Thursday, February 25, 2021
BIBLICAL ANSWERS Donald Trump Does Not Represent Christ, Christians or the Bible

Donald Trump Does Not Represent Christ, Christians or the Bible

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In politics seeking the spotlight is part of the game – the spotlight can also become the floodlight by which all intents and purposes are revealed, it is then, that public scrutiny feels more like darkness than light.


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It is Mr. Trump’s own words that are bouncing back to raise eyebrows and doubts. Some of it is silly, but all of it serves to cast a full picture of the man.

Last year we heard of youngsters around the nation being expelled from school for pretending to shoot a gun using their hands, or for drawing a picture of a gun.

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We may get the students into good PC form, as silly as it is, but who is going to get the Donald into line? Is the idea of getting away with murder and still being a front runner his best example for America’s children?

Donald is seen at Dordt College making the hand symbol for a gun and saying, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?”

Donald’s behavior is anything, but presidential it clearly says what he thinks of the average voter. In this context he may as well call his own followers and perhaps the entire nation – stupid.

Do Evangelicals have both a Savior and an Idol?

In 2 Kings 17: 33 ancient Israel is charged with fearing God, but serving idols. It is a non-sequitur that calls for pause to grasp or understand – until today.

Trump’s rallies are dotted with autograph seeking, shouting and smiling Christians trying to get a glance at their idol as if they expected him to win both the presidency and the latest televised broadcast of American Idol.

The Evangelicals may think they don’t need to follow the Lord of Righteousness and now they can follow their lord of self-absorption, Mr. Trump, but they have become conspicuously misguided. Author Dr. Don Boys says – “For a Christian to vote for Trump is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Where Christians are not present in large numbers, this may be perfectly understandable, but there is no doubt that true Christians are held up to a much higher standard than the average politically minded citizen.

For the everyday crowd the emotional and the logical may be all that’s needed to form an opinion. In Christ and under the clear teaching of scripture Christians have a third qualifier laid upon them which is – spirituality that lines up with scripture.

The top two questions for all Christians should first be – does this candidate know God, and second will his decisions be based on his personal faith.

The most cursory examination of Donald Trump’s own words would arrive at a solid ‘no’ to both questions.

But the Evangelicals do not pause for anything, but they stay in deliberate step, not with their Savior, but with their idol.

Who Asked Donald Trump to “Represent Christians” Does the Bible say he may represent them?

In June of 2015 Donald Trump said in an interview with CBN’s David Brodie, “”Believe me, if I run and win, I will be the greatest representative of the Christians that they’ve had in a long time.”

The Scriptures directly oppose Donald’s claim.

Unless you are Catholic, every person who claims to know Christ and is guided by the scriptures knows that Christ has no earthly representative. Christ represents himself to the world through his Word and the Holy Spirit – nothing and no one has ever been substituted or called to represent him.

Christians are represented by themselves. In fact, the entire world judges us by our faith, our fruits and how that faith plays out in our lives.

Finally, to think that a man who cannot freely quote one Bible verse has been chosen by God to represent the Bible or Bible believers is far beyond a lack of solid theology – it is pure quackery.

Preachers, pastors, evangelists, prophets and messengers of every sort who trust God’s word should be warning Christians today. The warning is simple, but if ignored will have serious repercussions in our nation’s future.

That message is clear. Having, and or following idols, is just as sinful today, as it was in the ancient world.

This writer will refine the warning even further.

If we cast our votes for someone who has no testimony of salvation and who clearly has not been born again, we are voting against Christ. You will be joining in with all that in these last days is now referred to as – antichrist.

The nation cannot live with this – it can only die with it, presidential slogans to the contrary notwithstanding.

Even as these word were set to paper our Supreme Court threw out another attempt to stop abortion in a state that banned the practice. All the blather about Donald Trump took up most of today’s news while the report out of SCOTUS was a mere footnote.

It is this kind of thing that compels me to say once again and yet more emphatically.

You may get your Trump America, but you have long since lost your greatness.

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  1. I personally don’t like Trump. But I don’t think it is right to tell people how to vote. They have the right to say things like: This is why I wouldn’t vote for Trump. This is what I don’t agree with.. But to say it is not Christ-like to vote for him is saying to people who want Trump to win that they are not Christians. Now if a person wants to vote for someone who says un-Christian things or believes non-Christian things, then he has to answer that between God and him. But to say right out don’t vote for him to me is a version of propaganda. Maybe someone who disagreed with something Trump said can get people to say don’t vote for him because he is not Christ-like. Kind of like something the pope would say or get people to say. But I’m sure there are other people who don’t like Trump. When we use religion to get our way about things, it is wrong. Expressing how we feel is fine. But calling people names is wrong. When a Christian expresses any form of hate, it creates an atmosphere against Christians. Now if a Christian expresses in a non-threatening way something is wrong, it is o.k. For instance, saying lying is wrong is o.k. Calling certain people liars isn’t. I personally feel that you shouldn’t have to tell someone who supposedly believed in something strongly to vote against someone who didn’t share his views of things. I think the reason why Trump is so popular is because he feels the same way as many people think. People are starting to open up with hate comments. I hate these people and I hate those people. The reason why Hitler was so popular with the people is because they felt like he did. He did horrible things. He got away with it because people like to hate people. They like to blame people for their problems. People are saying with Trump: I agree with you. Since he seems to be so popular, the people must feel the same way as he does. People will say he doesn’t owe any people favors for he uses his own money. Politicians like to use other people’s money even if they have some. I hate to tell you he feels the same as the rich. He is one you know. You can’t be president and not have some people tell you what to do. Even the rich have to answer to someone. I would hope it would be Congress, but then you never know. We are becoming a non-Christian nation and Christians are going to become targets. A good way to start people wanting to harm Christians is to get non-Christians to have an excuse to hate Christians. If you noticed, some people who claim to be Christians are saying un-Christian things. The greatest reason why people don’t like Christians is because they think they don’t act Christian. Keep giving them a reason to hate us. There are better ways to express your views other than attacking others. There are better ways to express what you think is right and wrong without making certain people targets. I know certain things are wrong and it is o.k. to say that. But personal attacks on people can have the opposite effect. But I will say one thing about this election, it surely isn’t about issues it is about mud-slinging. Whoever can sling the hardest seems to win. What kind of president are we going to get in?

    • Cathy, your comments are thoughtful and interesting. Let me say I cannot and will not try to tell anyone how or who to vote for. I only try to show what is at stake and who these candidates really are in spite of what is shown to us in their respective campaigns alone. I don’t use religion, but my religion, faith in Christ and his word – uses me, and I am willing. I will always compare the output of those who want to lead us against what the Bible says about their leadership proposals and plans. It is reasonable and necessary in these chaotic days.

      I firmly believe that if a man is not led by Christ in his personal and private life, he has no chance of leading the nation under the guiding light of the Living God. That is a sure path to failure.

  2. Well said, Rev. Michael. I originally favored Trump because I liked that he was unafraid to speak out against the issues. I saw things differently after the first debate when Mr. Trump began his name calling including his infamous attack against Carly Fiorina saying “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”And though I did not appreciate Megyn Kelly’s obvious bias, Trumps comment was not appropriate saying “And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?”The list goes on. Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to know how to pick his fights. As a Christian, how can I vote for someone with bully tactics to represent our country if I truly want God’s blessings back on America.


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