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Much has been written about and decried over the southern border to our Nation.  Yet it remains porous, unsafe, and in steady decline as the goal for total elimination of American Sovereignty is sought.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle talk tough, but it is simply talk.  The goal is to eliminate America’s borders joining our country together with Canada and Mexico to form a North American Union.  The citizens of America are not in line with this concept just yet but they are being pushed to accept the idea of entering a global community.  In the interim, there are brave men and women in law enforcement still risking their lives to maintain the sovereignty of our country all along the southern border.  The professionally produced film documentary you are about to watch will give you candid insight into the terribly dangerous world of “Border Wars.”  Human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal entry trafficking, terrorist entry pathways, disease pathways – all are taking place with growing numbers along the southern border of America. 


Border Patrol Agents and County Sheriffs along the southern Border to the United States of America should be thanked by every American citizen with whom they come in contact.  These folks are working diligently and bravely to hold the line from having the border crumble into pure chaos.  They are fighting incredible odds, disjointed and insane contradictory policies proclaimed from Washington, D.C.  Watch this documentary, and please then find a Sheriff’s Deputy or Border Patrol Agent and buy them lunch! 

WARNING – there are some graphic scenes in the video below should you choose to watch it. You will see the REAL story of what goes on at the Southern U.S. border – not the made-up baloney the U.S. government wants you to see. Viewer discretion is advised.



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