Tuesday, April 20, 2021
BODY OF CHRIST The People of the Cross

The People of the Cross

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By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.


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Slowly but in a deliberate and steady manner evidence mounts that ISIS squads are slipping into America unchallenged.  This exceptional nation that once heard church bells ring in just about every community from sea to shining sea now hears foreign sounds emanating from Mosques smack dab in the middle of town squares.  With these cries calling an increasing number of Muslims to pray several times a day, comes still others with Islamic backgrounds and guns meant to subdue and even kill those who will not submit to the god of Islam.  While atheists and God-less people from a variety of political and social persuasions shout “separation of church and state,” there is no shout, much less a murmur, about separation of mosque and state.  In multiple communities and big cities the push to establish Sharia Law is well underway; even aggressive and not forgiving to any who stand and object.  Islamic training camps exist within the borders of the United States, but authorities stumble all over themselves defending these sites teaching various courses on domestic armed conflict.  These camps are dedicated to Islamic Jihad directed at the Christian community, the Judeo-Christian governmental foundation which established America, and the very culture, values, and heritage which makes the United States of America the exceptional nation the world has known, and Americans seemingly have taken for granted all these years.  Those who openly and brazenly shout to “kill Americans” and take this nation for their Islamic beliefs are convinced they can accomplish their aggressive war, and more Islamic soldiers are on their way into this country that once shined as a light for the world to see and be guided by. 

The above statements of fact are sobering and disturbing on many levels.  Conversely the simple reality is that Jesus Christ’s true followers can stand openly and proclaim with full knowledge and belief; while Jihadists will die for their god; our God died for us!  This is absolutely, powerfully, magnificently true!   Furthermore the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the true church of Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:18). 

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So where is this church of power but grace; magnificent strength in love and forgiveness; life changing and healing balm that covers and then penetrates the hardest of hearts, the meanest of souls, the most despicable of behavior?  You are about to watch and listen to such a message delivered by such a Remnant Church reserved for this day and time.  The youtube.com site below carries a message the Lord Himself spoke some two thousand years ago for you and for me, and even for Jihadists who would just as soon kill The People of the Cross…and have.  It is difficult for a “sheep dog” like myself who stands to protect the flock from the wolf who is just waiting to devour members of the flock to recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ freely went to the Cross to shed His blood and surrendered Himself so that none should perish, but that all could have eternal life with Him and our Heavenly Father.  But this message must be delivered – even to those who intend to kill and destroy Christians, and the very belief system we stand under. 

A whirlwind is coming to America, and has already begun to blow and twist its’ way through the land.  There will be destruction.  There will be stunned silence at the tremendous force deliberately loosed on this once strong Christian Nation.  But through it all there will be a separating of the wheat from the chaff; a separating of the Remnant Church that can and will deliver a message like the one you are about to see and hear from a church that is effeminate and social, filled with compromise and correctness.  A whirlwind is coming, and has already begun to blow so a clear division will be available for all to see; a division of those who choose to pick-up their cross daily and walk with it as true followers of Christ, versus those who are too embarrassed, too busy, too invested in their own agenda, even within the church that has become more reflective of society than demonstrative of Christ and His teachings.  Come out of the lazy and compromised groups who meet all over this country for “feel good sessions” on Sundays, but who will not get into the trench and witness for the Lord of lords and King of kings, Jesus the Messiah, next to you on Monday.    

Come out and stand with the People of the Cross so all may see to whom you belong.

***MIGHTY is a new company in L.A. with a vision that one day Christians would have a powerful and consistent voice in online media for Christ.  The People of the Cross is their production.

LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is a Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist and private-sector Intelligence Analyst.  He has provided Intelligence Briefings to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security and related threats to State sovereignty since June, 2010.  He provides intelligence analysis to elected officials and law enforcement across the Nation.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Lyle. It is easy to intensely dislike even hate ISIS – and yet it is also true Christ died for all who will accept Him – even those members of ISIS. We need to remember even though we dislike yes even hate what they have done – the Apostle Paul himself was involved in the murder of Christians before his conversion. Paul is proof positive in his own right of the validity of Christ’s words – Saul then after Paul changed, and changed in a big way leaving a huge impact on all of us.

