Thursday, April 15, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES Actor James Woods Tweets Out Picture of “Obama Flag,” Twitter Explodes

Actor James Woods Tweets Out Picture of “Obama Flag,” Twitter Explodes

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Electronic Benefit Transfer cards seem to be the new funding for illegal aliens and those who don’t want to work – not those who cannot work. 


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Liberals have been doing a bang up job of creating a massive welfare state with a waistline the size of Saturn by destroying the economy and promising those who don’t want to work a bunch of free goodies, courtesy of the American tax payer.

No one has been as into creating government dependence as President Obama, who came up with the “Obama phone,” and is desperately trying to push amnesty and give millions of illegals a free pass to stay here and mooch off the system.

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None of this has escaped the gaze of outspoken conservative actor James Woods, who recently tweeted a picture of the “Obama flag,” and boy, oh boy is it hilarious.

The Official Obama Flag, flown with pride…



james woods on twitter


Woods is spot on.

If liberals truly desired to destroy poverty they’d work on solutions that would make it easier for businesses to expand — like reducing taxes — and stop pushing for more and more entitlements.

Small businesses — which are the backbone of the American economy — are the only ones who can create jobs, but this can’t be done when the government is sucking their profits dry with taxes and then giving that money away for free to those who don’t desire to work.

If a person is allowed to feel uncomfortable in their poverty, knowing no one else is going to support them — I’m speaking of the lazy able-bodied moochers, not those who legit can’t work — will provide motivation to get a job and exercise a little personal responsibility.

Then again, saying “personal responsibility” around Obama is like speaking a foreign language since he knows nothing of the concept.

Nevertheless, this photo is worth a good chuckle, despite the sad reality that it’s absolutely true.

Posted by Clyde on The Daily Dose

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