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FEATURED ARTICLESIllegal Immigrant 'camps' for kids?? Outrageous!!‏

Illegal Immigrant ‘camps’ for kids?? Outrageous!!‏

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One day after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer fired off a letter to President Obama regarding hundreds of illegals being dropped off at a Phoenix bus station, another bus load of illegals arrived. Early…


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Sentinel Intelligence Services

6-10-14,     LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.[1] — Arizona is in the midst of this horrific humanitarian crisis, it is directly by the hands of Obama, Holder and their crews.

Abomination and child abuse!

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6-11-14, CBS, Darrell Issa — “This flood [of children] is going to mean children dying trying to get in. And more important, children coming here with the anticipation that somehow they’re going to be granted citizenship and then they will bring the rest of their family … that’s a false narrative.” Many say the influx of unaccompanied minors stems from word spreading that Immigration and Customs Enforcement does not hold children in detention and from misinformation about immigrant children who qualify for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects some youth brought to the U.S. illegally from being deported.

Where are the Parents? How can they just release and push their kids into
this situation? It’s outrageous! As amnesty talks continue to swirl on Capitol Hill, parents in Central America are sending their children to the USA
knowing that under Obama’s deferred action policies, they won’t be sent
back home. They’re unaccompanied juveniles, meaning they didn’t come
with a parent or a relative so you can’t just let them go on the street because they’re a juvenile so now they’re in a bind … what do we do with all of
these innocent children? For now many are being housed in “cages.”

Kids behind chain link fence

“It’s just chain-link cells 20-feet tall with razor wire around them, this is inside a warehouse.
They are probably 50 by 100 [feet] and there’s probably 10 or 11 of these big cages like that and so there’s
probably 100-200 aliens in each cell, or cage and there’s just park benches right down the middle, two rows
of park benches and then they give them these little rubber mats, a little foam pad to lay on. We don’t have
enough blankets so they’re issuing out those foil blankets, it’s like a piece of tin foil and that’s all they get.
There are so many people crammed. The smell is just horrendous, horrendous.” [3]

Kids behind chain link fences 2

This “rush the border” by illegal immigrants/children is deliberate, planned and intended to collapse our border. They want to create amnesty which is a cover term for “to pardon and grant dismissal of all past offenses” and bring in so many cultures that our culture will be destroyed.

Border battle

We are in serious, serious trouble as there is over 2-years to go with Obama. We are quickly becoming a third-world country. Our elected officials are afraid of standing up against a runaway and tyrannical federal government.

We have been warning about “rush the border”
scenario for a year!  It began a while back,
but now we have to add kids into the mix.

Illegals without parents in U.S.

The Dept Homeland Security [DHS] reports that 90,000 kids between the ages of 6-16 have come into our southwest since January 2014; when in all of 2013 there were only 6,500 children.  Another 140,000 are expected this year, and propose another 150,000 next year.

Arizona cannot properly care for these numbers as there are shortages of food, water, clothing, medical care and bedding where the kids are housed in a large warehouse.  Many of these kids (and thousands of adults who have crossed the border) have mild to serious medical issues.  There is serious and sobering concern that a viral outbreak could occur since the “quarantine” area is NOT seriously secure.
Illegals in U.S.

Arizona does not have the financial security to deal with the humanitarian crisis if it continues.  Our social services agencies and state agencies are overwhelmed, and much of this overload is directly due to the terrible economic conditions that have NOT been addressed by either political party.

Americans are already seriously economically hurt and the huge
influx of these ILLEGALS might prove to become a flash-point.

DHS and Holder’s crew are now assigning lawyers to these kids here in Arizona.  They are now classified as: “Unaccompanied Alien Children.”  The attorneys will now help them navigate the immigration process and help them to remain in America after being granted “Special Asylum.”

Illegals granted asylum[2]

The criminal element coming across the border from El Salvador, Honduras, and many places in South America are also concerns not being addressed, even covered-up.  ICE seized and released 68,000 illegals last year who had criminal records.  Furthermore, ICE Agents questioned 722,000 potentially deportable illegals in 2013, but only filed immigration charges against 195,000.  It was from the 195,000 ICE released 68,000 illegals with criminal records.

Agent said: “We have all of these juveniles so they’re pulling agents out of the field to come in and babysit them basically,” a source said. “They’re cancelling some of our specialty details for our crews who go out and work the mountains, calling them back in and telling them they have to work the processing center because there are so many people in there.”

Border Agents in Nogales have been told FEMA trailers left over from Hurricane Katrina are being sent to the area to provide additional housing. According to sources, half of the top parking lot at the Nogales station has been cleared for their arrival. When asked, FEMA officials did not provide on the record comment on trailers being shipped for housing, but did say resources are being sent to help address the immediate needs of unaccompanied children. President Obama has called on FEMA to divert resources to the crisis, but there has been no announcement from the administration about how this crisis will be stopped from getting worse or handled long term. [3]

[1] Dr. Rapacki is a member of ASIS International the world’s leading security practitioner organization and served as Membership Chair for Arizona from 2005-2009.  He is an associate member of the International Foundation for Protective Officers, and The FBI InfraGard – Arizona, and THE ASSOCIATION FOR INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS.

Lyle Rapacki, Ph.D. has provided Intelligence Briefings to selected members of the Arizona Legislature since June 2010, on Border Security and related matters associated with attacks on State sovereignty.  He also provides briefings to law enforcement at all levels, and elected officials both in and out of Arizona.  Lyle is a member of ASIS International the world’s leading security practitioner, the FBI InfraGard Program for Arizona, and the Association for Intelligence Officers.

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