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BODY OF CHRIST What Does Freedom Require?

What Does Freedom Require?

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“America’s founding generation was willing to sacrifice their own prosperity for their posterity. Today’s American generation is willing to sacrifice their posterity for their own prosperity.”


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[Bill Federer]

The only essential thing required of slaves is their obedience. Other than that, everything that would exercise them is provided by their masters. Places to live, food to eat, jobs to perform, care of their bodies and clothing to wear, even thoughts to think…all is provided, as long as they continue to strive for and agitate for no more, than obedience to their masters. These defined perimeters to their existence remain life long enclosures, boundaries to their existence, and while some of the fences on those perimeters are well defined and easily observable, most are not so easily seen, but they remain in place and in force regardless.

A slave’s identity is not derived from God; it is necessarily derived from their human masters. Their identity is what their masters say that it is. Thus limited, and prolonging their usefulness to their masters, slaves are little more than capable animals in their hands.

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Perhaps a bit better than well trained circus animals, they only have worthwhile functions as long as it benefits those in charge. Much like bovines, they are nurtured for milk, meat and always – profit. We see trucks full of them on our highways, and road side feed lots where the cattle can eat to stay alive long enough to be butchered. Profit…always profit.

The America I now share with you is rapidly and exponentially headed into slavery. I’m old enough to remember it otherwise; you may be new on the scene, and have no comparison. I pity the newer generations their ignorance; I also pity myself their ignorance.

Things used to be dramatically different in America, and as such, before we were systematically dumbed-down in order to prepare us for slavery, our expectations and civil hopes were also dramatically different. We understood that the future could be as bright as we were willing to sacrifice to obtain it. We weren’t perfect, and I’m not saying we were, but we could dream.

Somewhere, now more hidden than ever before, down deep in the souls of a once free people, there lies a haunting memory of our perishing high-protein diet; it was a diet of truth. It was served daily, and was taken for granted as daily fare, but incrementally, the small portions of fiction that we allowed to embellish the truth like a harmless seasoning, increased. Today, you’d have to place this same plate under a powerful microscope to find the portion of truth deeply hidden in the fiction.

The problem is, most of us have lost all sense of it, and fewer have the resolve to search for it. We are headed to the slave pens – and we don’t even seem to care, as long as our false “prosperity” continues for the duration of our lives. Let the future generations take heed to themselves.

Today, those that try to expose the truth, perhaps in wilting hopes of freedom’s restoration, are quickly silenced by those who cannot allow, nor want to hear the truth, for the truth has always been a challenge to the status quo. And it has always been the implacable enemy of those who would control us.

Those that complain about the lies are labeled “complainers” or “rebels”; those who complain the loudest are increasingly labeled “haters”, and illegitimate laws have been passed to control their speech. We’ve only seen the tip of that iceberg.

The backbones of steel that strengthened our patriot founders were forged from the pulpits of America. The messages were biblically sound, ardently composed and married a Christian’s responsibility to his God, with his responsibility to his country. Current generations aren’t being taught the truth about these men or their documentable motives, or much about their willingness to sacrifice themselves for future generations.

The revisionist historians of today have assured the current generations of slaves that these American founders were no more than rebels who stepped out of line for their own gain. That is a LIE. And in lock-step, many of the pulpits of today are incapable of forging steel in their listeners, for they are complicit either by purpose or neglect, by only striving to make the slaves in their pews feel good about themselves, on their way to the markets of the world.

We’ve reached this situation in the church, and it’s a situation which will become increasingly evident in the near future: Those who are convinced and committed that the Bible is indeed the Word of God, and do nothing more than hold to their beliefs, will be labeled “trouble makers”, and they will be cast out of the larger body. The larger body may cling to the title “church”, yet they will worship the “state”. And that is the only destination for those who presently are only willing to worship themselves. It has been said, “Stand for something (truth), or you’ll fall for anything.”

In 2013, Dan Fisher published a monumental, two volume work entitled, Bringing Back The Black Robed Regiment. In my opinion, it lays to rest the question many have today: “But what can I do, and just what does freedom require of me?” With numerous footnotes and ample documentation, author Fisher’s books are so dense with the truth about how indeed American came to be – and more importantly, why we came to be, I would consider them mandatory fare for any who home school. I already know public education would never, under any conditions, endorse these “rebellious” viewpoints, or ever teach contrary to the historical fiction they teach as truth.

I recently mentioned these books to friends of mine, and was met with the thousand-yard stares of the willfully uninformed. Sad to say, most of the people I know and respect today, “Do not read”, and that includes many who used to. (I suppose that leaves evenings full of television). How far the mighty have fallen – but not by divine design.

If it is true, and I have every reason to believe it to be, that in the last two elections, half of all professing Christians (30-40 million) did not even make it to the polls, and a good percentage of the other half voted for liberal, progressive candidates that are openly hostile to Christian values, it is difficult for me to conjure up enough faith to think America, as a nation, can be turned around by any Godly politician; that is, if Christians this year, again stay away from the voting booths…

I am firmly committed to the idea that Christians must be, and are indeed called to be, involved in the political arena. Sure it’s dirty, sure it’s secular, but it won’t get any better if we remain piously uninvolved. If God had intended for His people to be uninvolved with politics, He would have placed us in monasteries as soon as we were born again….but He told us to ‘Go into all the WORLD’.

If only a few ministers of the Gospel begin to speak out on our civic responsibilities, they might get sued, fined or shut down, but if it went viral, and once again became the norm for pastors and teachers to speak boldly, as did the men in the pulpits of the 1770’s, the ship of state could very well be moved from its present course.

Godly men and women, and those who would hope to be so, need and require Godly leaders. The ungodly minority has damaged us enough already, and they’ve been doing so ever since the men and women God called to boldly lead, abdicated in the face of threats and the lies of the revisionists.

I for one, am fed up with the lies I’ve been fed by those with ungodly agendas. I’m just as fed up with the current crop of politically correct pastors, who pretend to the pulpits. Doctors can’t keep you in the hospital one day longer than you agree to stay….and politically correct pastors can’t shame us into attending their fluffy services any longer than we are willing to put up with it.

If you belong to the Kingdom of God, know this – it was never birthed from the kingdom of this world, and if it looks too similar, demand better!


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