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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Why You Should Dump ‘The Donald’ and Pick Ted Cruz

Why You Should Dump ‘The Donald’ and Pick Ted Cruz

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Donald Trump is riding high on a decisive win on Saturday in the South Carolina primary. Can anyone including Texas Senator Ted Cruz hope to win the Republican nomination or has The Donald already sown up the victory?


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The South Carolina primary is important, especially since it has been correct in foretelling who will win the Republican presidential nomination since 1980 with one exception. In the 2012 primary, Republican nominee Mitt Romney placed second with Newt Gingrich winning the coveted contest.

According to Fox News polling data, Donald Trump won over the Evangelical base in South Carolina as well as retirees, veterans, and current military personnel among others. That being said, apparently late deciding Evangelicals largely voted for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

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The upcoming “Super Tuesday” may well tell the tale for who wins the Republican nomination. If Donald Trump pulls out a decisive win, there may very well be no stopping him.

Political Correctness: a cancer on the American soul

Political correctness has long been a cancerous growth slowly killing the American soul. We can’t say Merry Christmas, it’s not correct; we can’t say the name of Jesus, that might offend someone. Everything we say and even do – needs to conform to political correctness. Watch what you say, the P.C. police are watching…

Then along comes Donald Trump, long known for his flamboyant rhetoric against those who annoy him. The Donald throws his hat into the ring announcing he is running for President of the United States. Soon all hell breaks loose as Trump continuing in his typical brash and “in your face” style campaigns for president doing many things wrong (per the Establishment), and gasp! – Trump is doing amazing well!

It’s apparent to this writer that the American people long tired of elitist control (these are the same people who determine what is politically correct) and overweening political correctness see a refreshing wind of change via The Donald.

The Republican Party elite may well hate Donald Trump but it seems as if the American people are making their voices heard in the Republican primaries and caucuses.

Is there any hope for a Cruz Presidency?

cruz-trump1Donald Trump may well be a breath of fresh air but do we the people really want a man that lambasts his detractors with all manner of vile and vulgar language? Trump referring to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 loss to Barack Obama referenced a Yiddish slang term for a man’s genitals. Trump also repeated a cheap shot from an audience member that used a slang term referring to a woman’s genitals to refer to Ted Cruz. He called a woman a “fat pig”; about rival Republican Carly Fiorina Trump had this to say: “Look at that face” and, “Would anyone vote for that?”

This writer despises political correctness as much as anyone else but is the language used by Trump really necessary? It’s not always what you say – it’s how you say it. Is Donald Trump’s say it like it is style truly worth the degradation it could and will bring on America as a nation? Say what you will – image, especially our national image does matter.

 Do we truly desire Donald Trump with his brash and often insulting manner to be president of the United States? Not to mention that Trump portrays himself as the “white knight” come to save all his loyal subjects. How often do you hear him speak of teamwork with Congress or anyone else? It is more along the lines of Trump will rid the U.S. government of all the “idiots” and hire good people – in other words people who will do as Trump directs. As I previously wrote, Trump desires to trummericanize this country, in other words he wants to fulfill his own personal vision for the U.S. without a lot of input from others. Does this at all scare anyone or sound disturbingly familiar?

Ted Cruz on the other hand has a good history of standing for what is right and fighting for is his beliefs. Cruz is also an unashamed and open supporter of Christianity and Christians as he himself is one. Cruz is not well liked the Republican Party elite either and for good reason. Ted Cruz will not lay down and play ball, if he does not think something is right, he will stand against it – more importantly he will fight for what is right.

While Donald Trump and Ted Cruz may be on the same page on some things, it is my opinion that Ted Cruz is more authentic and certainly much more dignified.

Ted Cruz supports defunding Planned Parenthood, marriage being between one man and one woman, securing the border, reigning in Washington D.C., standing with Israel, second amendment rights and much more.

Choose your candidate wisely, choosing the one that identifies with your values – which candidate is best for the future of this nation?

One last thought: Recently a wealthy family contributed millions to a super-PAC that is dedicated to the destruction of Donald Trump’s campaign. What do you suppose Trump’s response was? Donald Trump wasted no time taking to Twitter to threaten them.

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

~ John F. Kennedy ~

First published on Eagle Rising

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