Tuesday, March 2, 2021
U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 We the People - Fed up and Angry: Deceptive Politicians and Leftist...

We the People – Fed up and Angry: Deceptive Politicians and Leftist Lying Media

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Fed-up…scared…angry.  Why are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz doing exceedingly well against all odds proclaimed by the political professionals and D.C. commentators?  The three words, Fed-up…scared…angry gives great insight as to why.  We The People by nature are a forgiving, respectful, and patient people; history demonstrates this.  Some could say these traits are in our collective American DNA.  But when gross deception continues and perils our country, our culture, our values and way of life, our children and grandchildren, then We The People demonstrate just how fed-up we can become!  The anger of the people is still building and coming into reality; although, signs are evident across the country now. The political elites know this to a degree, and are working diligently, secretively, in typical slimy and self-serving fashion to defuse the coming tirade.  The annoying “pebble in the shoe” which is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the political cabbalists just will not go away.  Baffled and still somewhat perplexed by the pervasive anger and growing disconnect to all things Washington, DC, the political elites and cabbalists still believe time, money, manipulation remain on their side, and eventually they will succeed in ridding themselves of the annoying Trump and Cruz, replaced with someone far more to their liking and control.  After-all, they have accomplished this before in previous elections.


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The photos below demonstrate what the controlled media will not show.  The photos below show a picture that mere political rhetoric with smiles and smooth talking cannot make go away.  Slowly and steadily We The People see again just how broken the American system of representation, established by our Forefathers and honored at the beginning of our nation, has fallen into neglect and ridicule by those who sit in the very seats assigned to guard and protect our exceptional country, our Rule of Law, and We The People.  There no longer exists a true conservative party to keep in check the liberal ideology so aversive to the ideals upon which America was founded.  Why do you think the Tea Party came into existence?  People were truly beginning to become fed-up several years ago, and they instinctively knew the majority in elected office no longer listened to them, no longer represented them, no longer held the foundational beliefs of this great nation as a true guiding star.

Messrs. Trump and Cruz at least speak with strong, candid, clear convictions.  While our world is not crystal clear, these two at least remove much of the gray, and attempt to bring some common sense and traditional values to the arena.  No wonder the political elites despise them, and even now have made a way for George Soros to slam both.  Really…George Soros, the acknowledged former Nazi apologist and worker, hater of Israel, the promoter of a One-World Government with the collapse of the United States!  This alone should cause Americans across the Land to rise up against the political cabbalists who hold Washington, DC and many who find their way to various seats and desks of power in that district hostage. 

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The photos below will not be shown on controlled media.  So take a look, and then remember the faces of these United States Representatives as they march onto stage with their smiles and smooth talk telling us how they will restore the prestige and influence of America; how they will defend America and you, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  Fed-up…scared…angry!  I would add…Betrayed! 

    Lyle –

Media deception

US politicians with terrorists

US politicians with terrorists 2

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