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FEATURED ARTICLES Moral Outrage: “Abortion is Good for Society”

Moral Outrage: “Abortion is Good for Society”

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war on women

Anyone paying attention to politics for the last few weeks has seen the fallout from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s public statements. Praising the art of deception when it comes to passing laws, Gruber may have put the final nail in the ACA coffin. But what he had to say about abortion is even more outrageous.


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In 1997, Gruber wrote a paper that claimed that abortion is not only a woman’s right, but it actually has improved the lives of Americans. His work on the topic was used as a foundation for the 2005 mega-bestselling book Freakonomics. The basis of the argument is that crime rates have declined as a direct result of abortion’s legalization. What’s sadly unfortunate is that their claims seem to bear out. Situation for situation, state for state, era for era, abortion may indeed have made America a safer place to live.

But that doesn’t make it right.

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It’s considered poor form to compare modern politicians and events with Hitler and the Nazis, but sometimes there’s no closer comparison to make. This is one of those instances. Hitler was very much a believer in that most dreadful of philosophies: the ends justify the means. And for the Nazis, that included eugenics. In their quest to distill the human race down to a Nordic ideal, they were willing to impose laws regarding marriage, breeding, abortion, and human freedom. There’s not a mainstream liberal today who would go to bat for these views, but the “abortion is good for society” argument is every bit as reprehensible.

Any Means Necessary

If our criminal punishments started with the death penalty – if you could be sentenced to die for stealing a 99 cent pack of gum – we would see a dramatic drop in crime. But there aren’t too many Americans who would want to go to that extreme. Why? Because the ends don’t justify the means. Better to have a society where shoplifters get a slap on the wrist than to have one where we are running electric chairs 24 hours a day. And it’s better to have a country with a crime problem than to have one where abortion is considered a societal good.

That these arguments can even be made without encountering widespread backlash is a sign of how far our country has fallen. It’s a sign of how little we value human life. We’ve accepted that the evidence of evolution has negated God, and that the only consequences for our actions are the ones we make for ourselves. If there is no higher power, if a human being is just flesh and blood and tissue, then there is no moral standard. In that world, it’s hard to make a logical argument against murder, much less abortion.

PlannedParenthoodGraphicMore than a million abortions occur each year in the United States. A million lives lost before they ever had a chance to take their first breaths. Jonathan Gruber may feel that’s an acceptable price to pay for lower crime rates, but I happen to believe there’s Someone who feels differently. I guess it won’t be long before we both find out for sure.

By Shawn on Total Conservative

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  1. unfortunately the ideals of people like Jonathan Gruber seem to be more and more reflected in our society. I do not see nor will I ever see the justification for abortion. If the baby, fetus, whatever term you choose to apply is inside the mother and is killed, it is legal by law. Take this same child out of the mothers womb and then kill the child – then it is murder, by law. Seems like a lot of mental gymnastics to make killing ok in one instance but not the other.

    If you are taking a life does the place in which that life is taken matter? NO it does not.

  2. You are so right, Greg. Unfortunately, people have decided that a child can be an inconvenience and therefore they should be able to kill the unborn child. But that child was made in God’s image. He will not forget this atrocity. We can’t even protect our children and yet this country wants the blessings of God?

  3. Very well written article. It makes me very sad to read that our country is continuing to allow the killing of innocent babies. Let’s continue to P.U.S.H. in prayer = Pray Until Something Happens.

    Thanks for sharing this post Greg.


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