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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Ted Cruz: A Founding Father Returned?

Ted Cruz: A Founding Father Returned?

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If we want to know something about Biblical doctrine, sound theology or anything else about the nature and attributes of God we would not call our congressmen or senators. Our first recourse would be to call a theologian or preacher with a solid foundation in every aspect of conservative biblical doctrine.


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It is rare to find a politician who has a full knowledge of biblical principles and doctrine. It is just as hard to find a gospel preacher who is highly informed about every aspect of politics.

Look no more – you have just found one.

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Before the title of this article leads you to think I am already off the deep end – the bible teaches that there is no reincarnation. (Heb 9: 27) Life is a one way ride that ends by standing before God at the judgment, but it is never a recycling – it does go on forever (like it or not) the only thing that changes is the address of the place we might call our last and usual place of abode.

The disciples of Jesus, like all Jews in his day, thought Elijah the prophet would return before the Messiah would appear. The empty chair at all Jewish Passover feasts was there for the prophet. Christ said John the Baptist was Elijah. (Mt 11: 14-15)

Christ clearly proclaimed that John came in the spirit and power of Elijah, but John was not Elijah reincarnated. (Lk 1: 16-17)

John came with the same purpose and mission as Elijah – no more and no less.

Ted Cruz comes to us today in the purpose and mission as one of our founding fathers. He is a bit of Washington, Lincoln and Madison all rolled together, and perhaps a bit of Reagan or JFK can be detected as well.

With great eloquence, perception and an almost prophetic quality author Allan Erickson penned a piece entitled “Cruz Should Prevail” in which there are three of the most powerful paragraphs describing Ted Cruz that can be found anywhere today. I will stretch the limits of fair use in journalism and venture to quote all three here.

“So which candidate is most aligned with our Founding principles? Which one is most like Reagan or Washington or Lincoln or JFK? Which person cherishes liberty in a way that inspires a majority?  Which candidate stands on principle before party, patriotism before partisanship?  Which one is tough enough to see it through, smart enough to adapt when necessary, and who can most effectively debate and defeat Hillary Clinton?

Which candidate is most feared by Communists and Jihadis alike? Which one will restore liberty and justice for all?  Which candidate can fire up the Hispanic and evangelical vote like no other?  And which individual shows both appropriate restraint, and genuine concern for the public good?   Which candidate is the selfless public servant most trusted to keep promises? Which one has the best plan to achieve economic revitalization?

Ted Cruz is far and away the most intelligent, the most educated, the most articulate and the most closely aligned with the Founders’ vision.   He has demonstrated integrity and consistency even in the face of the most vicious attacks from all sides.  No adversary can cross rhetorical swords with him and prevail, and no enemy, foreign or domestic, will find sanctuary with Cruz in the White House.”

Please don’t fail to read the entire article which is posted in J. Matt Barber’s “Barbwire”

Trump the Polar Opposite of Barack Obama? Frightening Similarities not to be ignored

This writer has enough red blood running through my veins to swell to the bold and brash promises made by Donald Trump. I love the assertive nature of his promises and the idea that America could be great again, but I also can see that we will pay a price for calling an apprentice to do a statesmen’s job.

Above the matter of putting an amateur into the highest office in the land is the frightening similarities between Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Barack and Trump share many things in common – here is the short list.

Barack had little experience in government until he became a Jr. Senator and that was followed by a dismal record on non-accomplishments. Trump has no experience at all.

Barack’s woeful lack of knowledge in foreign affairs is reflected in many ways, not the least of which is, his inability to identify threats to the United States. Trump could not identify the meaning of the term “nuclear triad” – this is far more dangerous than a few raging black flag carrying radical Muslim members of ISIS.

Barack lit up the White House in celebration of perverted same sex marriage – Trump wimps out to the tune of the familiar “It’s the law of the land” on the subject.

Barack said “God bless Planned Parenthood” – Trump proposed a limited number of weeks in which an abortion could be done along with a tacit agreement that taxpayers should not have to pay for abortions. Nothing new here!

Barack’s support for former cop killers, extreme radicals and a bevy of unsavory characters is remarkable, but then along comes Trump who has offered support and funds to Hillary, Sharpton and others who would make the top of the list of who’s who among goofball politicians and pop-culture figures.

Finally, while everyone debates whether Barack is a declaring Christian who has kept his Islamic roots incognito under wraps of the presidency; true biblical theology does not ask what a man declares himself to be, but it asks only what fruit is in evidence to fully support his declaration. (Mt 7: 18-20)

It is clear that Barack has made a profession but without a confession. If he were doing as scriptures requires he would not support either abortion or the gay agenda.

The litmus test came from the Lord, Obama declares he knows, but it is a failed test in accordance with this powerful question posed by Christ himself.

“And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Lk 6: 46)

Applying this same test to Donald Trump produces a far worst result. When asked what his favorite bible verse was – he could not quote even one. No one is guided by God – without the word of God. Trumps declaration has even less teeth to it than Barack’s. No one can do the word, if they don’t know the word.

Sorry Donald – that you used to go to church does not make you a Christian any more than sitting in a strawberry patch for a few hours can make you a strawberry.

A Question for the Millions of Christians who are Praying for our Nation Today

Other than the endorsement from a few dubious pop-religion figures, whose message and questionable financial practices are always in the spotlight, who would honestly think that Trump is the answer to our prayers? If you know your bible you are as close to full blown disobedience as you can be to entertain such thoughts.

Is it not far more likely that you have not done your homework in either the bible or the politics of our nation?

Ted Cruz is an offering from God of a humble man whose life is founded on the Rock, Jesus Christ, not the affluence of fame and fortune. He is a warrior and statesmen for today.

Don’t just pray, but take the time to listen and remember these words as well…

“For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wilderness.” (Ps 95: 7-8)

Let’s not do 2008 again – weigh this thing carefully America!

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  1. Well said Rev. Michael. I agree completely. Trump has some great ideas, but he also has a big mouth. Can you see Trump in foreign policy discussions? Ah no…
    Cruz would do well I think, but will the people see that? Carson is pretty decent as well but lacking experience in a meaningful way.

    • Thanks Greg. On one site this article was Face booked 1200 times in 24 hours, but along with that came some angry Trump supporters. I never write just to add to controversy. Hopefully we who stand by Christ, the way, truth and the life, weigh all things and seek the truth alone. It isn’t about candidates it is about the truth. Blessings and Merry Christmas


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