Sunday, October 25, 2020
FEATURED ARTICLES Martin Luther King, Jr.’s NIECE Blasts Obama for Turning His Back on...

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s NIECE Blasts Obama for Turning His Back on God [WATCH]

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Alveda King, the niece of Civil Rights legend Martin Luther King has had enough of the godlessness of the Obama administration and its lack of action dealing with the current ISIS situation in Iraq.


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Islamic State terrorists have proven that they are not the “junior varsity” knuckleheads Obama painted them up to be several months ago, taking over much of northern Iraq and beheading two American journalists.

President Obama has done very little to dismantle the ISIS threat to America, admitting he has no strategy for dealing with the terror group, opting to spend his time, focus, and concentration on improving his golf swing.

According to Western Journalism, Dr. King spoke with Neil Cavuto of Fox News about how Obama has turned his back on God, refusing to seek His wisdom in dealing properly with ISIS and slamming him for declaring that America is no longer a Christian nation.

Dr. King made it clear that she’s not a supporter of returning violence for violence, but asked what one is supposed to do if they refuse to turn to God or the military for help in a situation like this.

I believe that if you have God-fearing leaders in place, they’re going to get the wisdom that’s required and when they are functioning with that wisdom, you don’t even need as much military force, but if not to call on God and not to use military presence and authority, not to do either, that’s the one I don’t understand,”

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“You don’t want to call on God, but you don’t use military power either. So what are you going to use?”

Dr. King is absolutely right. Obama has turned his back on God, at the least the Christian God, as many of his decisions seem to favor the religion practiced by radical Islamic terrorists the world over.

The Founders of this great nation built the country on the foundation of biblical and religious principles, constantly relying on God in prayer, both individually and corporately as a government, for wisdom in crafting the Constitution and making big decisions for the future of America.

President Obama, having relied on his own wisdom, has done nothing but make a huge mess of both national and world affairs. Perhaps instead of trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results-which happens to be the definition of insanity-why not take a cue from the forefathers of America and seek God’s wisdom on how to handle ISIS and every other crisis situation currently festering.

Then again, God would likely tell Obama to get off the golf course, which isn’t something he likes to hear.

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