    Be blessed

    • Thank you, Greg, for all you have accomplished and continue to accomplish to make a platform vehicle by which unadulterated messages of the Cross can be distributed across the land. Your tireless work behind the scenes causes fruit to come forward from the labor of TOBR Authors, as well as you. There is a clock ticking, and the preponderant majority of those in the church have no idea just how little precious time remains before we see the persecution of the church in America. Nor are they prepared to confront the persecution. Thanks for your faithfulness to the Lord and His message. ~LJR

    • Sheri, your comment is completely understood by me. As mentioned in my article, I am a “sheep dog” that has been trained to run toward the threat, to stand tactically between the threat and those whom the threat has targeted. If a Jihadist (or any other bad guy for that matter) makes a deliberate and lethal approach to my family and the threat is imminient, I shall take the proper steps to neutralize the threat. If a Jihadist wants to cross the invisible line and make a lethal approach to harm, or worse, than they should be neutralized fully and completely without hesitation. They have crossed a line from which there should be harsh and determined consequences to protect and maintain life (and property) at the expense of the Jihadi perpetrator. I have every reason to believe we will see this occur with increased volume and volatility in the coming year. This said, I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit to challenge the church to get off its’ butt and begin to share the Story of the Cross with enthusiasm and passion; to stop playing comfy church with the inhouse coffee bars and snack shops just off the sanctuary. The church today does not reflect at all the church of the First Century as revealed in the Book of Acts. For that matter, the church in America is weak and compromised not at all standing with the authority of the Cross, much less of Christ Himself! No need for legalism, but surely a need for leadership not timid to proclaim the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, rather than a gospel of political correctness and social acceptance. The message of the Cross of Christ is a love story, as well as demonstrative of authority given to all who accept and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This story needs to be shared in a far more assertive manner – not only to Muslims, but obviously to Americans as well. ~LJR

  2. Powerful message, Lyle! The increase in evil has made the hearts of most grow cold. However we, as followers of Christ, must separate from the world and love and pray for even our enemies. That is how the world knows who we belong to. I know that a time is coming so very soon when this country will be allowing great persecution of Christians and Jews! A judge just ruled that it is okay to put “Kill Jews” ads in city buses. I find it the disparity of this ruling to be hypocritical for I am sure that any ad advocating the killing of Muslims would surely be disallowed. The sad part is that there are leaders in this country who will one day rule against Christian rights. While it is happening in some sense right now, I believe the next couple years will show a great increase in silencing Christians. To think that even now, this administration has Christians listed on their watch site labeling them as “dangerous extremist”! It can only go down from here. But we have a great High Priest who is with us through these times. As bad as it gets, all things must bow to God’s will for his eternal plan. Stay focused on Christ and his kingdom. We can’t lose.

    • Marianne, one harsh truth unfolding before our eyes is the marginalizing of Christians into a “hated status minority” by both those in government, as well as all who are following a Humanistic Gospel. The thought this once great Nation shining a light out into a darkened world, a light of the Gospel for others to see being adversarial toward Christianity is absoluely hard for much of the church to see, much yet believe. You are correct to think a move is afoot to silence Christians. Just like you are correct to state “…there are leaders in this country who will one day rule against Christian rights.” And they will think they are doing god’s work when they rule! The church is silent, and becoming even more so. The church is adrift from the teachings of the true Gospel, and has substituted a variety of false and damning doctrines including New Age philosophy and White Witchcraft masked as wonders of God. These false beliefs along with coffee bars, snack shops, restaurants, and other niceties “to add to the worship experience” help keep people coming back into the pews/seats. But the Lord God shall not be mocked, and He is bringing a whirlwind like I wrote. Watch and listen, and certainly this supernatural event which already has begun will be misunderstood by the majority of churches. But those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will discern the Lord separating His Remnant Church from the Laodicean Church! As I wrote, this separating has begun. ~LJR

    • I thought I would throw this in here: concerning the ad running about killing the Jews – that is being misinterpreted, this ad is in response to a Muslim ad concerning jihad. On first look it does seem that the ad advocates for the killing of Jews but such is not the case. I normally like Pamela Geller but in this case I feel this ad was a mistake and likely will be misinterpreted by many. 🙂


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