Thursday, April 15, 2021
BIBLICAL ANSWERS The Coming Remnant!

The Coming Remnant!

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The Remnant Church
Christ and the Remnant Church: Do you belong?       The Olive Branch Report


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The word, “Remnant” is a curious word – not much employed within the Church community.  The Emissary (Apostle) Sha’ul (Paul) spoke of a remnant in Romans 9:6 when he wrote, “not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel.”  This strong statement is in line with prophetic insistence that the true followers of Yeshua (Jesus) may be but a small remnant of the faithful who do not turn from their abiding walk with the Lord.  I believe this remnant is already developing, already being sifted and prepared for the days directly ahead.  Days of hardship like our country has never known, including the wars and depressions we have experienced.  I believe the Lord in His full wisdom and unequaled knowledge is already raising up a remnant force that have been reserved for the season coming upon us quickly.  Those followers and warriors who will not bow to Baal, politics, or religious impotence.  This Remnant Army will stand with great authority; will walk with great power and might, and will use both with supernatural wisdom and knowledge. 

Already the Lord is teaching the remnant to stand on and proclaim the full Gospel of Christ, not just those slivers that tickle the ears and make you feel warm and fuzzy all over for an hour or two.  This remnant (and more being called-out) are being sifted and refined so they cannot be bought; they shall not compromise; their ears and hearts are tuned to God; and when the Lord speaks they will have learned to follow Him in humility (trust).  These remnant true believers trust the Lord’s words: “Fear not for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with a righteous right hand” (Isaiah41:10). 

The problems and threats confronting America are far deeper and more complex than numerous elected officials thought or even share with the public.  The political solutions and programs devised by man to rescue us from the financial, moral, national security threats have had little effect, and in many cases, have added to the problems and threats.  I believe God is humbling us as a people and as a nation.  But will we turn from our ways and come back to the God whom our Founders sought counsel and direction , and who guided them to establish this exceptional and godly nation?  Many in positions of power are dedicated to reshaping America according to humanistic values; shouting loud and continuously that God must be removed from government, from all law, education, the workplace, and, wait for it…even removed from church!  Yes the state is coming after the church.  What is just on the horizon is punative action taken by the government against churches refusing to perform same-sex marriages.  Those churches adhering  to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will find their tax-exempt status revoked, coupled with law suits that will end up bankrupting the church attempting to defend against these law suits.  The charge: “All people have a constitutional right to marriage, in whatever gender arrangement they desire, so the church is violating laws of discrimination.”

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God is raising up a remnant; called by His Name, submitted to His authority, willing to walk boldly announcing the way of the Lord, and standing against the growing darkness in our land.  Are you one?  God is raising up a remnant; true believers who know that they know there is only one altar before which they must kneel; it is not the altar of man, the altar of government or institutions, not the altar of Baal or of  humanism, the remnant know they shall only bow at the altar of the Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and earth.  Will you be a remnant? 

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  1. This is a great post Lyle and I hope many see it and share it through their social networks and contacts. The Remnant Church is coming, forming even now as you mentioned – worldwide. Thank you for writing this much needed article. As more and more people come out in support of gay marriage, disbelief in sections of the Bible, and so on, it is now more important than ever to belong to Christ and except His Word as truth – ALL of it, Amen?

  2. Lyle, great article. If we read a little further we find Rabbi S’haul describing a time when Elijah the prophet thought he was the last prophet of Israel that had not bowed down to Baal. But God in His infinite wisdom had hidden away 7000 more unknown to Elijah. If God did it then, and He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow then He can and will do this again. I consider myself part of His remnant congregation, in answer to your question and I am prepared to lead whomever the LORD gives me to lead as a Messianic Rabbi. Let us pray for our nation and pray for Israel as the LORD is opening the eyes of those once blinded for a season.

    • Thanks Rabbi Eric! Glad to know you are still around. These are remarkable days with even more on the way. I can only imagine what S’haul, Elijah, and others would say about what is occuring now across the world. I know the “cloud of witnesses” are cheering us on!! Shalom, LYLE –

  3. Great post and very true! Daily I find more looking for information that is truth and looking for like minded people to connect with. Americans are afraid and not sure of themselves if they are strong enough to face what is coming. Holding hands in the Spirit of Christ is the only way!

    • Americans by and large are clueless, and the ones that do understand seem disinclined to do anything about what goes on in this country.

      Blessings to you Diane! 🙂


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