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[Listen] Mark Levin Goes Nuclear Over Politically Motivated Indictment of Gov Rick Perry

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This video features Mark Levin’s reaction to the breaking news that Texas Governor Rick Perry had been indicted by a grand jury. In typical Levin style, he points out the slanted coverage, beginning with the minimally informative AP release, and then provides some other information about what is really at work.

Levin points out that the indictment comes from the liberal cesspool of Austin, TX and from “the same joke of a justice system that went after Tom Delay.”

He reads from the then-breaking release which has plenty of negative inferences but doesn’t actually say what he was indicted for and offers little in the way of useful information as to what actually took place. He gets to paragraph three and there is still no specificity as to the alleged misconduct. Levin says of the report, “This is what we call a hit job, and it is disgusting. It is utterly political and partisan.”

Calling the report “stunning,” he continues saying, “Perry eventually carried out his veto threat, no one disputes that he is allowed to veto measures approved by the legislature, including all or part of the state budget.”

A lawsuit by a leftists group, alleging coercion due to a threatened veto before an actual veto was conducted, in an attempt to pressure Lehmberg to quit.

Levin gets to the meat of the phony indictment as a flimsy attempt to preemptively strike against a 2016 presidential run by Governor Perry. He has more than a few choice words regarding that as well.


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