Saturday, October 24, 2020
BODY OF CHRIST Persecuted Christian grieves the martyrdom of his family—To my father and sister...

Persecuted Christian grieves the martyrdom of his family—To my father and sister souls : one year passed.

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In the first anniversary, the words of remembrance are not enough to gauge my pain and sorrow for martyrdom of my father and sister. Every night, I have the dreadful nightmare of that tragic day. Not a single moment has passed without memories and live pictures in my mind of my past time with them.


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May God rest your souls in peace! 

Their loss has triggered the sorrow to flow profusely to the ached heart to sustain the eternal pain that would reside ever in the main vein.

The groans that come from this grief are merciless. I could not silence them, they are loudly shouting inside me.

To my father, “Rest in peace and be assured that your martyrdom would spur me to reveal the truth and revive your memory.” And to my sister, “You would be ever the flower in the angels’ garden fresh like the dew.”

Criminals came to extinguish the two beams of the sun, but your souls are still glittering like a rainbow in the sky and will not fade and die – and for this reason—I would not say goodbye.

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Missing You

Although I cry and stand grief-stricken by your grave,

I promise not to forget the loving memories you gave;

But still I miss you so very much my dears,

And your caring words I once again long to hear;

My heart’s only solace is one day I will see you as before,

Beckoning me to come join you on that white distant shore

All of us at VOP would like you to join us in lifting up our grieving brother. And for the many others suffering the loss of loved ones at the hand of persecution.

Father, we come again with heavy hearts as we watch the persecution of your saints.  The sorrow and sadness that accompanies this is more than we can bear alone.

We will lean on Your understanding and strength that Your word brings.  Father we ask that you bring comfort to those suffering and to those left behind to endure.

We know that we have a promise that comes with overcoming, we know that You are with us. We know that our hope lies in You alone.  Father we ask that You bring us peace, divine peace that can only come from You.

We ask that as we remember the saints that have gone on before, that you surround us with Your love, strength and comfort. Father give us a renewed spirit and mind.  We ask these things in Jesus name.  Amen.


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Our voices cry out for the Persecuted Church. More than 100,000,000 Christians around the world are at risk of persecution. It has become one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet, today! It is ”a crisis point in history” that can no longer be overlooked, or millions more will suffer! Sadly it’s a crisis that not enough people realize exists. Unfortunately the western media rarely reports the extreme persecution inflicted on our Christian brothers and sisters, worldwide. We are called by God to stand up for all who are destitute, to remember the prisoners as if imprisoned ourselves, and to be a VOICE for the persecuted Church! Join us, we CAN make a difference! For the latest news, information and updates, follow us at


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