Monday, October 19, 2020
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The USA – Destruction From Inside – Newest Muslim Nation In The Making: Listen As Eric Holder Defends Islam

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Obama-Holder-partners in deceiving american people

Even after the attacks in France, Eric Holder – backing up our Muslim president Obama – STILL can’t give a straight answer about fighting against the blatant violence of Islam. According to Holder the fault is “those who use Islam”. Ok Holder let me get this straight, there a few bad apples ruining the pie? In other words there are some who are radical Islam while the majority of Islam is peace loving and kind and good. Uh huh, maybe you ought to get together with President Obama and the two of you and a few other U.S. gov. personnel can read a story together, it’s called the Quran. Make sure not to miss all the verses that command killing Jews, Christians and all others that do not convert to Islam. Oh and don’t miss the part in the Quran that says Muslims who fight and kill for the faith or at least support those who do are better than other Muslims – these are commands not requests. Gee is this maybe why in EVERY country once it’s population reaches a certain percentage of Muslim population – Muslims begin perpetuating violence against the non-Muslim citizens, and the Muslims begin killing non-Muslims en masse? Kind of sounds like the situation in France now doesn’t it?


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How long and how much more do the American people need to see/have happen before the people wake up from their sleep of death? How many more Islamic atrocities have to happen here in the US or elsewhere before people see the facts. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of death. No one can speak against Islam or death is a likely penalty (charlie hebdo) but Islam can slam anyone they choose in any way they choose and that is acceptable – sound right to you? If you stand in their way make no mistake they will kill you. Ever hear of ISIS, or how about Boko Haram, Al-Qaida, and Hamas? Google what they have been up to. If anyone thinks these people are not coming here to the US because this is the US – they are fools. 9/11 – Muslims, recent US beheadings – new Muslim converts, and plenty of other violence – just Google “Muslim violence in the US”.

If this was not bad enough, add to it our nations borders, security is a joke. The Mexican drug cartels come across at will, these folks would be right at home with the likes of ISIS, sending coolers full of severed heads to gain the attention of the local police, message is clear right? How about all the other people crossing especially the Southern US border – like Middle Eastern people, Chinese, Russian – why are they crossing illegally and why is this allowed? It is not that we can’t secure the border, it is that Obama and friends choose not to. We can subdue and take over Iraq but we cannot secure our own border? C’mon get serious.

Or what about the military? Obama has been busy doing a purge – all senior officers (even generals) that disagree with him he has been firing. Wonder why that is? Be much easier to declare an illegal martial law, find or manufacture a pretense for doing so with those in place who will follow orders right or wrong, but then again Obama just has to find those like himself, willing to serve themselves above those who they are supposed to serve – the people.

Why does the main stream media not report so many things? What is up with that anyway, it’s like they are in Obama’s pocket – or something.

How come more people can’t seem to see that the only ones the US government is keen on taking care of are they themselves in government and those they owe favors to. The general population can follow along and love them, or we can all take a long walk off of a short cliff. Obama has demonstrated time and again his willingness to do as he pleases and the people be damned. Obama will simply issue executive orders to get what he wants, he even said so on national television and then did so. Apparently Congress, you know that body of legislators sent there to Capitol Hill to serve the interests of the people? – they are content to watch Obama violate the law of the land and the will of the people.

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Illegal martial law and maybe even a second civil war are right on the horizon, and let’s not forget the push to remove all guns from all civilians.

Are there exceptions, sure there are – there are great people in this country that work in government, the military, police etc – but the few are ruled by the even fewer – like Obama and company – leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

Having said all that, is it to much to say that the judgment of God is not soon to come to the USA; that it has already begun? Why else would Obama and company continue to get away with the unprecedented and illegal not to mention immoral and destructive behavior they pursue? Why was Israel allowed to suffer under King Nebuchadnezzar?

Greg – Publisher of The Olive Branch Report

Listen to Holder defend Islam below – warning: if you love a free USA this may turn your stomach.

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