Thursday, April 15, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES Our Muslim President: Is There Really A Doubt?

Our Muslim President: Is There Really A Doubt?

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Taqiya-musliim deception

Alan Caruba wrote a most thought provoking article below, but then again he often does.  I just so happened to have read three reports just prior to reading Alan’s article – all sharing how there is a lack of evidence leading to absolute proof that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  That’s fair.  But I began to ponder the passage in God’s Word, The Bible, which states: “…the way to identify a tree or a person is by the kind of fruit produced” (Matthew 7:20).  I think this applies not only to doctrine, but in our life regardless of calling, form of service, station in life, or office held.  What type of fruit is a person producing?  Good…uplifting…liberating and nurturing or evil, destructive, oppressive, decadent? I think it is possible to gauge the type of fruit Mr. Obama produces, especially in the office he currently occupies.  Whether the fruit depicts Obama as a Muslim is secondary to the issue of what fruit is evident from the station or office to which he swore an oath to protect the people of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic.  In this regard, Mr. Obama produces fruit that is clearly distasteful, and even poisonous to the culture, values and fabric of America.  


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Obama stand with Muslims

While Barack Obama has strong Islamic sympathies, I think he is more universally and globally humanistic with a strong dose of European Socialism and Fascism thrown in, and a tablespoon of Marxism added for good measure.  This idea is so very difficult for Americans to comprehend, other than those who already, regardless of political party, have quietly embraced the same model, minus the Islamic dimension.  Obama is being himself far more so than during his first four years in the White House.  He no longer has to hide or even be coy with his disdain for America, and he can even be so adversarial as to look at our Nation from “global eyes”.  He truly believes based on his speeches and writings that America’s superpower status is bad for the global community of countries; that historically America has been a force of exploitation; that our wealth and standing has come on the backs of other nations we have used.  Reducing our exceptional standing in the world is one method to bring us in line to become just another country within the global community.  Obama’s systematic and enormous debt development within our country is a brilliant and covert manner to weaken America on the global stage, weaken our domestic stability, all the while allow shared power to come forward unchecked for China, India, the Middle East, and Asia. 

While Alan Caruba and others have acknowledged the lack of clear and conclusive evidence exposing Obama as a Muslim, the list of circumstantial evidence must at least be pondered, especially in light of what I previously mentioned about his reducing our Nation’s exceptional strength and standing in the world.  For it was Mr. Obama who said, “…in the event of a conflict, I will stand with the Muslims.”  Mr. Obama who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that, “I am a Muslim.” Or his exempting Muslims from penalties under Obamacare the rest of us must pay.  The evidence mounts to a level of “reasonable suspicion” when you consider: Obama refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hosted an Islamic prayer breakfast in the White House; the large number of avowed Muslims appointed to sensitive Intelligence and Homeland Security senior positions, with others appointed to Senior Advisory positions within the White House.  The orders given to the FBI, other agencies charged with our countries protection, and even our military that no teachings on Islamic Terrorism are allowed! It was Obama who refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but submitted my home State of Arizona to the United Nations for formal investigation of hypothetical human-rights violations!  How about funneling $900 Million US taxpayer dollars to Hamas, and $100 Million to rebuild foreign mosques, or ordering the US Post Office to honor the Muslim holiday by issuing a new commemorative stamp?   How about the order to begin mandatory teaching of the Arabic language and culture studies in our elementary schools?  What about all the terrorist attacks, both here and abroad, that Mr. Obama refuses to acknowledge as “terrorist” if Islamic Jihad is involved?  Remember above I said Obama has a strong dose of European Socialism and Fascism?  Well…how about the following.  Just published in the London Times, an op-ed article jointly authored by Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss terrorism in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders.  The article did not mention radical Islam.  Even more bizarre, Obama and David Cameron blamed terrorism on poverty!  The article said, “the way to fight terrorism is jobs.”  So poverty is the root cause of terrorism!  Unbelievable until you begin to understand the espousing of typical Marxists and socialist rhetoric. 

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In 2013, Obama had over 300,000 Muslims imported, and in 2014 he imported another 70,000 calling them all refugees.  Dearborn, Michigan is an example of the transformation from an American city to a sharia compliant city.  The schools are teaching Islamic doctrine (no separation of church and state here).  This same transformation into Islamic communities with Sharia Law rule is being attempted across America in 30 communities.  The jury is still out as whether or not these transformations will become successful.  But rest assured that with Obama and the current crop of administration and policy wonks working hard to change America into something it was never, ever intended to be the battle is just beginning.  Radical Islam is a thoroughly apocalyptically driven movement, and those in this movement absolutely believe they are being guided by spiritual forces preparing the way for the Mahdi.  They are further driven by the absolute belief that Jesus Christ will return at the end of time; however, he will come back as a Muslim who will proclaim to Christians they have been following the wrong faith all along!  There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet, with over 300 Million of them proclaimed Jihadist who want us dead.  While the evidence may not be conclusive as to where Mr. Obama’s faith and loyalties lie, it appears, at least Prima Facie that it is not with the values and constitutional beliefs of our Nation. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.



Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

U.S. Border Intelligence Group

Link to Alan Caruba’s article


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  1. Lyle, what a powerful but sad commentary on Obama. You have clearly stated the case for Obama not being what he says and showing every sign that he is either Muslim or extremely sympathetic and supportive to the Islamic cause. It doesn’t seem to faze him what type of human rights violations done in the name of Islam, Obama does not see it as terrorism. He doesn’t want to offend Islamist with that term. However he does not care about offending Christians as he has labeled us dangerous. He is more than accommodating to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. He has made them feel abundantly welcome not only in America but in the White House as high security clearance is given to many of them. He has hired a Muslim CIA Director. He has opened the borders to illegal aliens including terrorist and ISIS. The oath he took to protecting America was broken the first day. His agenda is his priority and that will result in the destruction of America. The handwriting is not only on the wall it is in the air all around us telling us that if something doesn’t change, we will become a nation in bondage and persecution. I never thought I would live to see such evil being done in this country. It is an atrocity and an abomination.

    May God help us all and may His mercy prevent us from destruction.

    • Marianne –
      I just read today your reply to my article. I apologize for my tardiness in viewing your comments, much less responding. The past couple of weeks have been a blurr between the Arizona Legislature convening and pressing security matters. While much more of Obama is becoming clear (exposed) I believe the Lord is actually orchestrating these revelations. I believe 2015 is a year of Godly Whirlwind, a tornadoe, if you will, that is Heaven sent and intended to blow the covers off of most things, and to separate those who honestly will follow Christ from those just pretending. Same goes with those in offices at all levels; just what is their value systems and character? That which the enemy intends to keep hidden, the Lord shall reveal by blowing the covers off. I believe our country is in for some very difficult days in the not too far future, this year actually, but the Lord always faithful to His people will provide the shelter under His wings for His true followers to be protected. The huge influx of Islamic influence throughout the highest levels of our country will be exposed, and are part of God’s plan to bring America a chance for humbling and repentance. Oil and water DO NOT mix. The Christian values and beliefs from which our Nation was founded and intended to be administered cannot mix with darkness. Thanks, Marianne, for your faithful support and kind words. -LJR


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