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FEATURED ARTICLES Supreme Court will Save or Push the U.S. to the Brink

Supreme Court will Save or Push the U.S. to the Brink

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judge of the judges

There are three kinds of journalism across the internet. The first is simple news reporting – what, where and when. The internet is inundated with news sites and you may get a full cross section of any news event in only minutes.


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The second is op-ed (opinion editorials) that scrutinize and analyze the news and events of the day. Unlike blogs many op-ed writers are specialists in their respective fields and even though everyone has an opinion, theirs usually carry a bit more weight in the scheme of things.

A third kind of journalism is conducted by a very few people and while it tends to be the least noticed – it is probably the most important of the three. Reporting what the news is, with an eye to how it fits into the biblical perspective, but more importantly it is how the events fit into Bible prophecy.

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Many people report about prophecy and a few are actually prophets. Theirs is the most important analysis you can find in these days when the world is on fire and more fuel is added to that fire on a daily basis.

Most of the world has no idea who the prophets are, much less are they able to determine which are true and which are generically false. It is a much broader field than you might imagine and everyone has probably heard the words of one or more of God’s prophets several times in a week. Wonder what prophecy is, look here: Don’t Think God Speaks to People Today? – Think Again.  Wonder what a prophet is, look here: What is a Prophet – Are There Prophets in Our World Today

Not all prophets tell us things about the future because all real prophecy is simply; telling the details of the will and counsel of God – past, present or future. True prophecy never leaves biblical parameters and never leads anyone to someone other than the Living God and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible addresses the entire course of mankind from beginning to end. God does not need to speak twice about something, but if he does it is only for emphasis not veracity. That is why many of today’s preachers and prophets need only apply what is already in the scriptures to analyze current events.

I have watched America’s decline and approach the dark realms of apostasy and reprobation for these last 40 years, but nothing has caused more concern in my heart than the approaching battle to retain marriage between one man and one woman.

One of our nation’s premiere online family advocacy organizations, Citizen Link, has issued a special alert entitled “Supreme Court to Consider Future of Marriage” which outlines the Supreme Courts intention to deal with the issue of whether gay marriages should be recognized throughout all 50 states.

After more than 40 years of the fruit of Roe v Wade and the resulting 55 million deaths of unborn humans we are now on the precipice of another action that will put the cap on our full national reprobation.

We have allowed the gay agenda to flourish in the American psyche and promoted it with a grand lack of perspicaciousness and common sense. We have introduced it to our children in education, and the weak minded, who get all life’s cues from pop-culture influences like TV, films and media.

While we watch closely the raging battle between the executive and legislative branches of our government, could it be that we have not noticed that the judicial branch has done more to wound our nation than the other two combined?

The most de-humanizing ruling to ever become part of law for any nation on earth has been Roe v. Wade. Now, the most perverted and un-Godly decision hangs in the balance. Same sex marriage is in direct defiance to the revealed Word of God from one cover of the scriptures to the next. We may ignore it, but it will not ignore us.

Form whatever opinion you like concerning this warning, but don’t presume that it will change the outcome even one iota if we take this course of action under the auspices of the Supreme Court. The judgment of God is always the answer to the poor judgment of man.

America has little left that would come under the heading of – ‘things that could stay God’s hand of judgment against us.’

Our protection of Israel is weaker than it has ever been, we have 55 million ghosts of the unborn calling for justice and now we may think that it is time to flaunt our attack on marriage and family under the banner of judicial rulings.

This message is short, howbeit, not so sweet; it can and will spell the beginning of the end for this nation if we choose this course.

It will take more than a few heartwarming anecdotal stories following our violence filled newscasts to offset the fact that we are running out of anything recognizable as redeeming – coming from this once noble nation.

I can say without reservation, that if marriage is perverted in this way, you have only one thing left to do – count time, for there is very little left to promise and guarantee the survival of our nation.

“The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. – The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9: 16-17)

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The left and the homosexual agenda are drooling all over themselves to see gay marriage become the law of the land. The last bastion of freedom is fast becoming a powerhouse of evil and degradation. How this country has changed and not for the better.


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