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BREAKING NEWS New York’s Finest Slain - Racial Provocateurs – Bad Math and Prophecy

New York’s Finest Slain – Racial Provocateurs – Bad Math and Prophecy

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NYC Police mourn

Among many problems of publishing a website with many articles and reports is the problem of weak titles. Some of the best articles get few reads because they have sparse and incomplete titles. Articles aren’t like books adorned with full color graphics, subtitles and descriptors, so the title stands alone to induce the reader to continue.


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The above title is my cover and although it is quite long it should have read – “New York’s Finest – Racial Provocateurs – Bad Math and Prophecy and the four elements of the last days apostasy that show how all these things are pulling together to create the level ground for the antichrist to rule the world”

This writer is not callous and my first order of business is to include myself among those who are mourning the loss of New York’s police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

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There is little doubt that these officers were ambushed, slaughtered and assassinated in cold blood. They did not deserve this kind of a death only days from this nation’s most celebrated holiday and their families, friends and fellow officers deserve the sympathy of this entire nation.

The Politics of Senseless Murder

The Obama administration introduced and coddled the use of a new phrase in America now known as – “domestic terrorism.” This act of domestic terrorism was not carried out by the administrations supposed or usual suspects. It was not law abiding gun owners, patriots or right wing conservatives who hate what they see as Obama’s “changed” America.

This act of terrorism clearly came from the discontented left, inspired, incited and provoked by racial provocateurs that see Americans as so much fodder for a cause contrived and manufactured by the minds of those who don’t really care if we sink or swim. The coffers and bank accounts of the provocateurs depend on the promulgation of disharmony and discontent to induce contributors to keep up the fight, even if the war has long been over.

Who is to blame? There seems to be plenty of blame to go around and while culpability is not scarce it is spread around in layers of careless irresponsibility shown by various provocateurs, the media and others.

Some have chosen to lump them all together such as syndicated op-ed columnist and former chairman of the national black think tank Project 21. Mychal Massie lumps them all in an article that is entitled “Obama, Sharpton, DeBlasio, Media Murdered Officers Liu and Ramos.”

The title says it all – this is the kind of title aforementioned that we love to see even if it is used to describe the worst of events.

The call to kill that incited, inspired and engaged Ismaaiyl Brinsley to carry out his premeditated brutal murder came from all the sources mentioned by Mychal Massie and were weeks in the making. Rioters, race provocateurs like Sharpton and his compatriot Mayor Bill DeBlasio and yes, even Barack Obama, were all part and parcel of the resounding clarion call that Brinsley heard and finally acted upon.

Liberals and the malcontents have sent a lunging snowball racing down America’s mountain of social unrest – which they cannot stop. Even as this article was being written the protesters announced that they have no intention of slowing down or of postponing further demonstrations in New York until after the funerals of officers Ramos and Liu.

Will they stop after American cities burn to the ground and more senseless killing happens? It seems that DeBlasio’s call for calm and Sharpton’s feigned offer of condolences for the slain officers is having no effect whatsoever on the contrived race protests. Revenge is a cruel taskmaster and will not relent until more blood is shed.

When it is over – it will be far from over, because it is the seed of discontent planted by the liberals who after all have made it clear that they will let no good crisis go to waste.

Bad Math and Racial Profiling

It has always been a source of amazement to me that a preponderance of certain activities is not connected to a preponderance of certain outcomes. A basic course in philosophy should be offered to all our attorney generals and top law enforcement individuals like Holder and the media outlets that hype the latest trend to boost their ratings and general visibility.

In ordinary philosophical concepts a premise is the path between two points that leads to the most common result. In simpler terms the path between two points is always a straight line. Let’s see if we can use this formula to retrace the reasons blacks seem to be profiled when in fact they are not.

If the premise is that where police and criminals interact there will always be mishaps and problems like the use of weapons and death. It follows that where there is more crime there will be more incidents where death is the outcome. No rocket science here!

If we send police officers into high crime neighborhoods and incidents of violence occur between law enforcement and criminals and those neighborhoods just happen to be black – is this a result of profiling – or simple math.

Need more clarification? In the days of the Chicago mobs when bootleggers built empires by means of making and selling illegal booze, the criminals were largely recruited from Sicily and parts of Italy. When they were busted did anyone come to the conclusion that Italians were being profiled?

The water used to put out a fire is always directed to what fuels the fire it does not discriminate, profile or even care what ethnicity by which the fire is fueled. You do the math.

Lawlessness and the Connection to Biblical Prophecy

There are many signs that guarantee we have entered into that period the bible calls the ‘last days’ from the re-birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 to the rise in lawlessness throughout the world as the last day’s progress.

The spirit of lawlessness is predicted to spread worldwide in preparation for the antichrist, a man known as the “lawless one.” (2 Thessalonians 2:8)

The laws of God will be the first to go and then long standing protocols of man’s justice systems will follow. A prime example is found right here in the USA as Barack Obama ignores the Constitution, the Congress and centuries of natural laws and biblical mandates like those that address marriage, homosexuality, the sanctity of life and other societal norms.

What follows the world’s collective leaning toward lawlessness is the emergence of the last and worst dictator of all time. While the King James Version of the bible calls him the ‘wicked’ one, thirteen other major translations of the same passage call him the “lawless one.”

After biblical laws are discarded the free for all begins – it is prophetic. All that is needed to start the ball rolling has already begun.

The Pathology of Lawlessness is No Mystery

The bible outlines the path that all men and all nations take to bring in the lawlessness is very well known and has not changed in centuries. There are four stages to the development of lawlessness, but unfortunately the fourth stage is judgment.

  1. Resentment and discontent (with God and his laws)
  2. Independence and isolation (from God and his laws)
  3. Rebellion open and often violent (against God and his laws)
  4. Judgment (by God and by his laws)

These four stages can be seen in the fall of every nation and every individual from the beginning of time to the present. Ponder them in the light of history and you will see a recurring pattern that proves beyond doubt that the great King Solomon knew exactly what he was talking about when he declared that things tend to repeat themselves and human nature is like the unchanging flow of a great river.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” (Ec 1:9)

The events in New York , Ferguson Missouri and other places in our nation may look like they are caused by race relations, but if honesty is to prevail they are all due to our poor and dying relationship to God.

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