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FEATURED ARTICLES New York City Allows Satanic Image of Hindu Goddess Kali to be...

New York City Allows Satanic Image of Hindu Goddess Kali to be Projected Onto Empire State Building

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The following report from New York City is simply vile, and demonic, reporting a symbolic act of spitting in the face of the very Lord who guided the founding of New York initially.  The Lord of lords and King of kings is not taken by surprise at this heinous act.  The Lord sits on His Throne and sees all long before even those who come up with an evil idea can lift a finger.  There is no doubt the Lord God of All Creation is separating His Remnant Church from the Constantine Church that quietly acquiesces, and stands by watching impotently the forces of darkness that mock and ridicule Christ’s victory over the cross and death.  The present day church that moves in no authority from Heaven; the present day church in America (New York City) who are not only lukewarm but apostate; the present day church that wallows in the same relativism they are to stand against.  May the prayers of true intercessors sing out to the very steps of God’s Throne, and may the decrees come forth convicting the people who walk under and can see these buildings, may their hearts ache for the True God, the One God, the Alpha and the Omega, the God of All Creation, and His Son Yeshua.  –Amen and Amen


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Written by Theodore Shoebat

New York City, the most pro-abortion city of America, just placed a giant image of Satan on the Empire State Building, in order to convince people to worship and revere “Mother Nature,” which is really just a deceptive way of getting people to worship the devil. The image is specifically that of the Hindu goddess Kali, who is no different than Satan, for “the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God” (1 Corinthians 10:20). Here is the image:


According to one report:

Artist Android Jones designed the fierce portrait of Kali, who is the Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction, to make the point that Mother Nature now more than ever needs a fierce avatar to fight the dangers of pollution and extinction.

Kali is a demonic demon, who compels her followers to commit mass murder. Just to demonstrate this to you (especially for those who think that Hinduism is a religion of peace), in 19th century India there was a cult dedicated to the worship of Kali, called the Thugees. The film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, portrays the Thugee cult as a murderous group that commits human sacrifice:

The reality is that there was indeed a Thugee cult in India and they did commit mass human sacrifice by the millions, but not by putting people in lava, rather they would strangle their victims to death. According to the Guinness Book of Records the Thuggee cult was responsible for approximately 2,000,000 deaths. Two million people! This is a major holocaust and it was done by Hindus for the cause of Kali, the very satanic demon whose face is on the Empire State Building. America is making itself as an offering to the devil, and do not think for a second that God is not angry. For “The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.” (Psalm 5:5)

Now lets compare now to 1950s America. Here is a photo (thank you Fabio Emozione) of Christian crosses upon the buildings, including the Empire State Building, of New York City:

THANKS TO Fabio Emezione for sending this photo to: 3/29/1956 New York – Huge crosses, formed by lighted windows blaze above New York’s skyline as part of an Easter display in Manhattan’s financial district. This scene photographed from the roof of the Municipal Building features 150-foot-high crosses in the following buildings (L-R) the City Services Co.; City Bank – Farmers Trust Co.; and the Forty Wall Street Corp. (United Press Telephoto)

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  1. People, please, just see what is meaning behind the Kali Maa. I ask you dear writor what is yours real face than you’re doing such judgments.

      • Photos of Kali Maa, Buddah, Mohammed, or other heads of religion are to be splashed across tall buildings in New York City with not a peep, but attempt to light The Cross of Christ or any resemblance of Jesus on any tall building in New York City, and just sit back and watch the emotional outbursts; the maddening gutteral utterances and demands to remove Christ or any reference to Christianity!! How can that be? How can a Nation, so conceived in Judeo-Christian laws and principles, be so far off course from its’ birth? How is it that Kali Maa, etc. can be splashed across the very city symbolic of western ideals, culture, economy and trade, the very city that first served as this Nation’s Capitol that welcomed George Washington as he took the Oath of Office to serve as this Nation’s First President; how can this very city NOT allow Christ to be lit up across the New York Skyline in recognition of the very God this Nation once proclaimed to follow? I wonder if a tall building in India would allow Jesus Christ to be lit up at night?

        • Amen to that. Christ cannot be portrayed nor spoken of but all manner of evil is good. The great falling away is well under way. Satan was defeated at the cross but unfortunately he has great influence in all corners of the world.


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