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FEATURED ARTICLES Obama Issues Devastating Warning To Americans, Good News For Muslims

Obama Issues Devastating Warning To Americans, Good News For Muslims

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Apparently, President Obama must have once again been moved by his Muslim roots, because he’s now revealed sinister plans that could potentially devastate the U.S. at the apex of the Muslim refugee crisis in the Middle East — and it’s time for Americans to rise up and say “Enough!”

Making their way to Europe, millions of unvetted migrants are flooding Western nations at an alarming rate. With pressure from the U.N., Arab nations, and the liberal left, Western countries are forced to accommodate hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees, 72 percent of them young men.

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However, “Syria’s problem” is no longer just Europe’s problem. Now, Barack Hussein Obama has volunteered the U.S. as a breeding ground for Islamic terror with his latest warning.

CNN reports that Obama is promising to “scale up” the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the U.S. this year. The White House announced Thursday that at least 10,000 new refugees will be distributed in cities across America.

House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the initial decision to only bring in 5,000 refugees, citing that the U.S. has much more of a responsibility towards the Syrian people.

“This is really important. I think 5,000 is far too low a figure,” she told reporters, referring to the amount Secretary of State John Kerry had mentioned to lawmakers Wednesday, according to Congressional aides and other sources familiar with the meeting.

This increase would raise the total number of refugees into the U.S. to 75,000 by 2016.

Get ready to be culturally enriched by another flood of Muslim refugees.

migrant mess

Still, Democrats are pushing to dramatically increase this number, demanding that the U.S. be flooded with Muslim migrants. However, their cries reek of racism and bigotry, as they turn away anyone who doesn’t identify as Muslim.

muslims immigrants

Many Westerners have been shocked to see so-called refugees arriving with designer clothing, iPhones, and a false sense of entitlement.



Although the State Department has allowed thousands of Muslim refugees access to our neighborhoods, our American president wouldn’t even permit refuge to 27 Chaldean Christians fleeing ISIS.

The handful of persecuted Christians that managed to journey to their families in the U.S. were detained in Otay Mesa, California. At least 20 of them were informed that they would be deported.

Even though the left attempts to paint these Muslim refugees as poor migrants fleeing war, most of the refugees are nothing more than aggressive, young males seeking benefits and to spread Islam.

With nearly three-quarters of the refugees being able-bodied males, and only 13 percent women, the narrative that women and children are seeking refuge from war-torn nations is utterly ridiculous. These strapping young men are either leaving their women and children behind to fight a war alone, or they are throwing them overboard to drown in the sea.

However, the men who make the long trek from Syria to Europe aren’t merely concerned with reaching safety. If this were true, they wouldn’t be passing by multiple countries on their way to Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

There WERE Women Aboard Refugee Ships, But Muslims Did Something Sickening

In fact, Muslim refugees in Denmark were entitled enough to be offended that authorities required fingerprints from them that they have begun packing up and heading towards Sweden. Allah forbid an infidel government document their existence in their country before handing them free housing, welfare, and health care.

Hundreds of thousands continue to arrive on Western shores every month, yet the wealthy Arab nations refuse to take in their fellow Muslims, admitting that they don’t want more terrorism, leaching immigrants, or people of a different nationality. Still, no one accuses these countries of racism, bigotry, and ignoring their responsibility.

It is time to ignore the shrieking of ignorant sympathizers. Western nations cannot help Syria by flooding their own cities and burdening their taxpayers. Because of liberal policies and lax enforcement, we’re not only failing to solve the problem, we’re creating more for ourselves.

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