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FEATURED ARTICLES Russian Columnist: 'USA Joke to the World'

Russian Columnist: ‘USA Joke to the World’

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Written by Leon Puissegur
Ever wonder why Obama does not sit with Putin? Because Obama does not want to be seen with a man who knows what he is doing, even if some of it may be against our own nation. But herein lies the problem: Obama and Kerry both are powerless in the world, and Russia and the world know this—they laugh and joke about how incompetent both of these men really are and at how dumb they look in the eyes of the world. When was the last time anyone heard of our leaders being laughed at, scorned at nearly every word?
But in a recent article posted in Pravda RU titled, “USA: Joke to the World,” it is shown why and what the world laughs at and makes fun of our leaders. But this is not the only article that shows the world laughing at the USA. Obama and Kerry look like 2 of the 3 stooges. Here are some excerpts from the article by Xavier Lerma, “USA: Joke to the World.”

It begins with a very critical statement.


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The US Congress passed another bill condemning Russia and Putin. Now that’s pretty funny. The Clown from out of town and his minions are pretending to be rule makers in a world where they think they are king. They’ve constructed a “New World” Order” of money and power for the privileged few.  The punks in public office continue to lie to themselves and their voters hoping Russia’s power and wealth will magically vanish through propaganda, terrorism and sanctions. The US eagle can poop everywhere but the Bear can still do whatever it wants.

I am not speaking about the hard working conservative Americans who know there is a God in heaven. People who pray “Thy will be done” bowing in obedience to the Almighty.  They carry the Word of God in their hearts. I am speaking about that brood of vipers in Washington who dare live in a city named after a great general, president and man of deep faith. The insanity comes from the politicians who sold their souls to the devil. Men and women who would never bow at Christ’s Holy Sepulcher like Putin did more than once.

The very first paragraph sets the tone of the article and displays the writer’s total lack of respect for Obama and his minions. He even states that in the first sentence.

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This really gets to the very core of Obama, Kerry, and the entire Obama Administration, as they believe they are royalty and that, even when they lie (which they do nearly on a daily basis), the people should bow down and respect every word they say. Here, Mr. Lerma even calls out Obama as “The Clown.” Now that is pretty good for a sitting president to be called a Clown in the very first paragraph of a Russian paper. But it gets worse, when it is declared that those in office are “punks” who continue to lie to themselves and the voters. This is very sad for our elected officials to be so noted in such lowly standards. How does that make you, the Citizens of the United States feel? Do you want to reach out and slap Mr. Lerma for telling the truth or do you want to slap the daylights out of those at whom Mr. Lerma tosses his words? It would not be wrong to be mad at the Russian paper for allowing this to be said of our nation; but, before we condemn them, let us remember that it is Obama, Kerry, and their administration who have led to this type of criticism from the world. We had a choice to stop Obama in 2012, but we as a nation did not see past our nose for facts and the truth. Now that lack of attention falls squarely upon our shoulders, and any insults from anywhere have to be accepted because we as a nation did not do the right thing in 2012.

In the next paragraph, Mr. Lerma recognizes the fact that the United States does, in fact, have not just good people within its borders, but great people that hopefully have been stirred up to see what is going on in our nation today under the Obama regime.

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I am not speaking about the hard working conservative Americans who know there is a God in heaven. People who pray “Thy will be done” bowing in obedience to the Almighty.  They carry the Word of God in their hearts. I am speaking about that brood of vipers in Washington who dare live in a city named after a great general, president and man of deep faith. The insanity comes from the politicians who sold their souls to the devil. Men and women who would never bow at Christ’s Holy Sepulcher like Putin did more than once.

Here we can see that Mr. Lerma knows that good people sat the last election out and now have to take a stand if our beloved nation is to succeed. This also reflects upon the seeming hatred of the religious Christian groups in the United States today, with Obama himself taking stabs at our Christian heritage, wishing to replace it with what some would call Obama’s Muslim faith and Sharia law.

