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We as believers in Yeshua are grafted in to the same Olive Tree, the tree rooted in the Patriarchs of Judaism, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We are thus part of Israel, the land that belongs to God. This precious land was given to the Israelites after the exodus from Egypt and many battles were fought for this land. Each battle ended in victory as only the LORD could provide. Eventually The Israelites made their way to Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey. The Israelites were finally home, but this was not to last, as the Israelites disobeyed the commandments of ADONAI, they were exiled from their land for 70 years. They eventually returned to rebuild their city and their temple. In 70AD the Israelites again lost their city as the Romans defeated them, tore down the Holy Temple and the Jews fled. Any Jews that remained were eventually chased out of Jerusalem after the Bar Kochba rebellion around 125 AD. The Jews had again lost their land, but God never had the intention to have His land inhabited by any other people group other than His chosen people. Many years went by as the Jews were dispersed throughout the world, known as the diaspora. But then Zionism, the idea and thought that the Jews should again occupy Israel had gained momentum starting with the Balfour Declaration. This concept took some time to garner support and then WWll and the killing of six million Jews took place in Germany. After the war many Jews did not know where to go, should they stay in their home countries and rebuild, go to America or should they go to their homeland, Israel. It was not easy to return to Israel and many ships were sent back. The British controlled the land at this time and many Arabs and Jews were living together. However pressure mounted on the Zionist front and the United Nations took up the cause. The vote was a close one but in the end the decision was made, the Jewish Homeland would be restored. The year for this was 1947 and the vote was to partition the land between the Jews and the Arabs. There was an immediate reaction among the neighboring Arab states of Israel and it was not one of peace. The die was cast for war and the armies assembled against Israel and the fighting was fierce, all the way into Jerusalem. The Israeli people were largely outnumbered, they barely had an army and even less equipment to fight with. However when God is on your side, men and women, bullets and weapons are not the source of victory. Through miracle after miracle the undermined and untrained Israeli army became victorious. Many good soldiers lives were lost during this conflict. But on May 14th, 1948 Israel had been declared a state, a a nation once again. This of course is an abbreviated history but leads me to what caused me to write this.


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Two holidays are celebrated, May 5th and May 6th. On May 5th Yom Hazikaraon is celebrated throughout Israel. This is the American version of Memorial Day and commemorates the lives of those in Israel who had fought not just in the initial battle for Israel but all of the subsequent wars fought as Israel continues to be surrounded by Nations that wish to see this country wiped off the face of the earth. On May 6th Yom Ha’atmout is celebrated and this is very much like our 4th of July. It is Independence Day in Israel. These two days follow one another in a very logical sequence, one commemorating the soldiers and the other the outcome- Independence. Israel has never known true peace, but one day the Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace will return and when He does true peace will reign, as Yeshua the true King of Israel will reign. Please join me in celebrating these two days with our brethren in Israel and continue to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.(Psalm 122:6

The above pictures were taken by this writer during a visit to a Memorial Museum in Israel. The first picture has the names of all the Soldiers that have died in battle since 1948 and the second is a flag that was found after one of the battles.

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