Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Assignment

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           This morning, as I was praying and meditating, God gave me the word for the day. He does that sometimes. It’s not necessarily a word for everyone or all situations, but it’s always a word for me, and today that word was “Complimentary”.

            You see, I had been thinking of my brother, who is retiring from work this week, and as I was thinking of him, God began to talk to me about that word: “complimentary”. Generally at odds with one another, my brother and I spent decades in dislike, disappointment, suspicion and outright hostility. Finally, it was late last year when God began to speak to me, and it was very convicting! It always amazes me that only God can convict without mercy and love without restraint – and do both at the same time! He is incredible!

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            So this morning, as I was thinking of my brother and wondering when I would see him again, God showed me that it had been His plan all along to put us in the same family so that we could compliment each other. But he also showed me how we had wasted so much time and fought against His plan for our lives by competing, and fighting against each other. What a monumental waste!

            I was reminded of how my wife and I are completely, almost always, complete opposites from each other…and yet, it is so that we can complete each other. It is all too common in marriages to find each partner wanting to be in charge, and the consequent spirit of competition can all too often destroy the relationship. How can I be right, without my wife being wrong? God wants us to understand, it is not primarily an issue of right versus wrong, but a divine completion, that the weaknesses can be borne by both, and the strengths manifested in unity. Two imperfect, weak people, becoming unified into one new, complete person. That’s the plan.

            This same truth can be well applied to our relationships with other Christians. We aren’t called to “fix” their theologies or criticize their weaknesses; we are placed within range, so to speak, that we might help compliment and complete one another. We are ‘one Body’, after all.

            The same truth also applies to our secular contacts. Ever wonder why we know the people we know? Why have they intersected our lives? God is at work here too, for there are no areas of our lives where He is uninvolved. Perhaps it would honor God more to seek His divine purpose for these intersections, rather than fine tune our ability to ferret out their weaknesses and shortcomings.

I speak from much and bitter personal experience on this topic. There are many people, Christian and non Christian, I would hate to be trapped with on a desert island, but if God puts us together, it would be a good idea for me to learn the lessons hidden within the experience. He is not a frivolous God.

            In some twisted, post “Fall” way, we usually tend to box God up in our minds. We think that in some rare instances, He becomes hands-on involved in our lives, but most of the time we think He is busy somewhere else. What baloney! If indeed God is our Father, then He is always involved in our lives, whether we know it or not. The Bible says His thoughts towards us can’t be numbered, just as good earthly fathers think of their children – and God is better than that.

            The word “coincidence” has no place in the Christian vernacular. God has carefully chosen who will be in our lives, where we will live, what we will do, where we attend church, and etc. The only “slop” in this occurs in our little minds, when we try to exclude God from any given situation so we can remain comfortable in our Adamic natures and in our old ways of thinking.

            Some day we will all stand before Jesus Christ. That’s an immutable fact. And on that day, I suspect that we will all be floored by just how much God was involved in our lives, and just as floored by how we did not know it at the time. No details of our lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are insignificant to Him.

            Christ didn’t come so Christians could compete; He came so they could be made complete in Him, and then turn and help complete others who are still incomplete.

That’s the assignment.



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