How do you like the title of the article flowing into the hands of Europe and Russia? Does it make you proud? Does it make you want to really make a change that is not Obama? This should wake you up, since it is not written by an individual from the United States but by an individual looking at the alleged leaders of the United States as jokes to the world. Do you wish to make a change that will regain our respect from the world, or do we replace Obama with Hillary Clinton, a very shady lady? Mr. Lerma goes on to illustrate what he sees in our nation and it is not pretty.

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The land of illusion; the land of entertainment producing songs and movies to warp reality. People pretending to be something they are not. Likewise, Washington DC has people who pretend to represent the people’s interests. Pretending to bring hope and a change for the better. Pretending to bring unity and peace among all races. Lying through their teeth and laughing like clowns behind closed doors. Setting up a consumer based economy forcing the once mighty middle class to shrink and work at customer service jobs. “Ya want fries with that?”

Here, it seems that Mr. Lerma has observed what Congress and the White House do: laugh behind closed doors at the wool they pulled over the eyes of unobservant United States Citizens. He shows how our entertainment industry tosses out the illusion world of film, song, and lies to a people so caught up in their own small world that the politicians in Washington, D.C., laugh at what they can get away with without showing the people anything if they want to. He observes what we should have known back in 2012, but failed to see–the shrinking middle class and the broadening elite in Washington, D.C. He even mocks what some people do for a living, “Ya want fries with that?”

(See here)

The laughing only stops when they see Russia. They murdered the Tsar and his family and they thought Holy Mother Russia was dead. Today they think the sanctions are working as the ruble falls but they fail to see it’s because of the low price of oil. Putin is right when he said the US would have made up any reason to stop Russia’s economic growth. One day the US will blame Russia for global warming and racism if it hasn’t already.

The US government starts wars in the name of democracy while accusing Russia for invading Ukraine and for supporting terrorism everywhere. Those who watch American TV believe it to be true. More laughter from the White House as they get away with murder in their country and abroad as the war scam continues. They seek to overthrow Russia in a bill, called the “Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014”.  It’s another joke as the US has proven to be the aggressor.

Although it appears to be economic reasons for destroying Russia, the underlying reason has always been a spiritual one. If Russia expands trade to other countries it will not only share goods but her faith as well. Putin promised to help the Orthodox Church and its goal is to spread the faith. He said in this video, “We shall do everything we can to help it grow strong. We shall continue our cooperation and joint work in strengthening harmony in our society with high moral values”.  That’s no joke to the west. They are the first to squeal censorship or separation of church and state. They use the law to choke Christianity.

A communist trick is to ignore the enemy. If that doesn’t work they attack and accuse. They ignore Putin’s Christianity and demonize him for things he hasn’t done instead. It’s not our world but their liberal world that is in danger of being destroyed. Like the dawn, Christianity will grow in the world. Today, the liberals who control the West fear Putin as though doomsday was tomorrow. It’s not a nuclear threat but rather a spiritual renewal that threatens them. The joke is on them.

Yes, our nation sleeps while the world laughs—is this how we as a nation want to be known? We should hope not. We should want the people to rise up, go to the polls, and place an individual into the highest office of the land who does not wish to belittle our religion or religious background. We want to have a person who will respect all of us and not belittle police and make them out to be bad. We want to honor our police. We want to honor our veterans, rather than ignore them. This article does cast light where it has not shone in recent years, a light that we as a nation had better turn back on or the United States will be no more—it is the light of freedom, and Obama and his administration have done all they could to destroy that freedom. When our enemies laugh at us and our friends question us, it is time to take a stand or fall into the line of slavery. It is there, but it is up to us, the people and the freedom lovers, to stand up and assert that freedom from every voting booth in this great nation and, instead of being laughed at, have the world stand in respect and fear of our greatness once again. It is up to us, and if we fail in 2016, so does the United States.

We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism – Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959.

SOURCE: Freedom Outpost

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