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Newly Declassified: Incredible WWII Normandy Beach Landing Photographs

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Some rare photos of the landing on Normandy Beach.  People everywhere should see the incredible, incalculable price paid by men and women of the Allied Forces who fought the Nazis in WWII.  The Nazis pure evil had no interest in understanding cultures, values, or other matters besides their own demonic agenda and mindset.  We face a similar demonic evil today.  These photos once again demonstrate the exceptional giving Americans have made down through time, even if our giving was on someone else’s sandy beach; Americans shed their blood so people outside the continental United States of America could enjoy freedom and absence of fear.  Please look at these photos with reverence, and give thanks to all who have worn, and still wear the uniform of the American military.  What exceptional people these soldiers were, and those today are.


D-Day Landing-Operation Neptune

Territories liberated by Allied Forces

Atlantic Wall 1942-1944


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Camouflaged Allied vehicles

American Dodge ambulances

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Convoy passing through Liverpool UK-airplanes

Fuel depot

Boarding ships

Troops boarding ships

Loading Jeeps

Bombardment of Pointe du Hoc

American Paratroopers

Paratroopers prepare to jump behind enemy lines

Paratroopers jumping

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The American WWII Paratrooper

Glider plane landed in pasture

US troop ship crossing the channel

Ships and barrage balloons at sea

Troop ship at sea

DUKW amphibious vehicles

British troops landing

US storming Omaha Beach

Juno British

Sword Beach - Canadian forces

Troops - ship in distance

Troops coming ashore

US forces - Utah Beach

Gold Beach - British forces

Omaha Beach

Troops disembarking

US second wave reinforcements

Troops and equipment on shore

US Rangers climb cliffs - Pointe du Hoc

US Rangers - Pointe du Hoc


Captured Nazi's

Utah Beach - arial view

Troops on seashore

Troops behind earthworks

Artificial harbors created

Harbor destroyed by storm

Arromanches - Mulberry B

Phoenix caissons

Dams built to provide safe harbor

Floating Lobnitz dock

Floating bridge Whale

Floating bridge

Unloading tanks and trucks

Reinforcements arriving

Troops on ship

More troop ships

Troops and equipment disembarking

Troops wading through water to beach

Shore landing

Troops and equipment off-loading onto shore

Trucks and supplies on the way

MASH units unloading

Unloading the tanks

Troops troops and more troops

Beach secure - advancing landward

Anti-air balloons

Troops - equipment - air ballons

The greatest landing in history

On the beach looking out to sea

On the front line

US soldiers - looking at German mini tank with explosives

Helping the wounded

Troops taking 5

Faces of the wounded

MASH unit - Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Evacing wounded

Soldiers on the move

The cost of war

War is hell

Allied progress through war

Freedom is NOT free

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About Lyle Rapacki

LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided intelligence briefings and consultations to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security, Deviant Movement Groups, and threats to State sovereignty from May 2010 thru April of 2018.  Dr. Rapacki’s reports, briefings and consultations have enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  Lyle believes he is now being directed to sound the Shofar of Warning to the Remnant Church of the challenges and threats directed ahead.  He is the author of the successful and quick reading Amazon books: "Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven" $10, Amazon Kindle E-books $7.


  1. Wow, I never saw all those pictures from a time when America was truly a nation united. I hate to think that we are headed into the same kind of battles only this time it will be as a divided nation against an enemy who is being financed by our leader.

    • The Normandy Beach photos from D-Day were given to me by a photojournalist I have known and worked with over the last 15 years. He is a Christian, and loves sending me the most unusual photos for enjoyment and redistribution. While a number of the D-Day photos have been around quite a while now, and viewed by millions, there were several that had remained CLASSIFIED all these years. Among those were the man-made harbor photos, the ship to beach bridge photos, the Army Women Corp landing on the beach photos, and some of the crafts used in the landing. Spectacular weren’t they? Glad you enjoyed them. They truly are reminiscent of a “Can Do” era America was known for and lived up to all this time. But I do believe we are a world superpower in transition, and in decline. Unless the people of America truly repent and stop taking Jesus as a luxury instead of the Lord God Almighty who should be worshipped as Creator God, and whose teachings should be honored and submitted unto, America will continue to become the shell of a nation she once was. Terribly sad since I believe America was ordained by God to be the Second Israel by His Hand, and we were to be a people and government in submission to Him as a light unto the world, a haven for those who chose to live in a Christian Nation with Biblical principles as our foundation and guide. Thanks for your note, glad you enjoyed the photos. Blessings in Christ’s Name, ~LJR

