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All Out Assault on Christianity

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The social planners of the world, under the direction of a defined circle of Elites, are dedicated to remaking this world into a purely humanistic godless experience.  Religious expression will strongly be discouraged; however, Christianity is the main focus, the prime target to be eradicated from all government; from city councils up to and including the United Nations, a symbol of the One-World Government.


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Not content to erase Godly worship in the halls of power and decision-making,
the architects of secular values and all forms related, simultaneously launched
an all-out assault to oust Christianity from school, the courts and law,
the workplace, even churches!

The ideological mouthpieces shouting “Hope and Change” backed by political wizards of humanism, legal foundations and zealots with deep financial pockets, all committed to ridding vestiges of Christianity from which the United States was founded, are quick to fill the very void they are creating with programs without principles, laws and policies steeped in secularism or worse!

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The seduction into accepting their God-less world drips, drips, drips upon a nation once proud to share its’ founding and history formed from Judeo-Christian principles.

The cross is forced to be removed from Christmas trees; then the Christmas
trees are removed.  Schools no longer celebrate the Birth of Christ in a
Christmas play performed before the entire school, parents,
and community.  Now “winter programs” are conducted.

It was 1965, and I was in eighth grade.  I had a lead role in one of our school plays, and part of my role as a cowboy was to recite a prayer over a make believe campfire.  A prayer!  Can you imagine today how that would bring the house to its’ feet, but sadly for very different reasons than the standing ovations the production received from all of our eight grades, parents, and even two additional elementary schools who came to view our play.

Our federal government and several cities are experiencing various levels of chaos.  Elected officials have lost the ability to govern.  Lack of respect and the ability to work toward common goals is prevalent; not wisdom and surely not common sense.  We have allowed the bullies to kick God out of our governmental process, decision-making, and having this country acknowledge Him in all ways as our Forefathers did frequently and openly.

My friend, Dutch Sheets [1] states clearly and boldly:

“Many of our leaders now deny America’s true history and
oppose her Creator.  Our current president contends that
we have always been a Muslim, as well as Christian, nation
and that Islam was significant in our founding.  If the majority
in our media and educational system had enough character,
these absurd lies would be both exposed and scoffed at.  They, however, now honor preference above truth, ideology above integrity.  Their means now justifies their desired end, which
is a new and radically different America where God is mocked,
His ways are scorned and amorality is the new law of the land.”

Choices are coming and quickly

Do you remain silent and politically correct or do you stand publicly and proclaim Jesus as Lord for those who claim to know Him? Those who claim to have made an earlier decision to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their life; if Jesus is Lord, then serve Him.  If the godless humanists and their systems be god, then serve them. [2]  But make-up your minds!

The Lord of ALL creation stands at the doors of the hearts of the “publicly great” and those less visible; the doors of government; the doors of decision-makers everywhere, and even at the doors of the church … and He knocks.

Will you answer and invite Him in?

[1] Dutch Sheets,
[2] If you don’t serve Christ, you are already serving Satan: “He that believeth on Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” John 3:18

LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is a private-sector intelligence and threat assessment specialist.  He has provided intelligence briefings to elected and law enforcement officials for a number of years, as well as to corporate and community leaders on threats to public safety and loss of sovereignty.  His most rewarding assignment is to sound the Shofar of Warning to the church at-large of the coming storms and threats.  He has been a regular author for the online Christian publication The Olive Branch Report since 2012.

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    • Thanks, Erik, for stopping by and asking your question about Christ knocking on the skyscraper. I believe the image is a powerful one, and depicts the Lord of lords and King of kings knocking on the door of the United Nations seeking permission to enter and participate in all the deliberations occuring in the building. A long-standing colleague used it a couple of times on his website, and I asked if I could use it for the article. I do not know who actually drew the picture, however, it is a very powerful word picture. I truly think the picture could be applied in many settings; i.e. Christ knocking on the door of our own life, knocking on the door of the U.S. Capitol, and then each state capitol across our country, heck…even knocking on the doors of the churches in America asking permission to enter. The Lord grants us the incredible gift of free will, and He will not push us or make us accept Him into our life. The Lord will not dictate to us or in any manner run our lives with us acting as mere puppets. The gift of free will is quite something to ponder. The King of the universe from which ALL THINGS are created, waits for each of us to ask Him to be Shephard of our life. At one time in our country’s history, our Nation proclaimed: “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12). Not anymore. Now the Lord stands at the door and knocks seeking permission to enter and particpate in our lives and decisions. How far have we fallen as a collective people? ~LJR


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