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FEATURED ARTICLES Michigan Man Threatens Use of Force if Evicted From Property

Michigan Man Threatens Use of Force if Evicted From Property

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Written by Oliver Darcy

A Michigan man who claims his home is illegally being foreclosed on vowed in an online video over the weekend to use force to protect the property and said he fully expects to die in a standoff with authorities.


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On Friday, the Isabella County District Court ruled that Bank of America could ask for an eviction order next Monday if Ted Visner doesn’t immediately vacate his home, or has not appealed the decision, The Morning Sun reported.

Visner, who says he was also at odds with Isabella County officials five years ago over an improper eviction, has maintained online that he is being wrongfully foreclosed on.

In a YouTube video posted by Visner Saturday, the Michigan man promised that the “first shots of the revolution [are] about to be fired” and predicted he will die “fulfilling my oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic as an American Patriot.”

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“I will not be evicted from my property, and, when I say that, what I mean is I will use all appropriate force to defend my property,” he said in the video.

He added, “This is the start, folks. I would imagine that they’ll show up with a SWAT team, bunch of armed men and it’ll go down like the Bundy Ranch – only with no opposition, and I will be executed by the same sheriff’s department that stole a different house in 2010.”

Visner later cited the Founding Fathers, saying he was taking a brave stand to protect the country.

“I fully expect to stand alone here. And I fully expect to be killed.”


“I fully expect to stand alone here. And I fully expect to be killed,” he said. “Folks we are not just facing criminals here. We are not just facing corruption. We are facing a foreign occupation.”

Visner said in the video that if he could obtain video from Friday’s court hearings they would see “how far gone our society is.”

“I wasn’t in front of a judge today. I was in front of an executioner,” he said.

Visner’s video has attracted much online attention, amassing more than 260,000 views on YouTube at the time of publication.

The Morning Sun provided more info on the Michigan man’s earlier disputes with Isabella County officials:

Visner’s initial disputes with Isabella County law enforcement and judges date back to his September 2010 eviction from a home he was renting from a landlord who also worked at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department.

That landlord, Shelly Sweet, along with her boss Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski was among those later sued by Visner – a lawsuit dismissed two years ago by Isabella’s Chief Judge Paul H. Chamberlain – for $3.9 million in damages.

Visner maintained that Sweet, his landlord, illegally changed the locks at the earlier home on East Walton Road in Lincoln Township while he and his wife, Kathy Smith, were away for a weekend.

Sweet’s attorney, John Lewis, said she had a court order for possession of the home and that she did not get an eviction order because Visner had vacated the property.

Isabella County sheriff’s officials told The Morning Sun that they are aware of the video, but currently have nothing to do with the case as an eviction order has not been served yet.

Attempts made Monday evening by TheBlaze to reach Visner were not successful.

SOURCE: The Blaze

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