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FEATURED ARTICLES Transhumanism: The Goal to Achieve Immortality through Mind Upload

Transhumanism: The Goal to Achieve Immortality through Mind Upload

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Originally appeared on The Heavens Declare His Glory


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They call themselves transhumanists, and they study Transhumanism – which is the belief that homosapiens can ‘evolve’ beyond its current physical and mental limitations, through the use of science and technology. Transhumanists study ways in which to enhance human intellect, physical attributes, and psychological capabilities. This is done by either building robots or through genetic modification, which they refer to as “human enhancement.” But what they are really doing is playing GOD. Hitler did an archaic version of this using Apes. In fact, the movie, “Planet of the Apes” was inspired from Hitlers experiments of DNA manipulation.article-2640778-1E3FC61500000578-400_634x422

Transhumanists are dedicated to the improvement of ‘another mankind.’ They truly believe they can create a superior and supernatural ‘being’ through genetic modification, or through robots, or a mixture of both.

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By using genetic modification (DNA Manipulation), couples planning to have a child can actually choose what genetic features their child will have…more intelligence, blue eyes, brown hair, etc… Like a made to order human. They are also able to screen if their child could have genetic diseases, or other unwanted features or characteristics. And this is going on now. Partners can even decide if their gene pool is adequate enough to produce the child that they want.

Liger-a A crossbred through DNA manipulation, of a Lion and Tiger. (Photo Courtesy of Guinness Book Of World Records).

They are also doing this with animals, by cross breeding different species to produce a “better animal.”

A short term goal is to create the ultimate human, free of birth defects, or “unwanted genes.” A long term goal is to create “beings” that are not susceptible to diseases or other illnesses,and achieving immortality by uploading human brains into robots. At least that is the propaganda they are peddling. Nonetheless, they are putting forth considerable effort and money into these projects now. They suggest that people get involved in achieving the goal of a better humanity, like doing other things besides “pro-create,” because, it is better for our own sake and the world.

Sound Familiar? Think about all the pieces of this twisted puzzle as you look around the world today. GMO, Chem trails, genocide, eugenics, the Holocaust, legalization of abortions, attacks on heterosexual marriages, legalization of LBGT laws, plagues and the diseases, vaccines, fluoridation of water, DNA manipulation of animals– You begin to get the gist of their thought patterns. Their goal is to destroy families and humankind. Transhumanists have very little, if any, moral aptitude and could careless if they are wrecking or destroying God’s creation.

Zoltan Itzvan, is dedicated to this such study, and calls it Transhumanist World Order–(New World Order) and refers to it as a “Libertarian” movement. Itzvan indulges in classic Eugenics, Population Control, Elitism and Two-Class Discrimination and Vampiric parasitical Immortality.

Itzvan thinks the kernel of our consciousness is nothing more than a hackable informational grid with no special value. He wants such a society to be run by the Transhumanist Elite, to freeze itself in time by halting all further evolution and population growth (Red Ice Radio interview). The guy is a delusional propagandist.

Welcome to the future of mankind.


The following article, explains the most recent transhumanist project

Zoltan Istvan

Zoltan Istvan plans to cheat death by uploading his brain onto a computer server.

Zoltan is part of a growing movement of people who are trying to become immortal using the internet, writes Jamie Bartlett in his new book, “The Dark Net.”

They call themselves transhumanists, and they believe technology can help humans overcome their fundamental physical and mental limitations.

“Based on current trends, I hope to upload my mind at some point around the middle of this century,” he tells Bartlett, which would allow his mind to live on long after his body dies.

Zoltan’s quest for immortality is not wholly selfish. As a former war correspondent for National Geographic, Zoltan traveled to Vietnam to learn more about the country’s “bomb diggers” — ex-farmers who can make a fortune digging up and selling the salavaged metal from unexploded landmines.

Dr. Anders Sandberg

One day, Zoltan almost stepped on one of these landmines, and this near-death experience led him to dedicate his life to transhumanism.

“The incident permanently seared itself into my psyche,” he wrote in the Huffington Post. “It triggered a response that I am still passionately pursuing today: the goal of eliminating human death and suffering.”

Indeed, Zoltan is quick to tell Bartlett of the many ways humanity would benefit if everyone turned their brains into computer files, from increasing our intelligence to reducing our carbon footprint.

Dr. Anders Sandberg,[Swedish neuroscientist, science debater, futurist, transhumanist] is one of the world’s leading experts on mind uploading, agrees: “whole brain emulation,” as he calls it, will solve many of humanity’s problems.

For one thing, it will eliminate our fear of death. Bartlett describes an amusing scene in which he begins choking on noodles while having lunch with Sandberg, who muses that if Bartlett’s mind were backed up on a computer chip it could simply be re-uploaded onto a synthetic body.

“Ha! You see?” Sandberg exclaims. “You need a back-up. Everyone needs a back-up. What a waste of human life and potential, to die choking on noodles!”


Business Insider

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