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13 Iraqi Teenage Boys Murdered By ISIS For Watching A Soccer Game: They Violated Sharia Law

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ISIS Crucifies (Screengrab: JustPaste.It)


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My Commentary: This is what Americans need to see, ISIS – IS the face of Islam. President Obama and Eric Holder and countless others who lie through their teeth assert that groups like ISIS “misuse” Islam. This is open and blatant lies by our leadership and leaders in other countries as well. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion! Those who say it is are either ignorant or deluded. Read the words of author Michael Bresciani on this subject.

How many professing Islamists have read the Quran? How many people Christian and otherwise that defend them (other than Obama who KNOWS the truth of Islam) have read the Quran? In this “book” Muslims are specifically called on to murder unbelievers, and to support those who do so in their prayers and financially as well. Don’t take my word for it, go read the Quran for yourself. Jews and Christians are even mentioned in specific as targets of opportunity.

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To those who suppose (wrongly) that Islam is peaceful and these are but a few bad apples, I challenge you – read the Quran yourself, you will be swiftly disabused of that notion. Do you see what ISIS and Boko Haram are doing? THAT is the true face of Islam.

How about Sharia Law? In this “law” women have precious little for rights. If a Muslim man is displeased with his wife, he has the right to beat her. If a Muslim man thinks his wife, daughter etc is unfaithful to Islam, cheated on the husband, married outside the faith or about to, or many other reasons, he can justifiably kill her, it is referred to as an “honor killing” – and it HAS happened right here in the USA. How about female genital mutilation? If one lives in an area that is ruled by a Muslim caliphate – then the leader of said caliphate can make any rule he desires right or wrong and he MUST be obeyed – he has absolute power.

Americans need to wake up and realize the severe danger Islam poses to this country as our traitor of a president welcomes the Muslims into the US government (including highly sensitive positions) with open arms defending them every chance he gets. Obama is out to destroy this country from the inside out and his Muslim friends are only to willing to help him do just that.

Check out what happens as countries become more and more populated by Muslims, it’s all out there on the net to find and it’s not hard. I will give you the short version: as the Muslim population increases in countries, then the violence and killings begin. When the country’s population is high enough, then Sharia Law is imposed. Think this can’t happen here in the US? You had better think again especially with Obama supporting and helping the Muslim people while tearing this country apart from the inside – encouraging homosexuality, gay marriage, the LGBT agenda, giving a free pass to illegal immigrants and more.

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A masked ISIS militant reads the charges facing the two men tied to a cross, who were later shot in the back of the head for banditry, Mosul, Iraq.

The Islamic State terrorist organization in Iraq has executed 13 teenage boys solely because they were found watching a soccer match, an act that has apparently been deemed punishable by death under ISIS’ sharia law.

According to the Syrian activist organization Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group closely monitoring executions carried out by ISIS militants, the 13 teens were caught last week in the Al-Yarmouk district of the Iraqi city of Mosul watching the Iraq vs Jordan Asian Cup soccer match, which was held in Australia.

After being caught watching the game, which Iraq won 1-0, The boys were rounded up by ISIS militants and were later publicly executed via a firing squad using machine guns.

Before the execution occurred, the report states that a militant announced the teens’ crime over a loudspeaker to let the public know the teens were being executed for watching a soccer match, which has subsequently come to light as the newest in a long list of violations against Islamic State’s strict brand of religious law.

After the teens were killed, their adolescent bodies were left out for the public to see.

“The bodies remained lying in the open and their parents were unable to withdraw them for fear of murder by the terrorist organization,” the report stated.

It is no secret that ISIS’ strict brand of sharia law has impeded upon many of the basic life liberties that are enjoyed by many outside of the group’s stronghold. The news of the 13 teenagers’ execution comes just days after the Islamic State released its newest wave of propaganda execution photos.

As recent news reports have indicated, the militant group’s latest execution spree led to the execution of 20 people within a 48-hour time span.

Being punished for one of the gravest violations of ISIS’ sharia law, two gay men in Mosul were publicly executed last week after being accused of committing a homosexual act. The gay men were thrown to their death from the top of an extremely tall brown brick building, in front of a large crowd. The photos captured the gay men being prodded to the edge of the building’s roof. The following photos showed the men falling hopelessly to their death. Another photo showed their mangled bodies laying on the ground for the public to see.

Also included in ISIS latest round of execution photos were two bandits. The bandits were transported to the execution block in the back of a pickup truck with their wrists tied crucifixion style to a metal cross-like structure. Both men were taken out of the truck and were shot in the back of the head after a masked militant read the crimes they were being executed for. Their bodies were left to dangle on the crosses after they were killed.

Photos also showed Militants stoning to death a veiled woman who they accused of adultery.

Additionally, 16 men from the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor and one from Raqqa, who were accused of fighting against ISIS’ military ranks, were crucified before being shot as they were executed for apostasy.

The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights reports that the execution of the 17 opposition fighters is likely in retaliation for the recent assassinations of ISIS officials.

SOURCE: The Christian Post

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