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BIBLICAL ANSWERS The Pope Presumes – The Theory of Evolution Boosted by Pontiff

The Pope Presumes – The Theory of Evolution Boosted by Pontiff

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Francis 2

Using science is wise – blindly patronizing science is presumption and idolatry – Anon.


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In a blazing headline One News Now published an article entitled “Pope backs evolution, Vatican calls creation ‘blasphemous,’” in it, author Michael F. Haverluck says “In a speech given at a Pontifical Academy of Sciences ceremony unveiling a bust of his predecessor, Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope Francis declared his full-fledged support of evolution as the scientifically correct explanation of the origin of man — and the universe.”

Unwilling to go full-fledged “everything from nothing’ the Pope has scratched out an explanation from the playbook of ‘theistic-evolution’ which is a way of saying God created all things, but he used evolution to do it.

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The Pope’s first and most serious mistake has to do with theology not science. Among those who hold scripture as final and authoritative is the belief that when man raises himself above scripture he has already begun an apostasy and a fall into full blown error. Whether pastor, pope, evangelist, teacher or religious philosopher, the person who presumes that God fibbed, failed or skimped on the truth revealed in scripture, where God proclaims himself as Creator of all things, including the stars and heavenly bodies over 300 times – that man or women is in the first stages of apostasy and the last stages of full blown presumption.

People of the Bible understand that changeable man not only will fall and shift away from God’s authority, but it is part of prophecy. The scripture promises that as last days approach all accountability to God will be removed by strong forces that will use man’s own science, philosophy and a great deal of self-indulgent presumption. This is why they will follow no man who separates himself from the book (the Bible) and will refute any that do.

The deceiver knows it’s a lie even if the deceived do not

One of the most curious verses in the entire bible is found in the book of Job.

“With him is strength and wisdom: the deceived and the deceiver are his.” (Job 12: 16)

This verse points to the fact that the arch deceiver (Satan) who is also called the “father of lies” (Jn 8: 44) always knows he is lying, but he only chooses those who do not know it’s a lie to spread his message. Does this remove culpability for the deceived? Not a chance.

In fact, as the last days approach he is far more careful whom he chooses to spread his lies. In the day when most people become wholly respecters of men he will choose the celebrity, the religious icon, the political giants and the recognized authorities in all areas and endeavors known to man. Cultural icons and figures will all resound the lie of the day to prepare the unwitting for the Day of Judgment.

Deception will have a majority, a consensus like never before, it is a crowd based push to falsehood and has long since been well described by the one who shows up in the last day to bring the shining modern Tower of Babel down to dust. There are lots of takers, great men and small, in the last days. To wit:

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.” (Mt 7: 13)

the pope was not there

If you are down on the road with the millions who believe that man came from time and chance; remember the one who identified the road you are on, also said he was present at the creation. Not only was the earth and heavens made by him, but they were made for him.

“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (Jn 1: 3)

Jesus Christ is co-eternal with the Father (Jn 17: 5) which means he was there at the creation. It is understood that he knew when, where and how the creation took place and exactly how long it took. Since Christ affirms the Genesis account of creation, we can come to only one reasonable conclusion. If you are an evolutionist you believe the lie of the greatest liar of all time and eternity. You have entered the preliminary stages of last day’s reprobation – a truly sad and wholly dangerous place to be. (Ro 1: 28) Be it Pope or pauper, scientist of scoffer it makes little difference how you got there, today is the day to reconsider your path.

The bottom line is this; as to how the worlds were created the Pope wasn’t there, the Saviour was – the choice is yours about who you are going to believe.

The two fold error – a final word

When rebuking the religious leaders of his day on the subject of marriage Jesus informed the Pharisees of the temple that they had made a twofold error. That error as it pertains to marriage and almost every other subject prevails to this day and now is re-emerging in both protestant leaders and the Pope. Most people think anyone who stands on the Bible must be hard connected to a myth and an antiquated book of moralism and poetry, which they think may or may not be true.

Christ’s warned that when all things came to a screeching halt, his words alone would remain and they will be the judge of every human being on this planet, past, present and future. (Jn 12: 48) (Mt 24: 35)

Not only did Christ warn the Pharisees that they did not know the scripture, but a second and equally serious mistake was in not knowing the “power of God”

“Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” (Mt 22: 29)

That power was demonstrated when Christ raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, made withered limbs re-appear, and made a few loaves of bread feed over 7,000 people. It was the same power used at the creation. It is not limited by time, difficulty or implausibility. It creates at God’s will and does not need time (which God also created) or chance (which God never depends on) to give him a helping hand.

