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  1. Well written, Rev. Michael. In these last days, I remind myself that Christ is coming back soon to make all things new. I do believe that the antichrist is alive and waiting for the signal to make his appearance. Just that thought keeps me focused and vigilant on the times. I cannot afford the luxury of growing weary. There is far too much for all believers to do in a very short time. The Kingdom of God is at hand. He is in complete control and authority over all things including the nations who think they will wipe Israel off the map. God has plans and he will protect Israel and the remnant who will know Christ as Lord and Savior. The days are growing short as the darkness of evil fill the air. It won’t be long. I venture to say that most people will be caught off guard at the return of Christ. The signs are very clear.

    Thank you, Rev. Michael, for your obedience to the work of Christ.

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