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BIBLE STUDY / DEVOTIONALS Grace Is A Gift Receive Responsibly

Grace Is A Gift Receive Responsibly

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Riding the rapids is more fun than sitting calmly in a boat in the middle of a pond. But it is in the rapids where the most danger occurs.


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Grace is a wondrous gift bestowed on us by a gracious forgiving God. Grace leads many believers to think that they can ride the raging waters of the temptations of this world, flirting with the dangers that are painfully clear without believing that they will suffer the consequences of their actions. I see it happen all the time.

Grace is a gift, receive responsibly.

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A baby Christian recently baptized in grace, adheres to the letter of the mercy bestowed, by living humbly and thankful before their Redeemer. But many Christians, after the newness wears off are drawn back into their sinful lives, confident with their new covering of grace. Many older Christians do  the same.

Paul warns us in Roman 6 that this is a dangerous proposition. He tells us that the way of grace is crystal clear, explaining that the old life was nailed with Christ to the cross. Not only are we incorporated in with Christ’s conquering of sin by his death on the cross, we are also included in Christ’s giving of life by the power of His resurrection. In his death Jesus took down sin, when He arose He brought life-giving grace to all humanity.

Give all glory and praise to Jesus. It was Jesus Christ our Lord who in bitter, horrible pain poured out His life blood from His sacred veins that we might be redeemed. It is only by His blood that was poured out, that we may obtain grace and eternal life.  The precious stream that brings salvation is blessed through endless ages, and redeems the world from pain, suffering and torment.

May we lift our voices, swelling like a mighty flood, as we cry louder and louder and praise His precious blood. Blood that receives, and blood that sends. Blood that opens and blood that closes.  Blood that will raise you high and blood that will bring you down. It is the blood and nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Grace is a gift, receive responsibly.

With His Grace is the gift of eternal life. The Bible says that we will reign with God in heaven. We will have direct access to the Creator of the universe. Jesus will be our shepherd, who will personally lead us. In 1 Corinthians, Paul tells us that we will see Him “face to face” and “now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.” Heaven will be a big celebration. It will also be a place of righteousness and peace. The Bible says that we cannot imagine what heaven will be like, but that it will exceed our expectations.

There we will experience the wonder of having a new and glorious body, alive with God’s energy and an eternal, youthful vigor. Imagine having that wonderful body, and living in a world where people are loving, and where there is peace, safety, and eternal love without any pain, sorrow or suffering. The God who cannot lie promises this wonderful life to all believers, and it is available to anyone who will come to God through Jesus Christ.

If we offer ourselves to sin, it is our last free act. But when we offer ourselves to God and His grace the freedom will never end – in this life, and the life to come.

Because of the grace we have in Christ, we are to live free in grace even in the face of many tests and trials that we face in life.  We are to trust our focus and our faith totally in the Lord—His person, plan, principles, promises, and purposes to us, as set forth in the Scriptures.

Grace is a gift, receive responsibly.

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