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FEATURED ARTICLES The Oregon Shooting – A ‘Tragedy’ or Pure Evil?

The Oregon Shooting – A ‘Tragedy’ or Pure Evil?

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Immediately after Chris Harper Mercer shot, killed and wounded almost two dozen people in the Umpqua Community College near Roseburg Oregon, the investigators, media and the usual plethora of ‘experts’ rushed to the scene to do what they do best – run the word ‘tragedy’ into the ground while wringing their hands in disbelief and confusion.


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Second to the word ‘tragedy’ is the next great quest to ascertain the reasons – why?

Only those who know the scripture (The Bible) will get this answer right, but they will be the last ones to be asked, and as usual, their answers will be totally disregarded.

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A unique aspect of this shooting is that 26 year old Mercer asked his victims if they were Christians. If they said yes, he shot them in the head. If they said no or remained silent he shot them in the legs. It is here that we come closer to the “why” of these shootings, but we will address the significance of this fact to summarize – a summary you may not like.

What is the source, or inspiration, for the answers of the ‘experts’?

The Police: looking for a motive in any crime is a standard procedure for the police and it is necessary to bring about proper charges and to some degree to make some sense out of the senseless. In the case of mass shootings motives are not always so clear.

The Media: Its news, this alone is cause enough for the media to be all over the event. We don’t expect media to give us reasons for the shooting, but microphones and video clips are the byproduct of any news story and this will enrich sponsors of the news industry at the least and fill our heads with wonder and curiosity until the next big story. All the experts, the police, the analysts will be prodded, cajoled and called upon until we know every detail about something that we still cannot explain. The word ‘tragedy’ will be used until it is frayed just as much as our incredulity.

The Psychiatrists: Modern man has put his trust in the purveyors of the minds of men for over a generation now starting with the father of psychiatry Dr. Sigmund Freud. Resorting to Freud would force us to conclude that it was all hard wired to Mercer’s libido.

Next, the shrinks will peruse Mercer’s childhood looking for the usual child abuse or the nasty influences of a drunken dad or a drug using mom. This is the favorite rite of passage for all murderers and malcontents who unleash their worst on complete strangers according to modern psychological thought.

They will bewail the fact that science has not advanced enough to do pre-screening of our DNA. If only, we could have known in advance that Mercer was a mass killer, treatment, incarceration or just elimination might have worked to avoid the ‘tragedy.’

In the absence of knowing ahead of time perhaps the psychologists could borrow from the gay agenda’s “we are born this way” and let the poor chap off the hook. Shouldn’t all ‘born this way’ characters be accepted in today’s new and diverse society?

Barack Obama: Nothing new here. Only hours after the Oregon shootings the President was seen calling for “universal background checks’ for all gun buyers. If ‘universal’ is part of the UN gun control idea, then we can all sleep better tonight. This is the organization that sees the bogey man of all mankind as – climate change.

Nations are raging against each other as they always have and as yet the UN has not stopped or deferred a single conflict since the Korean War – and that, left a nation divided and still on the brink of another war.

Mr. Obama’s naiveté is exposed by two simple facts. First, Mercer’s guns were all bought legally. Secondly, if the tools of murder must be banned, then we will have to learn to live in our future without – knives, belts, ropes, scarfs, axes, and another thousand common utensils and devices that can kill.

As with all politicians a political agenda is written all over Obama’s assessment of this serious matter.

In Obama’s case we must remember that in the minds of top level liberals singling out the second amendment to the constitution as the cause of the murder found in our hearts is a very real answer.

Donald Trump: Top presidential candidate Donald Trump told The Washington Post shortly after the shootings, “It sounds like another mental health problem. So many of these people, they’re coming out of the woodwork. We have to really get to the bottom of it.”

This writer doubts that a man who spent his entire life stuffing money into a bank account and nothing else, has even a clue, much less the ability to get to the bottom of this kind evil.

Perhaps if elected he could fund the work of psychiatrists and urge them to get on with DNA pre-screening so he could deport all the would-be mass murderers.

Trump says it’s a “mental health problem” and is an emerging “familiar pattern.”

He has quoted no scripture passage from the book he says is his favorite – the Bible. So for, comfort, we will have to believe that mental health problems will be foremost on his to-do list if he wins the Republican nomination and the general election in 2016.