    • Marianne—WWII was truly a righteous war. I am a retired Army Ranger and have seen action all over the world. That said, I see in those innocent faces the very same look I saw in the youthful faces when I first went into the Army. They were actually smiling, “hogging” the camera, doing what all 19-year-old Service Members do when they first enter as property of the USG. It’s a good thing, since when they see and feel the real thing, their smiles and thirst for adventure will be gone in seconds, and a new devil will arise—-that of trying to live in the face of overwhelming odds against it. I look at these photos with a sense of nostalgia for the “good ole’ days”, but also with great sadness, because statistically in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the %’s were about the same—-10% of those who fought were killed. Not good odds. one in ten of these young faces were marked for death and an unknown member were critically maimed: blinded, amputations, burns, permanent mental incapacity, etc. There are no greater pacificists or anti-war people than those who occupy foxhholes. God bless.

  2. This us a Veteran’s Day gift for every vet!

    • Thank you for your response. You are so correct! The photos I was allowed to display of Normandy Beach Landing are a Veteran’s Day gift for every vet. What every vet, past and present, has done for us and many across the world is a gift to us! We can never repay their debt, but we can rejoice over what they achieved and we can honor these average Ameicans who choose to put on a uniform and perform unavereage and even herculian feats with no desire for self-promotion after. ~LJR

      • Thanks for posting these Dr. Lyle as it reminds us all of the sacrifice these Brave American boys made. I call them boys because many were 17-20 year olds and most were “Green troops” that had been training in England for months in preparation for D Day or as it was code named “Operation Overlord”. After the first day of fighting we lost some 6000 Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice, that gave up their futures so we would all have tomorrows!
        Thank you Lord for creating such men as these and I pray that we Honor their bravery and sacrifice by preserving and restoring America to “One Nation Under God”!

        • Greetings Larry, and thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts.
          From the moment of America’s inception, an extremely dynamic conflict between good and evil began, and that conflict has not ceased but remains very much alive today! Operation Overlord – the D-Day invasion, was a significant event that more learned people than I can discuss with great clarity and insights. But suffice to say, I believe that day was a tremendously spiritual day, as the demonic forces, in tremendous might, resisted not only the ground armies of the combined American military and her allies, but also the forces in the Heavenly Realm that fought right along side of the kids 17-22 who stormed beaches at Normandy. The dark and diabolical spirit that rested on Hitler’s army had a foundation laid as far back as the Garden of Eden. What I mean is that the dark diabolical forces of extreme and pure evil were present against the forces of good working their way to not only stop and anniliate the Nazi occultic influenced warriors of the Third Reich, but to also free Adonai’s chosen people, the Hebrews locked in horrid prisons, and then continuing on to free so many others across Europe who were subjected to rule by Nazi government.
          America, historically, has been a richly blessed nation who was raised-up to be a staple between good and evil across the world, and at times, to actualy intervene and stop, at all costs, the march of evil that easily manifests in man ever since the Garden of Eden. We truly have soliders to thank each and every time we see them. We have paid a very serious and high price for our being a policeman to the world. But in part this is our calling as a Nation. We should use this position wisely, not hurriedly, but when necessary forcefully and with such determination as to end decisively whatever is taking place, and then return to our own shores. If we ever cease to be a Nation under God, I just know we will cease to be a Nation, free.
          Thanks again Larry. I know you will continue to fight the good fight! ~LJR

  3. Fantastic pictures. Very emotional. We toured the beaches two years ago and felt very humbled and thankful. We stayed in Bayeux and we’re touched when many elderly people came to us and asked if we were Americans. Then they thanked us for liberating France! Never once did they say, “thanks for D-Day”. No, it was liberation. I have a photo of a large black and white picture framed within one of the city’s walls with the title, ” Welcome to our Liberators”. It’s a picture of townspeople sharing coffee with the soldiers. Let me know how I can send it to you!

    • Thank you for the wonderful message Terry. How great to have folks still able to share their own unique dimension to D-Day; all of us who read your comment, and those of others benefit. Thank you for reading my posting here at The Olive Branch Report, may I encourage you if you are not a regular reader to consider becoming one. There are some tremendous authors associated with this platform, and I am humbled that they allow me to tag along and post something here and there. 🙂 As you mentioned in your note, the people in many communities across Europe are still very moved by what American G.I.s did to save their countries from the demonic Nazi invaders, and then return them to the people. May you continue to share your experiences. ~LJR

    • Terry, send via the “contact” page if you wish, and I will get it to Lyle.

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