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Joseph Farah warns, ‘There’s nothing Christian about appeasing evil”


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I know this column will offend some Catholics.  

But Pope Francis, once again, has proven he is not politically infallible. He’s on the wrong side of history and truth, at least when it comes to the well-being of Israel.

Standing in Bethlehem with Mahmoud Abbas, the man who signed the check for the Munich Olympics terrorist murders, he said: “Our recent meeting in the Vatican and my presence today in Palestine attest to the good relations existing between the Holy See and the state of Palestine.”

“State of Palestine?” There is no state of Palestine. And, if the Middle East is to know peace before Jesus comes back, there won’t be one.

The Palestinian Authority, as it is known, is a thoroughly corrupt, morally repugnant terrorist organization with no political legitimacy. Why the pope is trying to lend it credibility suggests one of two things: He is clueless about Middle East politics or has an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish agenda.

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Why do I say that?

There are many reasons, but let me focus on just one, for the sake of argument.

The Palestinian Authority not only takes a position that Palestinian statehood is inevitable in a place that has never in the history of the world seen a Palestinian state, but it insists that no Jews can live there.

Now I want you to imagine any other statehood movement in the world in which the unanimous declaration singles out an ethnic or religious group as unwelcome. Would the pope get behind such a cause? What moral justification would he have for doing so?

Even more to the point, in the case of the pope, who claims the title “vicar of Christ,” what would Jesus, a Jew, have to say about carving up the state of Israel for a nation-state that strictly prohibits Jewish residents?

It’s unthinkable. I’m embarrassed for Pope Francis, who leads a church that has a tragic history of anti-Semitism it is still living down.

My words will no doubt be taken by some as “anti-Catholic.” Let me assure you they are not. While I am not a Catholic, I grew up in the church. Most of my extended family members are Catholic. I have a Catholic living in my home. I employ Catholics. I love Catholics. Indeed, as the old saying goes, some of my best friends are Catholics.

But Catholics who, wittingly or unwittingly, support murderers, terrorists and anti-Semites are not my friends.

Anyone who supports the kind of ethnic cleansing promoted by the Palestinian Authority is just plain wrong.

The last thing this world needs is another terrorist, officially anti-Semitic state in the Middle East. Pope Francis would be better served coming to the defense of Christians who are being persecuted and butchered throughout the existing terrorist and officially anti-Semitic states in the Middle East. How does his position advance liberty, the gospel and peace?

Please tell me. I really want to understand this thinking.

The Palestinian Authority has had plenty of time to consider its anti-Semitic position. It has had plenty of time to consider its promotion of terrorism. It has had plenty of time to consider the reality of the Israeli state. Yet its official positions remain the same.

The Palestinian Authority continues to indoctrinate its children into hatred of Jews in its schools.

It continues to promote terrorism against Israelis.

It continues to treat Christians as, at best, second-class citizens and dhimmis.

It continues, as its official position on statehood, to insist no Jews are allowed.

This should be all morally unacceptable to anyone who calls himself a Christian – let alone a pope.

There’s nothing Christian about appeasing evil. And that’s what support of the Palestinian state pledged to ethnic cleansing, violence and bigotry is and always will be.

Joseph Farah on WND

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  1. Marianne, thank you for posting this. It is sad and frustrating that the Catholic Church, the Pope continues it’s anti-Semitic position. Just standing firm with a terrorist like Abbas is repugnant and unjustifiable. There has never been a Palestine and according to God’s word there never will be. I keep going back to Genesis 12:3 whereby God promises to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Could it be any more plain than that. The Pope, who you would imagine knows the Bible would understand this quite well. But satan continues to deceive, destroy and plant evil throughout the world has firmly rooted anti-semitism throughout the world. The killing of 3 people at a Jewish museum this past week is another reminder of the standing of Jews throughout the world. I too know and love many Catholics so this is not a comment on Catholics in general. However the position of the Catholic Church for much of its history is responsible for the death of many Jews and the spread of anti-semitism as well. This is the truth. Again, many Catholics and Jews get along real well, its the position of those at the top that formulate this unfortunate misinterpretation of the very gospel they preach. As a Jew I have spoken about this for many years and have even been personally persecuted by the Catholic Church. One day we will all be held accountable for our actions so I pray that hearts and minds are changed and that the truth be revealed to those who continue to bend the truth to justify their horrific actions. Enough said.

    • Rabbi Eric, I couldn’t agree with you more. As a former Catholic, I am extremely disappointed reading of this Pope once again trying to reamin neutral in the face of evil. You can’t do it! I was especially frustrated in another article on this matter where it quoted Pope Francis as saying that Iranian leader Mahmoud Abbas was a “peaceful” man! Could he be that misinformed or is he simply playing the part of mediator? As Joseph Farah said, “There is nothing Christian about appeasing evil.” That about sums it up. In trying to placate these dictators, he is, in fact, going against Israel! As you said, there will be a price for him to pay. I am just thankful that soon Christ is coming back to make all things new!


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