said. They have done bad things. They are swinging, they are really dangerous. We had a couple big strong powerful guys doing damage to people.”

If there were these bad dudes doing damage to people, why then is there no footage of this? You mean to tell me that someone did not capture this alleged act on his or her phone? This is just another blame game being perpetuated by Donald Trump because nothing is ever his fault. By the way – how many people know of Donald Trump’s own violent past?

To whit: Christian Today In Trump’s own book “The Art of the Deal,” the man leading the Republican presidential race admitted that he gave his teacher a black eye because “the man didn’t know what he was talking about.”

D’Antonio said Trump confided to him that as a boy he just “loved to fight.” Pressed to explain, he added, “Any kind of fight, I loved it, including physical.”

He said Trump also told him that he doesn’t respect the people he meets in life because “most people aren’t worthy of respect.”

In the first school he attended at the private Kew-Forest School in Queens, New York, the young Donald distinguished for being “a prep-school terror that no one could manage,” D’Antonio said.

The above-mentioned prep school where Donald Trump was an uncontrollable terror? This was a military type school that his parents sent him to in order to correct behavioral problems – anyone surprised?

Wake up oh foolish Americans! The Donald openly said he does not respect very many people – just because he wants your vote does not mean Trump respects you. Trump is using the American public to further the agenda of Donald Trump. Make no mistake – this narcissistic, pompous windbag has one goal in mind and it is to make Donald Trump great on the backs of the American people – the welfare of America is a secondary consideration.

Do the American people really want to place a man like Trump with his violence, aggression, lying, refusal to ever accept responsibility for negative actions, and blame shifting into the highest office in America? What makes anyone think that a Trump presidency will be one iota better than the Obama disaster of a presidency has been?

How easily deceived you are America – wake up!

Proverbs 10:9 He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known

Luke 6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise

First published on Eagle Rising

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  1. You are so right, Greg. What really blows my mind is that “Christians” are flocking to vote for him. Here’s a thought, maybe the Lord has harden their hearts or blinded them and rendered them “dumb as rocks” so as to accomplish His purposes just like with Obama. I can’t think of any other reason why. Makes no sense to me.

  2. Hi Greg. So good to see that some do understand what an arrogant and profane man Trump is – and people are following as if under a spell or brainwashed. I say that just like God allowed Obama 8 long years to pull our nation into a much darker condition, Trump or Clinton either one can be set in place by God Almighty to punish us again. We need a great revival and for the Holy Ghost to fall on many people in this country. Our Lord is so merciful and long suffering – but I believe sometimes we as a nation will get exactly what we deserve. NOTHING takes Him by surprise – He allows things to happen to work out His Will, Amen.

  3. Though this verse from Mark 4:12 is obviously out of context, it just popped into my mind with all the Trump supporters…even so many Christians that I know. ‘Seeing they may see and not perceive, And hearing they may hear and not understand.’


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