Tuesday, October 27, 2020
BREAKING NEWS Isis Using Baltimore Riots to Recruit African-Americans for 'Waging Jihad': Report

Isis Using Baltimore Riots to Recruit African-Americans for ‘Waging Jihad’: Report

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It does not help that President Obama gives credibility to the rioters thereby pitting blacks against whites. Nor does it help when vandalism is excused as a “right” for anyone who feels blacks are being oppressed by the police. And the media’s biased reporting of the story showing only one side is definitely a catalyst to fuel the fire of racial division. There are a lot of reasons this kind of uprising and insurgency is on the increase instead of this country coming together to find a solution. That is a sad commentary. We are, after all, the UNITED States.   MB


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Amid unconfirmed reports of protesters ‘brandishing’ Isis flag during the Baltimore riots, another rattling claim has emerged that Islamic State (Isis) militants are using the citizen ‘uprising’ in the city to recruit ‘dissatified’ blacks for jihad.

The Isis militants, who have time and again made clear their intention to attack the UnitedStates, are now trying take advantage of racial tensions in the country to recruit new members in the US, a WND report stated.

The report citing Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadiya Salafiya, an Al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic militant group in the Gaza Strip, stated that Isis was trying to recruit new ‘believers’ from the African-American community.

Saqer, who spoke to WND from Gaza noted that Isis wants to exploite what it sees as a “growing movement within the black community toward Islam and the racist policies of the U.S. government.”

However, there is no confirmation whether Isis has been able to recruit any ‘dissatified black Muslim’ or for that matter set up a cell in the US.  The unsettling claim comes just days after the FBI reportedly started an investigation on possible Isis-inspired terror attack in the UnitedStates. The investigation that originated from intercepted chat, now has the FBI investigating a possible terror plot.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that Isis has tried to exploit racial tensions in the US. During the Ferguson protests, Isis Twitter jihadis had pledged to sent fighters to the US to fight the police on behalf of the citizens, London Daily Mail had reported.

The same report even carried a Twitter photograph of a handwritten letter written by London-born jihadist Junaid Hussain, who now goes by the name Abu Hussain al-Britani, urging Ferguson protesters to “reject corrupt man-made laws like democracy” and declare their allegiance to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

There also have been reports of Isis supporters ‘brandishing’ an Islamic State flag during the Baltimore riots, accordingto Pamelageller.com.

Baltimore ISIS

Posted by Johnlee Varghese on International Business Times

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  1. Thank You for posting this, Marianne. I was born in Washington, DC, and lived there for 19 years. I amd so sad to see Baltimore, MD, being torn apart by people who only want to destroy the USA.

    • I agree with you, Mrs. CJB> It is so incredibly sad seeing our nation being divided by those who have an agenda to destroy America. I cannot believe that people can’t see what is happening. The thing that truly upsets me is how the media is playing into their hands! They are misleading people in order to sell news and what it is doing is actually causing division and racial division. How sad is that.


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