Thursday, April 22, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES Threatening Drug Cartel Billboards Warning Police To Choose 'Silver Over Lead' Complete...

Threatening Drug Cartel Billboards Warning Police To Choose ‘Silver Over Lead’ Complete With Hanging Mannequins Appearing In Texas‏

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Commentary: Lyle Rapacki


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And the beat goes on…as does the push into the United States by the Transnational cartels.  El Paso, Texas and along the I-10 corridor messages are beginning to appear in blunt fashion to intimidate law enforcement.  Our southern border with Mexico remains unsecure with no intentions to reverse the onslaught continuing to flow northward from Mexico and destinations further south.  The preponderant majority of elected officials, from both American political parties, merely engage in Kabuki theatre and talk on matters associated with the border, except six months prior to an election that effects them personally…then the rhetoric and swash buckling step up in volume and manner to lull the citizens back into a state of tranquility.  Little to nothing changes along the border.  The Border Wars continue.  The killings continue.  The drugs continue.  The human trafficking continues.  Rapes in the desert continue – even of young girls! Illegals making their way into America continues.  Other-then-Mexican, illegals from countries extremely hostile to America making their way into America continues.  Mexican military troops come across the border into American territory and hold Border Patrol Agents at gunpoint.  American ranchers have their land, cattle, machinery destroyed. Little to nothing changes except the words of many politicians who struggle to locate new rhetoric sounding impressively strong against open borders and fed-up; but then it is campaign season and time to take the unsecure border of America talking points off the back burner and bring it forward for a few months. 


Those Arizona State Legislators who attempt to secure the safety of Arizona business and citizens are named “racist”, and worse!  Selected Arizona Legislators are targeted for hate mail and campaigns to rid them from the scene.  I continue to be stunned by those who view border security, the National Security of the United States, the sovereignty of a country a racial issue.  Texas Legislators face the same onslaught of hate.  In Arizona, we have brave County Sheriffs who are holding the line and fighting the good fight to stem what I have mentioned above, and worse!  Sheriffs in Cochise County, Arizona, Graham County, Arizona, Pinal County, Arizona, Yuma County, Arizona…and even in northern Arizona counties like Navajo County, Arizona and Gila County, Arizona – the Sheriff in each of the stated counties have deployed deputies, equipment, man-hours, funds they can barely afford in the fight against the hordes flowing northward across the border and into America.  This is not to suggest other Sheriffs are not confronted with the ugly criminal element within the drug/illegal entry populations; we now know cartels have networks established in 1,200 cities across America.  The Sheriffs in the Southwest are outmanned and outgunned in some circumstances, and they are fighting organizations with a seemingly endless amount of cash and other resources.  The Sheriffs and state elected officials also are fighting a Washington establishment pushing to collapse the borders of the United States, both north and south, so a new North American Union can be established. 

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Much more than land, private property, citizen and community security are being trampled with the continuing inbound march of illegals into America.  Our Nation’s Constitution, Immigration Laws which help provide order, the Rule of Law, State and National sovereignty are also being trampled upon.  Our culture, founding beliefs and principles, our historic values…all intended to be compromised and rewritten.  The warning to law enforcement in El Paso, Texas is that the cartels are stepping up their operations and shall become more emboldened, more severe, because you dare to stand in their way.  I pray you stand firm Texas. 

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  1. I just can’t believe how bad it is getting, Lyle! Once the government eased off the border patrols and orders were given by the higher ups to take it down a notch with the weapons they use, it was like opening the floodgates to destruction! These cartels do not want to be told what to do and they already see that we are being weak on security so who is afraid of us? I am telling you that there are going to be mobs coming through those borders and they will fight to the death against anyone trying to stop them or what they do. I pray for the Sheriffs and the Police who are trying to keep their counties safe. It is not easy and I honestly don’t know how much more they can do if this President doesn’t start cracking down on illegal aliens.

    By the way, try to illegally cross the border into Mexico and see if you ever see the light of day again from their prisons. Why isn’t it racist then?


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