Monday, March 1, 2021

The Groove

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Written by John Miltenberger



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“…For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”               [Revelation 19:10b; NKJV]


“The spirit of intercession is the heart of God.”                                           [Mine]

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I am grateful to be old enough to remember well the Walt Kelly cartoon strip featuring Pogo the opossum. Pogo was an ardent observer of the life around him, and my childhood Sunday mornings were always brightened by his comic strip “observations”. Particularly memorable was his classic statement in one cartoon where he said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Many decades later, decades filled with many bad, and a few good decisions, I wonder if Pogo wasn’t watching…me.

Years ago, after a conscious choice, I became a police officer who also was a Christian. That was a bad decision. Due to my choice of priorities, I ended my career having lost much more than I gained – and only by the sheer goodness and grace of God did I survive the experience.

And so here we are in America, 2016. It’s just a week old and the tensions and angst from 2015 have already begun to pay into this new year. I often wonder, just where will we be this same time next year?

Just after midnight this morning I found myself awake on my bed, and I realized I could struggle to go to sleep or I could forego the tossing and pray. Within a few minutes I was tucked into my blanket in front of my electric fireplace at the beginning of what would be another adventure in prayer.

It would be dishonest for me to portray myself as a super spiritual person, and it is not at all my intent to do so. Indeed, I am nothing but average in every respect. I’ve tried to do better, but I remain fixed in the larger crowd of average folks. But I had an adventure…

As my grogginess receded, I began with telling God that I worshipped Him and praised Him for His goodness, but it suddenly morphed into thanking Him for being so gracious to the United States over the years. Just as I began to head in that direction, I fell into the groove.

I have to say that most of the time, prayer times for me are relatively duty-bound and somewhat dry. However, every so often God seems to grab my heart and fill it with His heart, and the result is always an adventure. It is like finding a huge gold nugget after digging all week! Is it worth it? Absolutely, for as God’s heart fills our hearts, He is revealed and unveiled in our spirits, and as we pray the words He gives us, true intercession takes place.

I called it ‘the groove’ because to me it is like walking down a wide roadway while only being able to see the curbs, when suddenly you get stuck in a divinely ordained groove running down the road. And while in the groove we are enabled to speak the very words on God’s heart. In fact, it is the same as prophecy, only it takes place as we pray God’s words back to Him.

As I emptied myself of the prayers God filled me with last night, I realized this country has a glorious future in God’s plan, but it is not going to be entered into without serious, and holy intercession by many of God’s people.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was leaning ever more precariously into the fire and brimstone side of things. Given so much and perverting it, it seemed to me that all I could see clearly was how much America deserved the punitive judgment of God. I’m sure you know the list of America’s sins. But last night I felt the mercy and the tears of God, and He and I cried out for America to turn and enter her destiny – and I mean the destiny planned by God…not a “Plan B”.

There is a little time, but not much. God’s people need to cry out now for the very spirit of intercession to overwhelm them. We desperately need Christians who happen to be called to be politicians; what we do not need are politicians who happen to be Christians.

If we are to enter into the destiny of God’s plan for America, Christians must pray the very heart of God.

I’m absolutely sure it is what God wants of His people at this time.


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