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Big Gay Re-Education Camps? – Are We Becoming Judges of Evil Thoughts

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Vlad for Prez

The idea of re-education for the socially inept is not new. China, Russia, North Korea and Vietnam are a few countries that interred people into camps or re-education centers to forcibly change their way of thinking. Some of these counties do so to this day.

North Vietnam employed highly sophisticated means of coercion such as torture, deprivation and abuse. Hundreds of thousands died in those camps after the fall of Saigon and some people spent as much as 17 years in the re-ed centers.

We don’t have anything resembling the re-ed camps of Vietnam, but the seeds have been planted by the homo-fascists as seen in recent events in the wide world of sports.

Will America water these seeds and culture them in the days ahead? If the trend of intolerance and excess now seen in the gay movement is not reeled in, then anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

We have already witnessed the attacks on Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich, AE Duck Dynasty stars, Twin brothers Jason and David Benham and others, but the biggest mind bender of them all is at the top of the news as Miami Dolphin’s safety Don Jones was fined and suspended temporarily until he completes education training to bring his views into line with full acceptance of the LGBT agenda.

What was Jones’ violation, what infraction of the NFL’s rules had he made?

He tweeted his personal disgust with the big kiss between the NFL’s newly drafted Michael Sam and his gay lover.

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By any other name this is still what we call “re-education” – is this America, or have I fallen asleep only to wake up in a different part of the world?

Have all the NFL’s rules to curb celebrations after touchdowns become moot? What will we see now, players kissing in the end zone?

Writer Bryan Fischer says the NFL’s punishment of Jones is the equivalent of a lobotomy!

Said Fischer, “Dolphins safety Don Jones has already – already! – been fined by the NFL and sent to reeducation camp for sending out critical Tweets of Sam’s sloppy wet kiss for his gay lover, the photo of which was plastered all over the top of Drudge on Sunday. Jones won’t be allowed to return to the team until his lobotomy is complete.”

Have we Become Judges of Evil Thoughts?

The Apostle James scolded the first century Christians for giving preferential treatment to the rich that may have ventured into their churches. Since the church then was made up of largely very poor people, the rich were definitely a minority, and they were generally disdained by poor Jewry.

Tergiversation began in the first century church, but is prophesied to become an epidemic in the church of the last days. (2th 2:3) If this behavior was seen 20 centuries ago what can we expect today?

Showing preference to the minority we now call the “gays” is no different than accepting the rich was in James day. It is succumbing to the dreaded state of becoming judges of “evil thoughts.”

James addressed this condition by saying, “Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?” (Jas 2: 4)

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No minority can be discriminated against according to the Constitution but no minority can circumvent or dismiss the will of “we the people.” Is it time to let the LGBT know this in no uncertain terms. Most of the people in this nation still view homosexuality as a perverse and un-natural lifestyle. We do not need to apologize for this position and we also should refuse to be punished in any way shape or form for our views.

We are judges of evil thoughts when we think rejection of a perverted pop-culture trend is reason to punish those who disagree with it.

Vlad the Impaler and Obama the Enabler

While Vlad was a murderer in real life who impaled his enemies on stakes, he became a legend after death. Millions have been thrilled by the stories of Count Dracula made popular by novelist Bram Stoker. Most great evil figures are not so lucky. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and others are known today mostly for their acts of barbarism and genocide.

History may not be so kind to Barack Obama. He is a gay enabler who with a few well-chosen words has dismissed mostly the entire bible except the Sermon on the Mount and has abandoned civilizations longest standing sanctified, God given ordinance – the marriage of one man and one woman.

What will we put in his presidential library? If someday his real birth certificate is found and a release of his school transcripts is made, they may be on display, but who will come to the library other than a few democrats and liberals and those of the LGBT persuasion? Will a West Virginia coal miner darken the door or someone who lost their health coverage and their trusted doctor?

Being the most active and highest ranking politician in history to wholeheartedly support abortions it is not impossible to imagine a presidential library haunted by the ghosts of millions of aborted children. They were impaled and worse on the scalpels and devices of doctors no less terrible than Vlad the Impaler.

