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by John Hayward on Breibart

Senator Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)of Maryland just became the deciding Democrat vote to push President Obama’s nuclear sellout to Iran through Congress.

“No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime. I have concluded that this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best option available to block Iran from having a nuclear bomb. For these reasons, I will vote in favor of this deal,” said Mikulski in a statement, having apparently missed the part where President Obama admitted his deal put Iran only about ten years away, at most, from having a nuclear bomb.

Thanks to a special deal worked out by Republicans, President Obama needed only a handful of Senators to push his deal through. “Mikulski’s backing gives supporters the margin they need to uphold an expected Obama veto of a congressional resolution of disapproval that Republicans hope to pass later this month,” the Associated Press notes. “And it spells failure for opponents of the international agreement who sought to foil it by turning Congress against it. Leading that effort were Israel and its allies in the U.S., who failed to get traction after spending millions of dollars trying.”

As the AP goes on to note, the ability of the American people to influence this process through representative government was always an illusion anyway: “Even if Congress were able to pass the disapproval resolution, it can’t stop the deal, which was agreed to among Iran, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. In July, the U.N. Security Council unanimously endorsed the nuclear deal, approving a resolution that would lift the international sanctions on Iran in 90 days.”

As more than one observer has noted, the Iranian Parliament has considerably more sway over this deal, and receives a great deal more legal and rhetorical respect from its executive branch, than the American Congress does. The truly entertaining act of this farce will begin when the Iranian legislature starts knocking down every bit of the “deal” they still find inconvenient, or the Iranian military simply ignores those bits.

Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on MSNBC today claiming the deal would prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, even as every Sunni regime scrambles to arm themselves against the coming Iranian bomb.

Secretary Kerry added that the deal was necessary to keep Iran’s theocracy happy, because America could not endure their continued disapproval. If the deal were scuttled, Kerry said it would convince the Iranians that “you can’t deal with the West, that you can’t trust the West.”

That is the clearest statement of a weak democracy capitulating to dictatorship since the Munich fold to Hitler… an event the Iran deal was unwittingly compared to by one of its Democrat supportersRep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL)of Florida, when he chirped on Monday that President Obama’s Iran deal would ensure “peace in our time.”

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  1. To me, this day marks one of the saddest in history. It is not only the day that America agrees to sign a deal that will betray Israel but it is a betrayal to the American people as we give billions of dollars to Iran, a nation that has vowed to destroy us, and now will have complete funding to do so. There will be no 10 years to worry about Iran getting the bomb. They will have it now.

    And to top off the most idiotic remarks ever, Kerry said that to not do the deal would “would convince the Iranians that “you can’t deal with the West, that you can’t trust the West.” What? Does this fool think they trust America or for that matter, is Iran trustworthy? NOT! Obama is spearheading the coming doom and destruction of not only America, but many nations that will be attacked all because we funded evil and gave them unfettered ability to finish making their nuclear weapons!

    Our only hope as believers is that Christ is still in full control and using all things to fulfill his plan. The plans of men are futile as God has the final word.

    • Well said Marianne – this is nothing less than complete and total betrayal of the American people to say nothing of Israel whom we should be standing with and helping to protect – not looking out for the interests of the terrorist nation of Iran. “Death to America” – they chant including the leaders of Iran, and yet Obama and Kerry are foolish enough to trust them with a “deal” – how naive can you get?

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