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PROPHECY/END TIMES The Universality of Last Days Prophecy – When Enlightenment Becomes Ignorance

The Universality of Last Days Prophecy – When Enlightenment Becomes Ignorance

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“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” (Pr 9: 10)


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The fear (reverential awe) spoken of in Proverbs has to do with choosing both a source and a direction. When men choose God for their source and their directions in life they have passed out of darkness and into both light and life.

After utilizing a little empiricism to discover how God produced the worlds, the natural man engages pride, vanity and self-assurance to dismiss God. Then man proceeds to relegate faith in God to superstition, religious nonsense and laughable error.

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They don’t stop learning because of this pathology, but they can never arrive at the right conclusions about many things including the most important one of all – their future.

Now that the hype about blood moons has gone

This writer gave fair warning about the blood moons long ago. Signs and emerging trends are capable of producing anticipation, ecstatic imaginations and lots of hype, but the truth of scripture is the strong steady stream of revelation which alone can be trusted.

The people of God must not look to astronomy, astrology or fanciful predictions and Nostradamus like veiled prophecies for guidance – it is idolatry.

The world knows little to nothing of the powerful stream of prophetic utterance provided by the scripture and that for good reason. Not only does the world reject scripture, but in the last days they will work against it on a universal scale. Why would God reveal anything to a bunch of rebels? The actors in the last day’s theatre are the most spiritually ignorant of all time – by choice.

Even Christians in last days are woefully un-aware of the full spectrum and seriousness of prophecy.

How many believers do you know that can tell you of the first prophecy known as the ‘protevangelium’ (Ge 3: 15) or explain the difference between pre and post exilic prophecies, Messianic, pre-millennial and tribulation prophecies?

The fear of last day’s portents and worldwide upheaval is the opposite of Proverbs 9: 10, the reverential awe is displaced by fear of a different kind. Resultantly, the pabulum pours from the pulpit, the pizza and basketball are all that are found in our youth meetings and “don’t worry be happy’ prosperity and good life literature is overwhelming.

We may think we are in good company because even religious icons like the Pope are miserably un-schooled in eschatology. (Last day’s prophecies) The Pontiff who admires the friend of dictators, communist supporter and Marxist, Dorothy Day, will not likely tell us much about the coming of the world’s last and worst dictator known as the antichrist.

The world can never get an accurate picture of what is about to happen if the messengers are running away from the message into the warm glow of willful ignorance under the banner of ‘who needs the trouble’ instead of – the colors of war.

God leads us in via Eden – Satan leads us out via eros

The new diversity must allow for perversity and the ‘new morality’ that started in the 60s has bloomed into the perfect amorality of the day. It is fitting that a world bent on the fulfillment of all that is fleshy would need to reject all that is spiritual in order to thrive.

It is the calling of the seer to see what others may fail to notice. Getting someone else to see it is the hard part.

An example is the fear that so many voiced about Barack Obama’s socialistic and liberal tendencies which they thought would lead us into communism or something worse. In fact, after nearly seven years of the Obama presidency it is now apparent that he has led the nation into an age of perversity and homosexual licentiousness unparalleled in human history. Enter the age of flesh.

We talk of his failure like the national debt, weakening of the military and foreign policy disasters, but it is his success, that turns out, that is our greatest failure.

He has nearly made the country a gay and baby destroying nation; a minority of the deeply confused and willfully immoral has squashed the tradition, the law and the Godly counsel of the majority.

Oddly, because the Supreme Court has greenlighted this groveling in the mud we think there is no price to pay. The very opposite is true. It is because we have attached the force of our laws to this perversion that the judgments against us will be forthwith.

What we allow today is the reason why we will not be allowed into God’s presence tomorrow. (1Cor 6: 9-10)

If fleshiness keeps us from the kingdom then it follows that flesh also keeps us from seeing the way the kingdom comes in to being in its moment of time.

When Hal Lindsey introduced his best seller “The Late Great Planet Earth” the entire world began to see that the Bible had a lot to say about the second coming of Christ. Since Lindsey’s groundbreaking book many have begun to teach, preach and write about the last days.

The questions that tend to rise most often about the order of prophetic fulfillment are threefold, and although they seem very simple, the answers are not. The three basic questions are:

  1. When
  2. Where
  3. How

When – is very clear. The Bible allows and even requires that we be aware of the generation (Mt 24: 34) in which Christ will return. That knowledge is based on the fulfillment of certain signs and events that will only happen in the last day’s generation. As the events in that generation culminate, the timetable is then condensed into what is called a “season.” (Mt 24: 32-35) This is a period of a very few years.

The only part of when we cannot enter or alter is the specific day or hour in which Christ will re-enter the affairs of men and rip the kingdoms of this earth from the mis-rule of fallen man.

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” (Mt 24: 36)

Where – The events of the second coming are universal, no nation is exempt or excluded. They are preceded by the rise and fall of nations, political upheaval, natural disasters and a plunge into deep immorality. While these are all progressive in nature the worst is yet to come. When God does intervene a period of seven years will follow in which judgments that we now laugh about will increase with ever greater severity – no one will be laughing then.

Will America escape – not a chance!

How – It is the most unique method in history that any dictator has ever chosen to bring the world into his sway. Unlike all before him he forgoes the initial use of military might in lieu of economic might. In a world where economies are sent spiraling into death throes he offers an all new economic system that few will choose to refuse.

For decades I have warned that America’s involvement with the emerging economic system of the antichrist will be brought about by one of two ways – the choice is ours to make.

Scenario #1 – If in the very near future we choose a statesmen who will protect the sovereignty of this nation we will at the very least go into the last day’s fighting and holding on to the things that we once used to create the most unique nation on the globe.

Scenario #2 – If we choose someone who thinks might is more important than right and prosperity is more important than principle we will slide into the last day’s world setup with great ease.

This nation is headed for an economic crash. If offered a way out of the coming dismal economic conditions only a leader who thinks that economic prosperity is all that matters will quickly give in to the offer made by the antichrist and his new monetary system.

I am not reticent to say that the presidential candidate who is most likely to lead us through scenario #1 is Ted Cruz. There are other fine candidates in the race, but all the prerequisites for the scenario aforementioned can only be seen in Ted Cruz according to his record, his rhetoric and the level of responsibility he has obviously asserted and shown to the nation.

Scenario #2 belongs to Donald Trump alone for the most obvious reasons. I am not suggesting that Trump does not care about America, but only that if he leads the nation based on his own set of values which is predominantly the deal and subsequent prosperity, he will be easy prey for the kingpin of the last day’s romp into perdition.

Long before Barack Obama was nominated to run in 2008 I began to warn that he would not preserve the constitutional and biblically inspired underpinnings of our nation. Recent history has proven that my fears and warnings were not unfounded.

Prophets’ are known for their ‘field of vision’ (range) among other things. What that means is, they all do not see as far ahead as others. Isaiah saw history all the way to the end of the coming millennial kingdom while few others saw much beyond the events of their own generation.

While I can see from my day, to the last day, when Christ descends again to the Mount of Olives (Acts 1: 9-12) I cannot make anyone choose a different path. That will always remain – their decision to make.

Pray that God will guide us in these critical days ahead.

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