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Most of our names mean something, sometimes we are named in honor of a family member or a biblical character. Sometimes we live up to those names and their true meaning. God in His infinite

wisdom used names to describe the character of the person. One such example is Abraham meaning father of many. God then made a covenant with Abraham that he would be father of many nations,

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thus including all people into the Kingdom of God. The book of Genesis is rich in meaning for both the beginning of creation is told and hints of the end times are also included. Case in point is Genesis

3:15 in where we learn that one day a Messiah will be born of a woman and this Messiah will crush Satan. The story of Jesus or His Hebrew name Yeshua is throughout scripture and starts at the very

beginning of God’s Word. The accounts in Genesis are nothing short of amazing, creation, God’s relationship with Abraham,  the destruction of Sodom, the flood and life of Noah and the introduction of the

Patriarchs of the Hebrew nation Israel. Names have always meant something to God. Sometimes the names are difficult to pronounce, especially when we go back to the original Hebrew. In Genesis chapter

5 we find a genealogy from Adam to Noah. Each name has its own meaning but wait to you see how when these names are put together it will amaze you and once again you will see the beauty and power of

God’s word. The first name we come across is Adam which many of us know means man. Next we have Shet which is translated Seth. Shet means appointed. Shet fathered Enosh which means mortal. Enosh

fathered Kenan which means sorrow. Kenan fathered Mahalal’el defined as the blessed god. Yered was the son of Mahalal’el. Yered means shall come down. Yered fathered Hanokh the Hebrew 

for Enoch. Hanokh means teaching. Hanokh fathered Metushelach or in our English bibles is Methuselah. Metushalach means he shall bring. Lemekh was born from Metushalach. Lemekh means despairing. And finally from

Lemekh, Noah is born. The meaning of Noah is comfort of rest. Now when we read these individually we see great meaning but when we put these names or rather their meanings together it reads as follows:

Man is appointed mortal sorrow but the blessed god shall come down, teaching and he shall bring the despairing comfort.

Just meditate on this. This chapter in Genesis is easily skipped over but we should never skip a word God has for us. Every word and verse is given to us for a reason. These simple Genealogy of Adam points to the coming of a Messiah and that Messiah is

Yeshua-Jesus. He will teach us and comfort us and He will come down to help man who will be in constant sorrow and despair without the God of this universe who will bless us. This is a powerful teaching which I first heard from listening to Chuck

Missler and then I did my own research which is always important to do when we study God’s Word. My research confirmed what Pastor Missler had given in a message I heard. So my intention is to spread good news when I learn it, it is not to be kept

secret but we should share God’s Word and the revelations we learn from it. So thank you Pastor Missler and thank the good LORD for giving us this sign and the many signs in the Old Testament that foretell of a coming King who happens to be

Yeshua-Jesus, our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Let us praise His mighty name which by the way means He Saves.

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