Should we feel better knowing this, after a decade’s long dependence on psychiatry we have solved nothing about the dark labyrinth known as the mind of man. Murderers and others, who shake society to the core, are resplendently ever rising and scratching the Godless conscience of our nation – billionaires without answers notwithstanding.

Nice try Mr. Trump – but it is obvious that we will have to look elsewhere for the answer.

The Pope: We know since his address to the congress that the Pope would not want us to hold Mr. Mercer up to the death penalty, but after showing mercy to Mercer who is the Pope most concerned about in the Oregon shootings?

Francis ushered in Spanish missionary Junipero Serra, the newest saint and the only one to be canonized in America at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during his recent visit to the U.S.

We could say that this canonization creates an amazing complexity in view of what the Bible says about saints. It is not simply a contradiction, but a complete lie based on the replacement of biblical doctrine with ex-cathedra and papal authority that has been steadily veering away from the bible for 1700 years and counting.

In the Old Testament the word saint and saints are used 36 times, in the New Testament the words appear 62 times.

What is beyond incredible is that both of these books were written and used long before any notion of a Pope existed and the New Testament was trusted some 300 years before Constantine decided to make Catholicism the state religion and Popes began to be elected.

Saints were and still are those who profess faith in the living God and in these days his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. They were not required to do miracles or great and notable deeds, they were simply believers. None of them were canonized and if there were a need to canonize them, the Vatican would be involved in that work night and day until the end of time because the bible says they number in the millions.

Catholic doctrine which is in hundreds of ways contrary to the scriptural message cannot account for this mis-use of ecclesiastical power and aberration of clear scriptural teaching, but that’s not the worst of it.

If only a profession of faith in Christ is what makes a saint according to the bible, then each person that said yes when Mercer asked them if they were a Christian is a saint. That being so – consider this:

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Ps 116: 15)

What was the impetus or the inspiration for Mercer to become a mass murderer?

ISIS: With a generation long effort to remove all consciousness of God from our youth, there is little reason to wonder why our little darlings actually try to sign on to fight with ISIS. They don’t see many Americans willing to die for their faith (until lately), but they can recognize the intensity of those who are willing to kill for theirs.

Perhaps we could blame ISIS for showing us how they systematically slaughter Christians which would make the U.S. media equally complicit for showing us the carnage.

Might Mercer have been inspired by the radical, Godless and love-less images of ISIS killing Christians? That possibility cannot be ruled out.

Satan: In the bible, Satan is called the destroyer, the deceiver and the hater of both God and his people. One lesser known, but perfectly appropriate appellation, that is often overlooked, is the “murderer.” (Jn 8: 44)

He has murdered millions of believers over the centuries and as the last day’s approach scripture says he has many more on his hit list.

Here we must introduce the aspect of demon possession. It is far more common than we think. According to scripture millions will be subject to the sway of Satan’s murderous minions before the re-entrance of Christ into the history of our world.

While it highly unlikely that anyone in authority in Oregon, the media or anyone else will entertain this idea very long, the truth is, that it is the most likely of all explanations for the Oregon massacre.

It may be that because we are assured that what we don’t see can’t hurt us that we are oblivious to the scripturally clear teaching, that it is what we don’t see, that will utterly destroy us.

Satan cares little if we don’t believe in God, but he cannot risk having us believe that he is as the “god of this world” (2Cor 4: 4) leading us all by fine increments down the pathway to our own destruction. It is the fine tuning of the last day’s generation done in slight changes in perception laid upon a secular society bent on leaving, or pushing God out of everything.

The true church is warned to watch for the “doctrines of devils” (1Tim 4: 1) but the rest of society has already dismissed the talk of devils as so much superstition and religious hyperbole.

They are the ones he will waltz along with – until they reach the gates of hell – where the music stops and the dance ends.

Devils and seducing spirits in Mercer? You can bet on it!

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  1. Well said, Rev. Michael. Most of the crimes being committed are attributable to sin not mental health issues. The only way to deal with that is to bring Christ back in America and to humble ourselves before him. Unfortunately, the world has forgotten the fear of God. He has been deemed to be “intolerant” in the ways of man to the point where to read from the word of God in Romans I is considered in some places to be a hate crime against homosexuals. Imagine that. The laws of man has outlawed God’s truth! It can now only get worse. I never thought I ‘d live to see such a day.


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