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FEATURED ARTICLES Explosions Rock Flint Michigan (Jade Helm) Residents Angered Over 3 Hour Notice

Explosions Rock Flint Michigan (Jade Helm) Residents Angered Over 3 Hour Notice

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Written by Tim Brown

With all the talk about the upcoming Jade Helm exercises that were targeted in the Midwest, but are obviously spread across the country, even into South Carolina, a ten day US Army urban military training exercise has residents in Flint, Michigan up in arms.


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WNEM reported on Tuesday:

It was a peaceful afternoon, and then residents said it seemingly turned hostile.

“I was standing there, and all of a sudden, boom!” Jean Glenn said.

“I mean it was loud, it blew up the whole sky or whatever, it was like four or five big bangs,” Annette Humphrey said.

Explosions you’d expect in a war zone echoed through Flint. People’s homes shook and those inside were caught off-guard. It all went down Tuesday at the shuttered Lowell Junior High on the city’s east side.

The blasts are just an Army exercise.

Just an exercise, eh? Then why would the city not have warned its citizens that such an exercise was taking place? Jason Lorenz, spokesman for the city of Flint, said that the Army and city had been having talks for six months about the exercise and is part of a joint exercise being carried out across the US. But the city failed to give residents warning. The least the city did was issue a release on Tuesday at 11:30am concerning the exercises.

To top it off, many were concerned because of the local high school. MLive reports:

The city said in a news release that residents should expect to hear the loud noises associated with the training until June 12.

No specific locations were identified by the city and a spokeswoman for the Army was not immediately available for comment.

Three Flint police cars and several men dressed in combat fatigues were in the area of the former Lowell Junior High School on North Vernon Avenue Tuesday immediately before two loud explosions just after 2 p.m., jarring unsuspecting neighbors.

“They should warn the residents around here at least when there’s something that loud and scary,” said Nicole Robinson, 28. “That’s pretty crazy.”

Witnesses said they began hearing explosions about 2pm. So, why the short notice? Did no one in the city think it appropriate to let the citizens know that they were going to be allowing this kind of exercise weeks or months prior? Apparently not.

“Obviously, I can’t speak for the Army on that, but we try to give people a heads up when we can, we can’t go into too much detail, we don’t want people just coming to these things and sightseeing,” said Lorenz.

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When you can? The man just said that the city knew for six months! That was the time to let people know because I’m sure there would have been protests concerning the use of their cities to begin these exercises. Troops should not be trained in US cities. It is psychologically bad for the troops and the citizens.

However, the city did apologize on Wednesday. Lorenz claimed the city being tight-lipped was for the safety of the troops and the citizens, but that is nonsense. If you heard something like that, what would be your response? I can tell you that in my neighborhood, some people might start poking around and someone would end up getting shot.

Police Chief James Tolbert tried to explain why they didn’t provide notification.

“Yesterday was a unique situation,” said Tolbert. “For whatever reason the timetable was moved up. And we put it out as soon as we could. We did put it out before there was any type of explosives.”

That is inexcusable. No, the city should have been letting the citizens know months before while they were talking about it. The citizens elect their local representatives to handle these things and make them aware. A three hour warning while people are at work is not really a notice.

“Officials do say they will release more information following the exercises, but specifics will be kept secret so tactics aren’t passed to our enemies,’ writes Andrew Keller.

The ten day exercise will use both aircraft and simulated ammunition. It will last until June 12.

Alex Thomas, writing at Intellihub, points out the following:

Millions of people read the independent (some say conspiracy theory orientated) alternative media and while not all of those readers believe everything they read, the sheer amount of evidence brought forth so far indicates that there are tens of thousands of people who are, in varying degrees, worried about the military being used against the civilian population.

If this is true, then one would imagine that there are at least a small minority of people who work within different government agencies that are also worried about this now public plan.

There have been various whistleblowers throughout the years who have shared their worry and now, after a stunning report by a mainstream news outlet, we have confirmation that at least some of the people who work in the Pentagon are worried about what they see as Obama’s plan to use the military against the people.

In the viral Washington Times report, an anonymous Department of Defense official revealed their belief that a DoD Directive outlining military support to civilian authorities was literally the latest step towards the President using military force against the American people.

Read Directive No. 3025.18 – “Defense Support of Civil Authorities” here

“This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” said the defense official.

According to the report, another anonymous US Official also claimed that President Obama considered using the military during the Bundy Ranch standoff but eventually decided against it.

Jade Helm is real and does involve simulating, despite those who are attempting to play it down. However, I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide whether or not they should be concerned about this. I think all of the training on American streets is psychological to both soldiers and the American public and should be stopped immediately. There are plenty of areas for troops to train away from the public. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama wants a communist style revolution and he is willing to pit the military against the populace to get it.

SOURCE: Freedom Outpost

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