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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Report Card: The Donald Does Not Play Well with Other Children

Report Card: The Donald Does Not Play Well with Other Children

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After watching Bill O’Reilly urging Donald Trump to be forgiving in a back slapping, I’ve known you since eternity, we both give money to causes fest; only one memory remains in the mind. It is a picture of a fuming, angry, petulant almost pre-pubescent toddler in a tantrum picture of Donald Trump’s scowling face.


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He was the picture of the pouting child that the world will see as all America.

Fox News host O’Reilly, nearly embarrassed himself on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 as he tried unsuccessfully to get Trump to reconsider his choice not to appear in the seventh Republican Debate.

When O’Reilly admonished Trump to consider the New Testament teaching on forgiveness, Trump fired back with the Old Testament call for “an eye for an eye.” There is little doubt that Megyn Kelley, Roger Ailes and perhaps even O‘Reilly would have to live with one eye if the Donald had his way.

It was abundantly clear that Donald could not be swayed; he was going to pick up his marbles and go home so the other children would not be able to keep playing.

But the game went on without him. It became the first debate that wasn’t about personalities. At last Americans could actually hear and decide based on issues.

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Trump plays like a bully, but this is real life not an episode of the Apprentice, he cannot fire Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly or anyone in America he has deemed as ‘stupid.’

It is childishness on the one hand and a leaning toward authoritarian despotism on the other. Regardless of which view you take it is unproductive at the least and dangerous at the worst.

Recently, Trump dismissed the much respected brainchild of William F. Buckley, the National Review, as a has-been rag, with a diminishing readership. The nation and its right wing party has been collapsing, which makes right wing journalism part of the collateral damage incurred by the decline, but this is likely beyond Trump’s scope of understanding.

NRO’s Andrew McCarthy said Trump is a “thin skinned tyrant” and he is only a breath away from the authoritarian kind of oppressiveness of those would like to impose Sharia law on everyone.

McCarthy says, “Is Donald Trump the sharia of American politics? I’m having trouble finding much daylight between Islamic law’s repressive blasphemy standards and the mogul’s thin-skinned sense of privilege

None of us wants to be insulted or smeared. But sharia forbids not only ridicule or slander against Islam; it bans any examination that casts Islam in an unflattering light. Worse, truth is not a defense: Even if one’s questions are based on undeniable past actions or verbatim quotes from scripture, tough questioning is considered blasphemous. Retribution, moreover, is often completely out of proportion to the scale of the perceived “offense.”

“How is Trump different?

The childishness and vulgar responses to people Mr. Trump exudes against all those who oppose him are not the markings of a man much less a great man. The question follows, how can a man who is not great, make a nation great again?

Rather than being an anti-Trump rant I trust the wise will see this as a pro wisdom plea for America to wise up or at the very least – wake up.

Mr. Trump’s people skills can be summarized by these two phrases, you’re stupid and you’re fired, but while his intentions may be gold we must never forget the adage:

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

America is much more than a business and now the Donald can see; it is much more than a reality show as well.

For the problem children like Donald teacher has some help for him to improve his grades.

To deal with his deficiency in people skills he will be required to read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” – from cover to cover.

For the problem of calling people stupid and other de-humanizing names he will be required to go to his Bible and look up, and memorize, the following passage.

“But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” (Mt 12: 37-37)

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  1. The reason that Trump got out of the debate was that Fox had already hired an Advocate Muslim who supports Sanders, a Mexican who came to this Country illegally to ask questions from Trump to embarrass him. When you have the firing squad aiming at you, should you stand still so that they can destroy you? Do you want to tell me that the Fox people love this Country and the people in it. I would be frowning a lot if I was in his shoes.
    He does not owe any favor to anyone and everyone else who is running will have to repay the dollars that were given to them to run.
    In my book, he is the only one that can turn this country around and get rid of all the corruption at the top. Or you may prefer for us to stay with that

    • Maybe Trump owes no one for his campaign, but many believe he is buying our votes with his endless supply of money. Like many I believe he is our knee jerk reaction to eight years of Barack, but on closer examination is the poorest of candidates on the roster. He is a child in a world of grown-ups who will shake things up but cannot lead in the long run.

    • What questions could an “advocate Muslim’ ask Trump that would embarrass him? If he has nothing to hide then I am sure he would have been able to answer this guy. I have no problem myself with Trump not doing the Fox interview. I think it is less than honest for him to use his money to host a Veterans event at the same day and same time just to get back at Fox.
      I know it helped Veterans but this was the same Trump who for 10 years fought with all he had to remove homeless vets from around Trump Tower. That is verified. If he loves vets as he said he does, why didn’t he use some of his money back then to build some kind of facility to help them instead of using his money to get them moved away from his building.

      His games are hurting all conservatives. The last thing we need is to be divided even more than Obama made this nation and have to deal with another liberal in office.

  2. I totally agree with you, Rev. Michael. I gave Trump points for being the first one to unabashedly come out swinging against the current administration. Trouble is, he doesn’t know now how to pick his fights. By raging war against the other Republicans, he is taking down the whole party. Why can’t he simply state what he is for and what part of the Obama policies he intends to change instead of tearing down his republican cohorts if the polls show their numbers too close to his. He is dividing the party. We need a Conservative with values who is going to unite us not spend the time casting aspersions at every opposed to your ideas. The fate of this nation is on the line!


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