Barack Obama has appointed activist judges, refused to defend DOMA, and in general has made great strides in popularizing the perverted in America. He is both an enabler and a child of error according to the scriptures that he has dismissed.

But why even mention it – what is the point?

The simple truth is that mentioning it – is the point.

Preaching or proclaiming the truths of the unchangeable God is a calling and a privilege rarely understood.

As a young man I had the good fortune of sitting under the ministry of Dr Richard Land, now the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary. Richard always made it known to us that while he loved involvement in politics; he thought his calling as a preacher was a much higher calling than merely being the President of the United States.

A president is an administrator who may infuse his own biases and personal agenda into his office, but a preacher (a true preacher) is a servant who can only represent the revealed will and counsel of God in an ever changing and increasingly reprobate world.

Calling out the deep spiritual error and denial or corruption of the scriptural message regarding homosexuality is part of that calling. It is a hard message to get out and while it goes against the trends of the day, it is the pure love of God actively sent to pull some back from their own destruction.

Gays and the Cotton Candy Jesus

Not a week passes without someone emailing me or conjuring up a blog response somewhere about how the sweet and loving Jesus would never condemn anyone. Beside the “we are born this way” argument I suppose I have heard every contention ever voiced to defend a lifestyle that the Bible clearly calls an abomination.

God is painted as a wishy washy doting old grandfather in the sky who may have once thought it was perverted, but in these days has learned better. Jesus is viewed as the cotton candy, bleeding heart of lovey-dovey fairyland.

After that, we who hold true to God’s revealed word about the sin of homosexuality are labeled hate driven bigots (and much worse) who should be run out of town after being tarred and covered with pink feathers.

Here is the reality. The same Jesus who said he would return at the close of time to judge the quick and the dead, (2 Ti 4: 1) is also the one who stands to declare these dreadful words.

“Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Mt 25:41)

The most loving and the very kindest act of love we can give to the homosexuals – is to remind them of this warning and hope they will decide to repent.

This is the only truly Godly re-education for the homosexual and nothing less – the only difference is that we will not ask for their jobs, impose fines or subject them to public attack and ridicule if they don’t heed the warning.


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  1. Michael, we as believers are taught to love the sinner, but hate the sin. That is how we should respond to this NFL story. I think that a double standard has been applied, a heterosexual man drafted into the NFL would likely be shown kissing and hugging his mom and wife or girlfriend, but it would not become anything more then a normal event. The kissing and the cake smearing and more kissing was shown by the media that supports the LGBT agenda. Still I pray that the sin is exposed for what it is, sin that needs to be reconciled to God just like any other sin. God called homosexuality an abomination, both in the Old and New Testament. And that will never change. Let us treat all homosexuals with love and respect and maybe they will listen to us when we show them that there actions are sinful and will lead to their destruction. If they do not listen we will know we did what the LORD requires of us and He will be glorified. Thank you Michael for posting this article and may God bless you for being a man of faith and one who speaks the truth.

  2. Well stated. This sickens me to the core to see this. A man of God is ridiculed while a man that commits openly homosexual acts on live TV is praised and the moment thought of as cool. This would have never happened even a few years ago.

  3. Absolutely awesome message of truth, Rev. Michael! I read it over twice wanting to take it all in. What a complete travesty of morality to watch as the gay lifestyle is applauded and heralded throughout this nation not only as acceptable -but also good! Now, not only do we have to tolerate this lifestyle, we must celebrate it or be labeled homophobic and judged as a an intolerant bigot.

    We have all fallen short of the glory of God, but when did it become okay for people to justify their sin and then force others to agree to it? Why does freedom of speech apply only to non-Christians? It idoesn’t help that this administration is leading the charge in promoting homosexuality.

    This reminds me the story in ! Kings. Jeroboam, son of Nebat,was King of Israel. He openly rebelled against the ways of God and caused all of Israel to sin. Because they turned from God’s laws, choosing to follow in the ways of wickedness, God brought judgment on the Jews.

    America needs to be re-educated not into the LGBT lifestyle but into the Judeo-Christian values that once made this country great. Time is growing short. As we learn from the word of God, his justice will not sleep forever!

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