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The Very Real Danger of Socialism in America

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Written by Charlie Daniels

The government of the United States of America was not formed and instituted for despots to rule over, spy on, dictate to, nor in any other way dominate its citizens. Rather, it was formed to protect and serve. It was created to patrol the borders, control the flow of immigrants and international commerce, insure the civil rights of its citizens and build and maintain infrastructure to keep the wheels of progress turning.

In the days since the inception of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, much of America has come to perceive the federal government as an entity for all seasons, whose purview includes lifelong entitlements, health care and the guarantor of cradle-to-grave security.

In the broader sense, this is known as socialism. It has been tried in many corners of the world, and it has miserably failed in all of them. The reason being is that it discourages individual initiative, encourages sloth, laziness and total dependence on an outside source.

But there are other even more sinister fruits of socialism.

When a society becomes so dependent on government for every need, they begin to incrementally give up their freedom, to turn over more and more responsibility for their lives to their benevolent uncle and by the time they realize what is happening, every facet of their lives are observed, controlled and basically dominated by a government who has granted themselves a license to do anything they dang well please.

They can confiscate your land, claiming that it is needed for the greater good or put you in jail without any representation or outside contact. Has anybody heard anything from the guy the government arrested who supposedly produced the video they said started the boondoggle in Benghazi?

Did you know that there are pieces being put in place, having already begun with The Food Protection Act, that give the government the power to prevent you from planting a garden or keeping food animals because the pollination could “endanger the food chain”?

Did you know that the natural bees in this country are dying off because of their reaction to genetically modified food plants and the poisons we spray? And allegedly, one of the monster agriculture companies is engineering a bee that is less affected.

Now who would control the all important role bees play in the pollination of crops?

Obama already appears willing to bend, break or destroy any part of the Constitution in an effort to take away guns. He even used the tragic events in Charleston this week as an excuse to call for stricter gun control laws.

The result of all this power being concentrated in the hands of power hungry men always has a devastating outcome. They become paranoid and grab more and more power until it results in things like the Gestapo and the Stasi, ruthless organizations who are a law unto themselves – harassing, incarcerating, bullying the population at will, without formal charges being brought or benefit of legal representation.

Do you think this can’t happen in America?

Just keep letting Congress “pass [legislation] to see what’s in it” and see what happens.

Just keep letting presidents bypass Congress with a “pen and a phone” and see what happens.

Here’s a little sidebar that made me suspicious to say the least.

I have always been apprehensive about the food protection bill Congress passed a few years ago. It was passed without fanfare, media mention or any explanation from politicians as to what the ramifications of the bill would be.

I called the offices of both Tennessee senators only to find out that the bill had already been voted on and passed. Lamar Alexander had voted for it and Bob Corker had voted against it.

This strikes me as strange as only one of these senators had the best interests of Tennessee farmers at heart.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels


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