It is the reason we have only a handful of so called missing links to hominids, instead of the millions that should exist if evolution was anything more than a concoction.

It is also the reason men writhe and wrangle to find another answer to streamline their rebellion from a God who will hold them accountable after they cross that great inevitable game leveler called death.

Finally, it is the power of God that will stun and shock an unbelieving world when Christ breaks through the clouds after the last trumpet is blown and not one person on earth will be left who believes in evolution. Tooting the evolutionary horn will suddenly be overtaken with the worldwide blast of Gabriel’s trumpet which announces the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Creator himself will stand on the earth to judge the quick and the dead. At that moment of time we will all be sure that absolutely nothing evolved, but all things unfolded according to the will and sovereign counsel of the living God. We will also know that every word of God was truth and all prophecy was fair warning to the sons of the earth.

The final oddity is that those who do not know the power of God are bound to attribute the creation to other powers, and yet, it is that very power that will raise them all, believer and unbeliever alike – from the dead. The experience of creation will one day touch everyone.

When in Rome Don’t Do as the Romans Do – ‘Get Out of Town’

Since there are decades of ‘creation science’ now behind us that strongly refutes the presumption of the evolutionary model, it can only be pure willful apostasy that has gripped the Pope and the Roman church. It is a sad day for humble Catholics who love the Lord Jesus Christ. And yet this too has been well prophesied.

It should now be easier to understand, that when addressing the fate of the city of Rome and of course the Vatican, the scripture provides one of the clearest ‘get out of town’ warnings in the entire bible. The passage in its entirety is found in Revelation 18 but this verse stands out as a clarion call to the faithful.

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev 18: 4)

Don’t be deceived, the word ‘plague’ in this verse is the mildest of all, the final outcome of the famed city is its total destruction, all in one single day. To wit:

“Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.” (Rev 18: 8)

Before that fateful day arrives we hope the Pontiff might read his bible a little more and pause to hear the voice of God rather than the faint echo of the big bang. Isn’t that what Catholics expect him to do?


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  1. Rev. Michael, this is a simply powerful, revealing message of truth. I am amazed and saddened at the number of people who are now choosing to go to the darkness to find light. You can’t get the truth from a lie. It can be twisted and turned but it can never be made straight. Deception like evolution is from the destroyer. It is a distraction and a distortion that has roots to hell.

    For the Pope to say what he did about accepting the big bang theory and evolution he has had to totally disregard and disdain the word of God in Genesis. Did Adam and Eve evolve at the exact right time from an ape so that God could breathe his Spirit into them? Or was the God breathing verse a fable also?

    Evolution completely abandons the truth and substitutes a “socially acceptable” deception in its place. Shall we re-write the word of God to fit man’s agenda? Has the created forgotten its Creator? Has Christ become nothing more than an intrusion to this earth? I fear that is true. And with that, I pray for God’s mercy!

    • Amen Marianne, It is so sad to see those who are predisposed to falsehood accept an explanation that simply holds no water. I have looked at everything evolutionists have put forward for over 40 years – I have never been impressed. Every assertion can be overturned by their own science, the Bible seems almost supplemental to the argument. Regardless, God will not be mocked, the day is coming. I find no joy in the idea of millions waking up to the surety of their own deep error – I would rather they woke to see the glorious face of a loving Savior.

  2. This and so much more goes to show the power of the great deceiver. Those who follow Christ or claim to had better wake up and smell the coffee soon. To many are those who do not even acknowledge the reality of Satan. To whom or what do they think the worlds ills belong?

    This Pope is very misguided and has done enormous damage to the people of the Catholic church. How can the logical mind claiming to believe in Christ and His Word even begin to postulate that evolution is the correct explanation of how the universe came to be? Scientifically speaking evolution has so many holes in it it does not even meet the criteria for a logically driven theory.

    I can only surmise for myself that evolution is shoved down our throats because the alternative is to admit that creation was actually created meaning there is a Creator and we can’t have that – it smacks of far to much truth now doesn’t it.

    Great article Rev. Michael. 🙂

  3. It’s so sad to see the deception being so rampant. So many times when I see things like this I ask, “Lord, why don’t you just take these people out so that they don’t cause so much damage?”

    But nevertheless, I know that the Lord allows it for His purposes. Thanks for sharing Greg 🙂


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