Thursday, April 15, 2021
MIDDLE EAST Pakistan's Future Generation Learning How To Combat Terror?

Pakistan’s Future Generation Learning How To Combat Terror?

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(I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ) It’s been 2 months since the world cried with the Mothers and people of Pakistan.  Two months since the vicious, ruthless attack on precious children.  The world’s next generation.  The generation that the world held high hopes for to combat inequality and evil.  The attack saw 145 killed, 132 of which were students, ranging from 8-18 years of age.  The School is one of the 146 school campuses established and managed by the Pakistani Army’s Army Public Schools & Colleges System.  


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It has been reported that a commander of the TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) claimed responsibility for the Taliban.   TTP is an umbrella organization of various Islamist militant groups.  And recently the Taliban in Pakistan has pledged allegiance to ISIS. It’s also known that President Obama and the west are reluctant to call the Taliban a terrorist organization.  Pakistan lifted it’s ban on executions to retaliate against the Taliban.   It’s hard to obtain clear numbers of the Taliban executed by Pakistan.  Some say 1oo have been hanged.  Pakistan media reported that 500 were targeted for their part in the massacre.

And amid all the protests, grief, shock and anger what is Pakistan doing now to protect the Children and the schools.  The Students of Pakistan have vowed that they will not let Terrorism win.  In their quest to prepare, they have hired security guards, people have volunteered to join the security force.  They have new policies that would aide in getting vital information to schools of imminent attacks, and emergency initiatives.  They have been preparing their students both secular and religious in emergency procedures such as protection, evacuation and emergency aide.  In one instance we found that the teachers are holding emergency drills where the students hear the alarm and either evacuate or go under their desks.  And how to handle fire extinguishers and carry others to safety.   They are taught to remain calm even when wounded, and teachers are even arming themselves.  Security guards have been employed by all, and they are preparing.  A stark contrast to the emergency drills here in the US.  We prepare for weather related disasters mostly.  The school attacks like Columbine have brought in new emergency preparedness also such as the new texting system that allows school officials to warn of attacks.  But to prepare for the attack that was witnessed in Peshawar is heartbreaking.

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The school that was attacked has since reopened.  Watch here.

Both parents and students are committed to education despite the evil that attempts to destroy not only the hopes and dreams of Pakistan youth but the country.  I wish I could say that for the Christians of Pakistan as they continue to live in fear for their lives.  It was just a few weeks before this attack when a Christian Couple were brutally tortured and burned alive in a brick kiln where they worked, for their faith in Christ.

Brick Kiln Site where Christian Couple Burned Alive, Christians have turned this into a memorial for them, with frequent visits to pray, and remember.  Photo: VOP
Brick Kiln Site where Christian Couple Burned Alive, Christians have turned this into a memorial for them, with frequent visits to pray, and remember. Photo: VOP

And then remember Asia Bibi a Christian woman still imprisoned in Pakistan awaiting her death sentence for drinking from a Muslim well.  They said this is blasphemy.

During the protests in Pakistan against the Taliban, and the recent protests there also against the Charlie Hebdo cartoon you can see Muslims and Christians alike protesting.


Screen Shot
Screen Shot

Muslim and Christians alike mourned the death of the 132 children massacred by the Taliban.  But even in tragedy this fails to strengthen community to band together to fight evil, injustice and inequality.  Christians still run, still flee persecution even death.  Pakistan still has a hatred for America and the west.  I’ve asked the question before in regards to Boko Haram in Nigeria who tortures, kidnaps and rapes children, and it applies here too.  “If not for the children than when?”  If not for the children and future generations of Pakistan when will it be enough?  When will they send a message to the future of Pakistan (the youth) that hatred is wrong.  Hatred of someone just because they believe differently is wrong.  Is that not what this evil is that permeates the veins of the Taliban, and all groups like them?  Muslim or Christian, anyone in fact that believes different than they do is targeted and hated?  When will it stop.  If not for children, when?

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