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POLITICS Obama’s Climate Change Facts – The Pathetic vs. The Prophetic

Obama’s Climate Change Facts – The Pathetic vs. The Prophetic

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The earth is toast

Mr. Obama railed against climate change deniers (formerly known as global warming) while making a speech at a Walmart store in Mountain View, California a week ago. He assured his audience, according to a Reuters report published on that those who deny the climate change hype are not facing the facts – his facts.


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Promising that solar can reduce the carbon footprint of millions of cars and mentioned that his residence was powered by solar. What he did not mention was that his ride on Air Force One which burns about five gallons of jet fuel per mile would cancel the effects he spoke of in about two hours of travel to any destination.

It is obvious that Mr. Obama never read the quote some say was made by Christian apologist Josh McDowell who said “I’d rather be certain about a few things for sure than wrong about a whole lot of things that just aren’t so.”

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Mr. Obama’s reading on the subject of global warming may have been derived from Al Gore’s bibliography, but it is far from the only reading material out there. In fact, the conflict among scientists, meteorologists and scholars at large shows a deep rift. The conclusions are so widely differing that they would rank as the most highly disputed science of the day.

But the President has spoken and he doesn’t want you and me to be confused by the facts. Fraud, false and conflicting computer models notwithstanding, we must believe what our benevolent sun shiner in chief has spoken. As if, we don’t have enough problems with the EPA and other agencies, perhaps the president could appoint a ‘Climate Change Nazi’ who would force conformity or proclaim these dreaded words – there will be, “no solar for you.”

Other ‘facts’ the President insists we believe

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently released his “Legal Limit Report No. 4” on the Obama administrations abuse of power published by A full 76 items left little space to say much more. Being careful not to repeat Cruz’s mistake (for which we are thankful) we will offer only a short list here.

Here are some well documented statements, promises and guarantees Obama has made to the American People since 2008. If climate change is an Obama ‘fact’ are these also facts we should trust?

  • I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. (spoken before the 2008 election)
  • If you like your insurance company, you can keep your insurance company.
  • If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
  • The Affordable Care Act will drive healthcare costs down.
  • The Fort Hood massacre was ‘work place violence.’
  • This will be the most transparent White House in history.
  • The Benghazi massacre was caused by a homemade anti-Islamic video.
  • There is not a ‘smidgen’ of corruption at the IRS.
  • I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. (Oath of Office)

Mr. President, if you trust spurious science why do you trust no science at all?

The most incongruous fact of all that Mr. Obama seems to believe was revealed prior to his 2008 election. In a statement made at the Saddleback Church pastored by Rick Warren, on the matter of abortion Obama was asked when he thought human life began. He answered that the question was – “above his pay grade.”

Most grammar school children will tell you that life begins in a mother’s womb the minute the egg is fertilized and starts to grow. Most scientists concur that human life begins at the beginning; it is a purely technical matter and requires no particular science to verify this simple fact. If science is engaged the conclusions are always the same.

If he has no science he can trust to tell him when life begins. then why, without science, has he chosen to stand on the side of abortion? Why has he appointed himself the knight and defender of Planned Parenthood? Why did he not choose to err on the side of caution and let the new anti-abortion sentiments of most of the country take its course and bring this genocide to and end?

Let’s summarize. With no science the president can refer to for certain, he decides to stand with the abortionists. With spurious and doubtful science he chooses to stand against those who disagree on the subject of climate change. Is this confusion or just plain hypocrisy?

For the sake of argument, without science to help him and in the absence of the imaginary higher pay grade he insisted he did not possess; why didn’t he resort to the facts found in the Sermon on the Mount, a passage he has always claimed to believe in?

Not sure when life begins? Then consider this before snuffing out the perfectly good life of an unborn child.

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5: 7

Biblical Prophecies vs Junk Science Presumptions

If you are getting your view of bible prophecy from A&E or the History Channel you are probably “certain about a whole lot of things that just aren’t so.”

Prophecy is better than science because, not only is it pre-written history, but it is quite orderly and fully ascertainable.

Prophecy has distinct divisions such as pre, mid and post exilic. Also there is Messianic prophecy and pre-millennial prophecy. Armageddon prophecies, Ezekiel’s war prophecies and tribulation prophecies are also part of the entire subject known as the study of eschatology.

The most stunning example of the power of prophecy is the now fulfilled ‘Messianic prophecies.’ With well over 40 specific predictions of how Christ would come into this world, why he came here and exactly how he would exit that is now part of the historical record – one thing becomes crystal clear. It is impossible to say those prophecies were wrong and when using the math of compound probabilities to view their fulfillment the odds are astronomical in favor of the truth conveyed in these specific prophecies.

In fact, just the prophecies fulfilled in the last 24 hours of Christ’s life on earth were fulfilled against the odds of 53 million to one. But what has that got to do with ‘climate change predictions?

Yes, the Bible Does Speak to the Subject of Climate Change

All that the bible reveals about climate changed is part of the pre-millennial prophetic message. It does say that earthquakes and violent storms, fires and other natural disasters will occur with greater intensity and frequency as the ‘last days’ approach, but it clearly says these are ‘birth pangs’ for a planet about to meet its creator. It does not attribute any of these portents to global warming or a man-made global carbon footprint – sorry.

After almost a half of a century spent studying and teaching on the prophecies of the second coming of Christ I can say with absolute confidence that this world does not end because of global warming or man-made climate change. It does not play into the prophecies of the last days at all.

The second coming of Christ is not precipitated by the heating up of the planet, but by the burning desire of men to live in unbridled perversion and sin. The world’s last dictator does not spring on an unsuspecting world just going about its business as usual, he comes on the wings of a new intense penchant for everything perverted, liberal and dehumanizing being accepted across the globe.

Homosexuality, abortion, general sexual preoccupation and sleazy self-serving politics and world governance brings the antichrist to his short lived rule over a reprobate and dying world. Global warming will be the least of our worries.

Sorry Mr. Obama, your facts are fallacy and the subject of climate change is also above your pay grade.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Pr 16: 25)


Obama: The Climate Change Bogey-Man is Coming to Get us All!

Global Warming and People of Faith

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