Friday, May 14, 2021
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The ‘Magnificent Nine’ Provide a Litmus Test for all the 2016 Presidential Candidates

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In a brilliant piece written by Garth Kant and published on WND, Mr. Kant has provided a comprehensive list of 2016 conservative candidates who support a constitutional amendment to reverse the recent insult of the Supreme Court on ‘homosexual marriage’ in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges.


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Such an amendment would require a great deal of time and effort and only those who would fight to the last breath are going to consider it worth the trouble for the sake of the nation.

Americans are tired of listening to the candidates being placed on the liberal, conservative imaginary meter by analysts like Bill O’Reilly and others in such categories as left, far left, right extreme right et al. If candidates have declared that they will fight for the nation and include moral fiber along with jobs, border fences and a strong foreign policy – what more can we ask for?

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President Barack Obama ran his campaign on a promise to change America, those who believed him, could not see that everything he has enacted or proposed in domestic or foreign policy would lead to the end of America. That is change, but it is not what they would have bargained for if they had an ounce of spiritual, moral and political discernment or savvy.

Out of the entire list of candidates only four candidates have clearly stated that they will support a constitutional amendment. Some say they are leaning that way and some just will not commit to an amendment.

Only one candidate has not only stated that he will support the amendment, but has already proposed it – that Candidate is Sen. Ted Cruz.

Forget the imaginary liberal conservative meter; if you want to know who is a true conservative and will fight for the nation’s survival, here is the list of those who will take up the fight.

  • Ted Cruz
  • Scott Walker
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Mike Huckabee

Oddly, it is the best prediction of all wise men and those who study the will and counsel of God that all nations that forget God will arrive at the same destination and that is their own demise. It is a heralded, recurrent theme and warning of the scripture that can only be ignored at our own peril.

When we leave the parchment (our own constitution) and the book (the Bible) the predictions are dire.

It is my life’s calling to make the prophecies of the Bible clear to all men, or at least all those who have ‘the ears to hear,’ and I have discovered that men would rather walk in the counsels of their own hearts. They trust in themselves, but the hearts of men are not to be trusted without guidance from above. To wit:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.” (Jer 17: 9-10)

The other great lesson I have learned about the business of revealing prophetic truth is that men would rather hear speculation and only attend to passages that are complicated and open to various interpretations.

Details of severe future portents and judgments are avoided by most and they are generally satisfied with light fare and pabulum.

For example, the first wave of judgment that falls on the world that has begun to follow the next Hitler type of ruler known as the antichrist says that one third of men will die all at once. (Rev 9: 15-18) All the wars and plagues in human history have never approached this kind of wholesale death all at one time.

The United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion in the very near future. Perhaps the new common core math won’t allow our children to fathom such a number, but that means 2,666,666,666 people will die in one stroke of judgment.

People would rather be told that the bible urges us to be nice, do a good deed now and then and wear a nice new hat in church at Easter time.

In keeping with the penchant for simplicity and signs with less than terrible details in their results; I can say that one thing all men can readily see is revealed in a message not from prophecy, but from the more familiar ‘Sermon on the Mount.’

Jesus said, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” (Mt 5: 6)

The four candidates aforementioned all seem to know what we all know today – the country is not right. The “Change we can believe in” is not right and it can only be righted by those who see this and are willing to fight to make it right.

Besides longing to see the country made right again the four in Kant’s list all have one thing in common. It has been seen in their records and their statements and that is a fighting spirit and a willingness to make things right again; even if it means taking on the recent dive into reprobation led by the – ‘Magnificent Nine.’

I would change the order of the list slightly and the top fighter would be Ted Cruz followed by Bobby Jindal, then Walker and finally Huckabee.

While all of those on the list are top choices it must be noted that unless the seriousness of the miserable mistake made by the Supreme Court is addressed we will have no support, protection or favor from the one that already sits in the place of ultimate authority over the affairs of men.

It takes no great power of discernment to see that calling what God has declared an abomination (homosexuality) is not a biblical, constitutional or common sense right for anyone on this planet – it is only a sure path to judgment.

In summary; we have crossed God’s red line with the recent SCOTUS ruling and now any candidate who thinks that more jobs, economic austerity and better foreign policy will renew us is blowing smoke.

We must make this right as quickly as possible or we will watch our nation decline at the speed of foolishness, regardless of who we put in the oval office in 2016.

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  1. Amen Rev. Michael. It seems there is no clear line in the sand anymore between either party – it will take a man of great moral courage to straighten out the mess made by both parties in Washington. It’s pretty sad (to me anyway) that the candidate that has some of the best ideas on a few things (the border, jobs) is Donald Trump – but then again he has issues shall we say.

    It would be great if Ronald Reagan were entering the presidency right now – we need a strong moral leader who knows how to speak, who knows how to get things done, who knows how to enforce the “red line”. Someone who will not kotow to the liberal left and the gay agenda.

    I often wonder how so many in this country cannot seem to see that the result of their choices – their “wants” are the very factors determining the moral decay and collapse of this country.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are like Bonnie and Clyde without guns. Obama is startlingly like Hitler during his rise to power – the comparison is valid if anyone cares to check it out.

    The U.S. is marching right down the literal highway to Hell – while at the same time not seeing Hell but convincing itself that the road is paved with good times and nothing but a bright and brave new future.

    • I can add little to your excellent response. Our nation has lost its vision and calling in the world. While this is all part of prophecy it is nevertheless sad to watch.


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