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BIBLICAL ANSWERS The Must Read Interview With God: What Is The Gospel?

The Must Read Interview With God: What Is The Gospel?

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Man: Lord what is the Gospel?


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God: I love you

Man: Could You be a little more specific Lord?

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God: I love man; despite man’s sin against Me. Despite the heinous acts committed, crimes committed, man’s defiance and outright disobedience – I love man. Taking My name in vain, disbelief in Me, doubts even among My own children, not believing My Son is God, misinterpreting My Word – yet do I love man.

Man: But what about the Gospel Lord?

God: My love for you IS the Gospel; don’t you see?

Man: We see in part Lord; some saved some not, all understanding some, and none understanding all.

God: I AM who I AM. I have always been, and I will always be. I am the Lord; I am righteous and just, merciful and loving, slow to anger and full of grace.

As I am perfect, so must all of My creation be as well. As I am righteous and just, loving and merciful – so must man be. Sin entered into creation through man, and man was no longer as I intended him to be.

You ask what is the Gospel – I will tell you.

As I the Lord am righteous, perfect, and just – there must be rules for man to live by. As I am so are you to be. Man sinned against Me thereby breaking those rules and requirements. By My Word – the punishment for sinning against Me is death.

As I am a just God, the death sentence must be carried out, there can be no favoritism. As I am the Lord God Almighty – My Word is truth – I do not change like time or the shifting of the wind.

Man: So You are saying You must be true to Yourself?

God: That is correct – I AM the truth, I do not change – I AM the Lord

I am merciful as well and full of grace. The cross of Christ is all about mercy and grace.

God: Many are those who are blind and believe not in Me. All sin against Me including My own children, yet have I loved man.

Man: Would You please tell us about Your Son Lord?

God: I so loved man that I sent My only Son to earth, born as a babe. My own Son who is God same as am I the Father.

Jesus came to save; yet His own creation did not welcome Him but reviled Him. Some few recognized Jesus for who He is and followed Him, many did not – yet has God loved man.

Man has sinned against Me, and the penalty for that sin is death – eternal separation from Me in hell. All men have sinned, no one, no not one is righteous.

Man: That presents a serious problem for man, who then can be saved Lord?

God: By himself man cannot be saved – without blood there can be no forgiveness. The blood of animals did not suffice nor would the blood of sinful man.

My Son Jesus being God, and yet man as well was perfect even though having been tempted by Satan. Being in fact the perfect God-man Jesus was the only one who could pay the required penalty for the sin of man.

Man being sinful can do nothing to avert the penalty of sin – death, meaning the eternal separation of man’s spirit from Me. Being a just God this penalty must be carried out.

However being a merciful God full of grace I paid for the sin of man through the sacrifice of My Son Jesus’s willing death on the cross. The shed blood of Christ and His death paid for the sins of man – once for all.

Man: It has been said Lord that You desire all to be saved.

God: Yes I desire that not one would perish. Many will however perish through their own choices.

Each man and woman must come to Me willingly through Jesus. Those who come to Christ and ask forgiveness for their sins, accepting that only Christ through His atoning death on the cross can save them – will be saved. Each man or woman must believe in Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection to life. Each individual must continue to walk with Me living by My Word – this is a life-long commitment. Man cannot say a prayer and then live however he chooses and expect that he will be saved.

This then is the Gospel – God loved man enough to pay the penalty Himself for man’s sinfulness. It is finished.

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